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									Kronos Web Training                                            7/6/2006
Time Stamp

Kronos “Time Stamp” is an electronic method of tracking time worked without using a time

1. Logging on to Workforce Central
   A. In Microsoft Internet Explorer:
             click on Kronos icon, this brings up the log on screen

              or: (mark as “Favorites”)

               or: If you have access to the “P:\” drive, go to p:\Shared_all\KronosWebLogon
               folder. Right click on “KronosWeb.html” and drag it to your toolbar. Use the
               icon to access Kronos Web.
   B. Install Java? You may need to install Java the first time you use your computer for
Kronos. Please see separate Java Procedures in this packet.
   C. On the Log On page, enter your assigned User Name and Password. (Use exact upper
and lower case)
   D. Click the Log On button

2. To change your password, click on “Change Password” on left side of screen. Do
   NOT use the option to have the computer remember your password.

3. Time Stamp
   A. Date and Time Indicator - Displays the current date and time taken from the Kronos
   Server (not the PC).

   B. Time Stamp – Click Record Time Stamp to record your start or end time. You do not
   need to indicate if your punch is an in-punch or an out-punch. The system determines this
   for you.

   C. Transfers – Use only if you are transferring your time to another department. If you do
   not select an account, your time is charged to your home account.

   D. Time Stamp Notification – The Recorded Time is taken from the Kronos server, not the

4. My Information
   A. Time Stamp is the screen that automatically comes up when you log on.
   B. My Timecard shows a detailed record of your in and out punches. Report any missed
   punches to your manager, supervisor or timecard administrator. On the 15th and the last day
   of the month when your shift ends, go the Approvals tab for the previous pay period. Click
   on Approve so your manager will know you have accepted your time card punches.
   C. My Reports gives you a view of report options:
       - My Accrual Balances and Projections – Details your balances for specific leave
   codes, such as personal holiday, sick and vacation

                                            Page 1
       - My Time Detail – Provides detailed information about worked and nonworked time for
   a specified time period.
       - My Schedule – Lists your assigned schedule for a specified time period (if schedules
   are being used).

5. Generating a Report
   A. To display your reports, select My Information > My Reports
   B. Select a report.
   C. To specify a time period for the “My Schedule” or “My Time Detail” report, click an
   item in the As of: list. If you select Range of Dates, fill in the Start and End dates. For
   Accrual Balances report, specify a date in the Specific Date dialog box.
   D. Click View Report

   Note: To print a report you are viewing, use the browser’s Print command.

6. Performing a Labor Transfer (if you’re authorized to be paid from more than one
   A. From the Time Stamp screen, click the Transfers down arrow to display the drop-down
   B. Click Search.
   C. On the Select Transfer page, click on Project
   D. From the Search Results box, select a project number.
   E. Repeat steps C and D to change additional projects numbers.
   F. Click OK. The Transfers cell displays the selected accounts.
   G. Click Time Stamp to record the time into that project number.

7. Closing Kronos Web (Workforce Central)
   A. Select Log Off from the upper-left side of the screen. NOTE: It’s important that you
   select Log Off before you click on the X in the upper-right corner of the screen. Your
   connection to the application may remain open which makes it possible for another person to
   view and edit your information.
   B. Once you return to the log on screen, click the X in the upper-right corner of the screen.

   Any questions, please call Sharon Fradella, Payroll Manager at extn. 2962. or e-mail at

   For technical help, please call Randy Townsend, MIS Manager at extn. 2968, e-mail:


   1. Log hours daily
   2. Notify your supervisor of any missed punches (use the form in this packet)
   3. Review total hours worked
   4. Approve your time on the 15th and last day of the month at the end of your shift (see #4B
   on page 1 for instructions)
   5. Verify that your manager has “Signed Off” by noon on the 1st and 16th of the month.

                                              Page 2
  Pay period: 1st – 15th of the month, paid on the 22rd of the month
  16th – 30th or 31st, paid on the 7th of the following month.

  If the 7th or 22rd falls on a Saturday, payday will on Friday
  If the 7th or 22rd falls on a Sunday, payday will be on Monday

     Please see our web site for the “Payroll Calendar” dates:

Time Stamp Example

                                           Page 3
My Timecard

              Page 4
My Reports

             Page 5
                              CAL POLY POMONA FOUNDATION, INC.

This form is to be completed by the employee and approved by the supervisor to request time off, document sick days
or approve overtime in advance. Do not submit to Payroll. For audit purposes, the supervisor should keep these forms
on file for 3 years. Please call Foundation Payroll if you have any questions, extn. 2962.

Employee Name: _________________________________________________

Date(s) of Absence: _______________________ Reason: _______________________________

Full/ Partial Day   Leave: ____________ Return: ____________ Entered into Kronos by Supervisor _____
(Circle One)

For Full Benefit Staff, circle one:
         Vacation/ Sick / Personal Holiday / Jury Duty / Funeral / Without Pay / Other



Overtime Request (anticipated overtime to be approved in advance by supervisor):

Date: __________ Total Number of OT Hours: ________ Reason: ____________________________________

Date: __________ Total Number of OT Hours: ________ Reason: ____________________________________

Date: __________ Total Number of OT Hours: ________ Reason: ____________________________________

Employee Signature ___________________________ Supervisor Signature ____________________________

                                         KRONOS TIME ADJUSTMENT
To be used if an employee misses a punch in Kronos. List the correct time next to “ Adjustment Made” and indicate
the reason (“ forgot”, for example). Give to your supervisor immediately to enter into Kronos.

Employee Name: _________________________________________________
                                                                                          Entered into
Adjustment(s):                                                                    Kronos by
Date: __________ Adjustment Made: ________ Reason: ____________________________________ _____

Date: __________ Adjustment Made: ________ Reason: ____________________________________                 _____

Date: __________ Adjustment Made: ________ Reason: ____________________________________                 _____

Employee Signature ___________________________ Supervisor Signature ____________________________

                                                      Page 6
                                        Java Procedures

If this is the first time you have used Kronos on your computer, you may need to load the current version of
Java. For Mac Users, we have found that the Safari web browser seems to work the best. If your
department has an IT person, they can assist you in loading Java, so please contact them.

-    Go to

-    Click on “Kronos”

     o “Please wait…installing the Java plug-in”

     o Internet Explorer- Security Warning screen [Do you want to install this software?], Click on

     o License Agreement: “I accept the terms in the license agreement” Feel free to read the agreement if
       you’d like. Click on “Next”

     o Setup Type – choose “Typical” and Click on “Next”

     o Installation Completed. Click on “Finish”

     o Once the “Please Wait” message on the screen goes away, sign on like normal

     o Please DO NOT save your password as a default.

If the Java Plug-In does not automatically load, you may have a message on the sign-on screen just above
the “Kronos” word that say: “The site might require the following ActiveX control: Java Plug-in 1.5.0 from
Sun Microsystems, Inc. Click here to install…” and then follow the procedures above.

If that does not work, you can also use this link to the Foundation website: , click on “MIS Dept.” then “MIS Guide and Information”
and download “Java 1.5.”

Please call the Foundation Payroll Department if you have any questions.

Sharon Fradella
Foundation Payroll Manager
(909) 869-2962
                                                                                         KrinosTime_Adj.doc 6/22/04

                                             Page 7

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