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Sample Fixed Price Agreement gateway computer


									                                 FIXED PRICE AGREEMENT


In order to document the understanding between us as to the scope of the work that Wooded Isle, Inc.
will perform, we are entering into this FIXED PRICE AGREEMENT with CUSTOMER. To avoid
any misunderstandings, this agreement defines the services we will perform for you as well as your
responsibilities under this agreement.

Wooded Isle, Inc. will perform the services listed below for CUSTOMER, either at CUSTOMER’s site
or via remote technologies from a site of Consultant’s choosing. If further definition of minimum visits
or frequency with which tasks are performed is desired, those mutual agreements will be specified in a
Services Change Request.

      NETWORK SUPPORT: Manage and maintain network devices, internet access support, and
       gateway services, including modems, routers, switches, gateways, wireless controllers, wireless
       access points, VPN (virtual private network) access, DHCP servers, DNS servers, IP
       assignments, subnets and vlans, gateway content filtering services, gateway anti-virus and
       intrusion prevention services, and gateway firewall services. Manage warranty services with the
       manufacturers of the equipment or third party services covered by this agreement. Upgrade
       network equipment or services as needed.

      SERVER SUPPORT: Manage and maintain basic server services, including AFP (Apple File
       Protocol) and SMB (Server Message Block, also referred to as Common Internet File System
       [CIFS], a protocol used by an Apple computer/server to share files with a Windows based
       computer), DNS, DHCP, OpenDirectory, firewall, server managed networked user, group, and
       computer accounts.

      DESKTOP OR LAPTOP COMPUTER SUPPORT: Manage and maintain basic
       desktop/laptop computer functionality, including managing operating system and software
       upgrades, updates and patches; driver updates for peripheral devices like printers and scanners;
       internet and network connectivity; troubleshooting and resolving problems with hardware,
       software, and connection services; managing warranty services with the manufacturers of the
       desktops and laptops and peripheral devices covered by this agreement; and upgrading
       computers with new hard drives, memory (RAM), or other components. This includes working
       with printer or other hardware service providers to coordinate efforts to keep functionality
       between computers and their peripheral devices.

      USER DATA BACKUP SUPPORT: Manage and maintain functionality of the server and
       desktop/laptop user data backup, as is in place and documented, or following a
       Stabilization/Upgrade process, as defined in a separate System Stabilization agreement.

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      CONSULTING SERVICE: Because our Fixed Price Agreement provides ongoing access to the
       technology and business advice you need on a fixed-price basis, we encourage you to seek timely
       advice without the fear of a clock running endlessly. Our services offered at fixed prices, as
       opposed to hourly rates, provide you ready access to the accumulated wisdom of our firm and its
       resources. While this Fixed Price Agreement entitles your organization to unlimited consultation
       with us, if your question or issue requires additional research and analysis beyond the
       consultation, a mutually agreed to Services Change Request will be issued before delivery of the
       additional service, with payment terms known in advance.

         o Unlimited meetings to discuss technology operations of CUSTOMER, business matters,
           future technology plans, budgets, and funding proposals and any other topic at the
           discretion of CUSTOMER or its employees and/or agents.
         o Unlimited phone AND email support for CUSTOMER personnel and/or independent
           contractors and agents regarding CUSTOMER’s technology assets and their use.

  Annual Fixed Price for Supporting Computers and Servers on Attached “Computer Inventory List”
             (Per Computer Pricing, based upon 21-100 computers associated with site)

       Type                                 Standard Annual Price              # of Devices    Total
       Apple-based workstation or laptop:         $ 392                        90              $35,280
       Windows-based workstation or laptop: $ 523                              0               n/a
       Apple-based server:                        $1,176                       2               $ 2,352
       Second, or Virtual Operating System
       (Parallels, Fusion, Boot Camp, etc):       $ 131                        10              $ 1,310
                        ANNUAL SUBTOTAL:                                                       $38,942

                       APPLICABLE DISCOUNTS
                            Computers Covered by AppleCare warranty: 10%                        -$3,894
                            Hyde Park (60615 & 60637 Zip codes): 15%                            n/a
                            Loop/South & West Loop (60601-07): 10%                              n/a
                            Nonprofit or ACN Members: 25%                                       -$9,736
                                  DISCOUNT SUBTOTAL:                                          -$13,630
                       SUBTOTAL, AFTER DISCOUNTS:                                              $25,312

                                       MONTHLY CHARGE                                          $2,109
                                              Monthly Payment Service Fee                      $ 105
                                       Total Payment Due the 1st of Each Month                 $2,214

This Fixed Price Agreement assumes that customer’s systems have undergone a separate program of
computing system/network stabilization with Wooded Isle Computer Consultants. That program
included a physical inventory and documentation of computing and network devices, their warranty
status, their configurations, and their vital software installs. It included upgrade to the current applicable
operating system or drivers or firmware for each covered device. Hardware components that were
failing or under-sized for current use were upgraded or replaced. We verified that current anti-virus
software and an appropriate user data backup plan was in place for applicable computers. The network

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and its component’s configurations were documented. This Fixed Price Agreement covers those devices
documented in that stabilization process and listed on the attached “Computer Inventory List.”

