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					Ensuring Transfer Success 2010

         STEM Success
             at UC
• STEM Context
• Careers in STEM
• Admission to STEM Majors at UC
• After Admission
  • Support for STEM students
  • SMI – Cal Teach

             What is STEM?
• Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
• Various different STEM grants nationwide
• STEM is acknowledged and embraced by
  colleges and universities nationwide
• Effort to support, encourage and facilitate
  progress of STEM students
• Workforce and academic needs

 The Gap: STEM Degrees
and Growth in Occupations
            • Annual average growth in
                 S&E occupations is 3.3%
                   • 2.3% for engineers
                   • 3.8% for life and social
                   • Compared to 1.3% for all
             •       Degrees Awarded
                   • Number of S&E bachelor's
                     degrees awarded reached a
                     new peak of 485,800 in 2007
                   • But for the last 15 years, S&E
                     degrees have made up only
                     30% of degrees awarded
            Source: National Science Foundation

       The Gap: STEM Degrees
      and Growth in Occupations
                            • Annual Ave Growth in S&E
                             occupations is 3.3%
                              awarded remaining
 With the number of degrees • 2.3% for engineers
  steady, there is a GAP between the number of
                              • 3.8% for life and social
students qualified to work in STEM fields and the
             growing number •of jobs
                                Compared to 1.3% for all
                           •   Degrees Awarded
                         • Number of S&E bachelor's
STEM degrees awarded ≠ growth in STEM fields
                                     degrees awarded reached a
                                     new peak of 485,800 in 2007
                                   • But for the last 15 years, S&E
                                     degrees have made up only
                                     30% of degrees awarded
                            Source: National Science Foundation

        Sample STEM Careers
Lab Tech     Genetic        Pharmacist     Physical      Speech
             Counselor                     Therapist     Therapist

Physician    Science        Teacher        Dentist       Urban
             Librarian                                   Planner

Ecologist    Nurse          Nutritionist   Engineer      Teacher

Zoologist    Toxicologist   Geneticist     Criminalist   Technical

Researcher   Psychiatrist   Surgeon        Medical       Science
                                           Technology    Librarian

   UC Minimum Admission Criteria
• 60 UC-transferable semester units
• 1 transferable math course
• 2 transferable English composition courses
• 4 transferable courses selected from 2 of the
  following: (1) arts and humanities, (2) social
  and behavioral sciences, (3) physical and
  biological sciences

• Generally not sufficient for STEM majors

    STEM: Major preparation is key
• Students interested in STEM should
  • Focus on lower-division major prep
  • NOT focus on IGETC
  • Save electives to offset difficult upper-division
    coursework at 4-year
• Focus on math and science sequences
  • Fundamental sequences required for most majors, e.g.,
    calculus sequence
  • C- or better in all lower-division courses

  STEM: Major preparation is key
• Requirements specific to campus & major
  • Assist.org outlines lower-division requirements
  • Students and counselors can review
   curriculum charts at department level
• Becoming competitive for STEM major
  • uctransfer.org hosts UC Transfer Preparation
   Paths for top majors at all campuses

     Helpful Hints for Counselors
• Be aware of commonalities and
  distinctions across majors and campuses
• Students should be ready to declare a
  major at time of transfer
• GPA minimum for some programs above
  statewide minimum
• Change-of-major protocol differs by
  campus (see Transfer Matrix)

     Helpful Hints for Counselors
• Complete sequences
• Meet published criteria for major
• Unit maximum
• Facilitate student’s awareness of
 differences between CCC and UC
  • Full-time attendance
  • Faster pace of quarter system

     UC Campus Offerings in STEM
• Berkeley
College of Chemistry, College of Engineering, College of Letters and
  Science, College of Natural Resources

• Davis
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, College of
  Biological Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Letters and

• Irvine
School of Biological Sciences, The Henry Samueli School of
  Engineering, College of Health Sciences, Donald Bren School of
  Information and Computer Sciences, School of Physical Sciences

     UC Campus Offerings in STEM
• Los Angeles
College of Letters and Science, Henry Samueli School of Engineering
  and Applied Science, School of Nursing

• Merced
School of Engineering, School of Natural Sciences

• Riverside
The Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering, College of
  Natural and Agricultural Sciences

     UC Campus Offerings in STEM
• San Diego
The Division of Physical Sciences, The School of Medicine, Scripps
  Institution of Oceanography, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and
  Pharmaceutical Sciences

• Santa Barbara
College of Engineering, College of Letters and Science

• Santa Cruz
Baskin School of Engineering; Physical and Biological Sciences

        Support After Admission
• Financing a UC Education
  • Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan
  • CCC students often work full-time, attend school
  • UC requires students go to school full-time, tries
    to provide financial aid so they can work part-time
  • Scholarship and funding opportunities for STEM –
    discussed in more detail below
• Transfer Student Support
  • Academic support available
  • Students should seek right away

             UC-wide Initiatives
• Alliance for Grad         • Medical Scholars
  Education and the             Programs
  Professoriate (UC         •   MESA
  AGEP)                     •   LSAMP
• California Alliance for
                            •   REU
  Minority Participation
                            •   Continue the Journey

              What is SMI – Cal Teach?
An undergraduate program offered at all 9 campuses

Purpose: To increase preparation and numbers of STEM
  majors entering into science/math teaching credential

   • To implement integrated curriculum development created by STEM and
     education faculty
   • To provide pedagogical knowledge for undergraduate STEM majors
   • To provide paid and unpaid early field experiences for undergrad STEM majors
   • To provide scholarship and fellowship opportunities to future STEM teachers