If the Stabilization/Upgrade process has not yet been completed at the time we enter into this Fixed Price
Agreement, it is agreed that the Computer Inventory List will be modified at the completion of that process
and that the Monthly Total will be modified to reflect the actual inventory. Changes in inventory due to
retired or sold assets will modify the Monthly Total for all months following the storage of, disposal of, or
physical legal transfer of that asset, beginning in the month following the change in inventory status.

During the course of this Fixed Price Agreement, new computing and/or networking devices will be
added to this Agreement, beginning in the month following completion of their selection, purchase, initial
setup, configuration, software installs, and documentation. This initial work of selecting, purchasing, and
incorporating them into the network will be covered under a separate Services Change Request. If they
are replacing a retired item on the initial “Computer Inventory List,” the Monthly Total for this Fixed
Price Agreement will not be changed. If there are additions to the “Computer Inventory List,” the
Monthly Total will be modified according to the formula in the table above, “Monthly Fixed Price for
Supporting Computers and Servers on Attached “Computer Inventory List.”

The Monthly Total does not include required initial network and computing infrastructure upgrades to
stabilize the systems, bringing each into compliance with the currently shipping operating system,
drivers, or firmware for each machine. Nor does it include adding RAM or other hardware upgrades to
make the equipment capable of handling the currently shipping operating system, drivers, or firmware
for that machine. This Fixed Price Agreement assumes that CUSTOMER has under separate agreement
brought the network and computing infrastructure to current appropriate standards.

This Fixed Price Agreement is intended to cover the maintenance of new or stabilized computer
operating systems and software only. It is not intended to cover any hardware, materials, equipment,
consumables, hardware failures, troubleshooting or replacements, or any labor related to projects other
than the proper maintenance of operating systems and software. Consultant offers other Supplemental
Services, including services for labor excluded under this Fixed Price Agreement. Those Supplemental
Services may be provided under a Services Change Request or at our regular Ad Hoc Hourly Rates. Any
Ad Hoc labor provided outside the scope of a Fixed Price Agreement or Services Change Request will
be at the rates, terms, and conditions then in effect, as listed on our web site at

NETWORK SUPPORT shall consist of all labor related to maintaining configuration, logging (if
possible and appropriate), and monitoring of network equipment, including routers, firewalls, switches,
spam filters, unified threat services, and other equipment used to move, monitor, or intentionally affect
Ethernet traffic on CUSTOMER’s local area network.

Network Support shall also consist of working with CUSTOMER’s Internet service provider to maintain
proper configuration of Internet equipment at CUSTOMER’s office, whether owned by CUSTOMER or
CUSTOMER’s ISP. Consultant will provide all service related to these products.

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CUSTOMER agrees that CUSTOMER will maintain separate service agreements with network
hardware vendors. Consultant will use these service agreements, as needed, when servicing these

SERVER SUPPORT shall consist of all labor related to maintaining CUSTOMER’s server operating
system, any programs included in the operating system, server backup software, and network user

DESKTOP OR LAPTOP COMPUTER SUPPORT shall consist of all labor related to maintaining
the computer operating system, any programs included in the operating system, Microsoft Office
products, and virus scanning software.

On all purchases of new Apple Computer equipment, CUSTOMER will purchase the AppleCare Service
and equivalent three-year warranty support on any non-Apple computers or network equipment.
Consultant will provide all services related to these products, other than that provided under warranty.

CUSTOMER agrees that CUSTOMER will maintain an anti-virus software application on each
computer and will purchase the appropriate annual anti-virus update services. These will be monitored
and serviced by Consultant. The initial installation of this software would be part of a separate
Stabilization/Upgrade process with all subsequent upgrades and replacements of this or a replacement of
this application being included in this Agreement for Managed Services Addendum, as long as this
Agreement is in effect.

USER DATA BACKUP shall consist of all labor related to spot auditing the backup logs and tapes of
the customer’s machine, adjusting backup software configuration, and the periodic updating of that
backup software. This service includes the labor needed to restore files.

CUSTOMER agrees to provide and maintain both a storage device capable of handling this backup and
a designated staff person to monitor the backups on a daily/ weekly basis, and to switch the tapes, or
drive, as the case may be.

User data is that data that resides in the User directory, or on a server system in the User, Group, Shared
Items directories.