                SMI – Cal Teach
        Special Undergraduate Programs
UC Berkeley:                                                    UC San Diego:
    •   Education minors (GSE & SMI)
                                                                    •   Education Studies minor
UC Davis:                                                           •   Science/Mathematics Education minor
    •   Mathematics major with concentration in
        Secondary Education                                         •   Chemical Education
    •   Natural Sciences major (designed for secondary              •   Physics/Secondary Education
        science teachers)
    •   Education minor                                             •   Mathematics/Secondary Education
    •   Mathematics and Science Teaching Program
        (MAST)                                                  UC Santa Barbara:
                                                                    •   Education minor
UC Irvine:
    •   B.S. in Mathematics, Chemistry,                             •   Mathematics minor for high school teaching
        Earth/Environmental Studies, Physics, &                     •   Science and Mathematics Education minor
        Biological Sciences with concentration in
        Secondary Education                                         •   Pre-Professional Education Program
    •   Education Studies minor
    •   Subject Matter Preparation Program: Mathematics         UC Santa Cruz:
UCLA:                                                               •   Physics Education major
    •   Education Studies minor                                     •   Education concentrations with Mathematics,
    •   Joint Mathematics Education Program                             Biology, and Earth Sciences majors
    •   Science Teacher Education Program                           •   STEM Education minor
UC Merced:
    •   Natural Sciences Education minor                 Consult with a UC SMI-CalTeach counselors about transfer
UC Riverside:                                            compatibilities into these program, please visit
    •   Physics Education                                www.universityofcalifornia.edu/academics/1000teachers
    •   Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers
    •   Geoscience Education                                                                                     18
         SMI – Cal Teach
(STEM) Teaching Credential Programs
UC Berkeley (M.A.)                    UC Riverside (M.Ed. option)
   Science and Mathematics              Math, Science

UC Davis (M.A.)                       UC San Diego (M.Ed.)
   Agriculture, Math, Science           Biology, Chemistry, Geosciences,
   BCLAD option                          Math, Physics

UC Irvine (M.A.T. option)             UC Santa Barbara (M.Ed. option)
   Math, Science, Chemistry
     (M.S.), Math (M.S.)                 Math, Science
   BCLAD option                         BCLAD option

UCLA (M.Ed.)
   Biological Sciences, Chemistry,   UC Santa Cruz (M.A.)
    Geosciences, Physics, Math          Math, Biological Sciences,
   BCLAD option                          Geosciences, Chemistry, Physics
                                        BCLAD option

          SMI – Cal Teach
Head Start at the Community Colleges
•   Complete STEM major preparation

•   History or political science class that covers U.S. Constitution

•   Complete English courses
•   Take state-mandated CBEST exam early
     - Avoid numerous test fees all at once
     - Pass subjects as courses are completed and material is fresh
     - Some UC campuses reimburse test fees for Cal Teach students

•   Consider cross-enrollment options - One undergraduate UC course per
    academic term is allowed if prerequisites are met

•   Complete early field experience

      SMI – Cal Teach
 Community College Partnerships
                   The Aurora Project
• 17 Northern and Central Calif. Community Colleges
   •   Foothill, De Anza, San Jose City, Evergreen Valley
   •   Cabrillo, Hartnell, Monterey Peninsula
   •   Santa Barbara, Ventura, Allan Hancock
   •   College of San Mateo, Diablo Valley, San Francisco City
   •   Merced, Modesto
   •   Chabot, Ohlone

• 5 Southern Calif. Community Colleges
   • Santa Monica, Pasadena, Riverside, San Bernardino, Grossmont

         SMI – Cal Teach Resources
UC California Teach
   • www.universityofcalifornia.edu/academics/1000teachers
   • Contains links to each UC campus program

UC schools of education
   • www.universityofcalifornia.edu/academics/education.html

Teaching in California (for prospective educators)
   • www.ctc.ca.gov/credentials/default-prospective.html

ASSIST (online student-transfer information system)
   • www.assist.org

   Teach California
   • www.teachcalifornia.org
   SMI – Cal Teach Features at UC
• World-class faculty help students bridge research and
  practice within small student cohorts
• Earn simultaneous masters and credential
• Integrated programs available at several campuses
• Teacher prep + rigorous major = career opportunities
• UC programs prepare leaders in the field of education
• Strong network of alumni serve as mentors/contacts
• Steps to ease student transfers are continuously being
  developed, including the new addition of two SMI
  transfer project coordinators

           Why STEM at UC?
• UC is committed to transfer
  • UC wants STEM students
  • UC wants SMI – Cal Teach students

• UC is committed to improving transfer

            Contact Information
Irvine Conference          Foster City Conference
• Leslie Bushong           • Adrienne Harrell
  SMI Director               Director of Undergraduate
  leslie.bushong@ucr.edu     Student Affairs (Baskin
• Gina Curasi                School of Engineering)
  CNAS Academic Advisor      adrienne@soe.ucsc.edu
  gina.curasi@ucr.edu      • Mary-Betty Stevenson
• Nikki Measor               Academic Coordinator and
  BCOE Academic Advisor      Lecturer
  nikki.measor@ucr.edu       mbstevenson@ucdavis.edu
• Sue Marshall             • Krista Venecia
  Cal Teach Co-Director      SMI Director
  sue.marshall@uci.edu       kvenecia@ucmerced.edu


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