Wooded Isle Computer Consultants recommends that there be at least three copies of user data with at
least two different types of storage devices used, and that at least one copy of the data be at a physical
address other than where the computer is used or its other copies are stored. Not all organizations desire
to secure their data to that degree, while some desire a higher level of data redundancy, backup, or
archiving. Wooded Isle Computer Consultants will manage the configuration of the backup level you
choose to maintain. It is your responsibility to check to see that the plan is meeting your security needs.

Maintaining the systems described above shall include applying all appropriate software and operating
system updates in a reasonable amount of time. Consultant shall determine when software updates are
appropriate and what constitutes a reasonable amount of time.

CUSTOMER acknowledges that if CUSTOMER requests updates that Consultant considers
inappropriate, or wishes to have updates applied before Consultant deems them unstable or unsafe,

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Consultant is not responsible for the consequences of such actions and CUSTOMER may be charged Ad
Hoc Hourly Rates for all labor related to the consequences of such actions.

CUSTOMER will maintain the appropriate number of anti-virus licenses for the number of workstations
and laptops. CUSTOMER will maintain renewal services for this anti-virus software/service. The
updating of the virus definitions and the verifying that the software is active on each machine will be
part of the service provided by Consultant. All software installed on the computers at the CUSTOMER
site must comply with licensing agreements of its maker.

Furthermore, if CUSTOMER performs or allows anyone other than Consultant to perform any
maintenance on any of these machines, Consultant is not responsible for the consequences of such actions
and CUSTOMER may be charged Ad Hoc Hourly Rates for all labor related to the consequences of such

In order to provide the services specified in this Agreement, Consultant must install remote monitoring
and management software on CUSTOMER’s servers, desktop computers, laptops, and possibly other
equipment at CUSTOMER’s office. CUSTOMER grants permission to Consultant to install remote
monitoring and management software (Mac HelpMate and Packa Gem) or any other remote monitoring
and managing software deemed necessary by Consultant, including VPN access. For generating trouble
tickets and for looking up the specifications of technology assets, CUSTOMER’s point person will have
e-mail and web access to Consultant’s ticketing and asset inventory system.

Unanticipated needs arise, such as, but not limited to: web site management; self-hosted/managed e-mail
server management; and management of collaborative or groupware services, such as wikis, shared
calendaring, podcasting, database design or management, and other similarly complex services; or any
other exogenous service not anticipated in this agreement by the parties. These unanticipated services
will be provided, after mutually agreeing and authorizing a Services Change Request with the scope of
work for the Supplemental Services, the terms, and the pricing specified.

We guarantee our work to the complete satisfaction of our CUSTOMER. We render our best
professional skills and judgment. If CUSTOMER is not completely satisfied with the services performed
by Wooded Isle, Inc., and notifies Wooded Isle, Inc. within ten days of rendering the service, we will, at
the option of CUSTOMER, either refund the price, or accept a portion of said price that reflects
CUSTOMER’s level of satisfaction.

CUSTOMER agrees to, and hereby consents to participate in, Wooded Isle, Inc.’s policy of in-house
Quality Review. To maintain the highest quality of service, our firm subscribes to a policy of quality. As
part of this program, major services performed under this Agreement may be reviewed by another Apple
Consultant Network Member (ACN). That ACN functions under contract with, cost to, and for the benefit
of Wooded Isle Inc. Sharing reviews with CUSTOMER is at the sole discretion of Wooded Isle Inc.

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CUSTOMER and Wooded Isle, Inc. agree that all Monthly Payments are due in advance of the service
with the first payment due at the time the Fixed Price Agreement authorized by CUSTOMER. All
subsequent payments are due on the first of each month.

To assure that our arrangement remains responsive to your needs, as well as fair to both parties, we will
meet throughout the term of this Fixed Price Agreement and, if necessary, revise or adjust the scope of
the services to be provided and the prices to be charged in light of mutual experience. Annual
adjustments to Monthly Pricing will reflect of our mutual experience and increases in costs of living.

Either of us may terminate this agreement at any time, for any reason, with 10 days of written notice to
the other party. Any unpaid service fess and expenses that are outstanding at the date of termination are
to be paid in full within 10 days from the date of termination. Upon termination of this Fixed Price
Agreement, Consultant shall uninstall all remote monitoring and management software and hardware
from all Customer equipment.

If you agree that the above adequately sets forth CUSTOMER’s understanding of our mutual
responsibilities, please authorize this agreement and return it to our office, along with the first payment.
The services in this Fixed Price Agreement will begin on the first day of the month following receipt of
this authorized agreement and the first payment. Any immediate services required before that date will
be provided on an Ad Hoc Hourly basis, as currently defined on our website.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Very truly yours,

By: _________________________                                         Date:
   Charlie Havens, President, Wooded Isle, Inc.

Agreed to and authorized:

By: _____________________________                         ___         Date:
Print Name:_____________________                          __
Title: _________________ _______

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