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									Gatlinburg Tennessee The Hidden Pancake Capitol of the South
By: Bob Foster

Going out to breakfast, especially when you are on vacation, is one of the best excuses to
eat junk food there is. Bacon, eggs, waffles, pancakes?none of it is too light or low-
calorie. If you are looking for a deliciously heavy breakfast to start your day off slow,
visit Gatlinburg, Tennessee, surprising home to some of the best pancakes our country
has to offer. And don?t worry about your figure, because Gatlinburg is at the foot of the
Great Smoky Mountains. There are plenty of ways to burn off your brunch.

1. Tennessee?s very first pancake house, The Pancake Pantry is a local favorite in
Gatlinburg. Celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, this restaurant is king of the all-
day breakfast. Everything is made from scratch and real, whole ingredients?including
butter and whipped cream, completing many of their rib sticking combinations getting
you ready for a full and busy day. They combine these choice ingredients into 24
different kinds of pancakes, including the decadent Austrian-Apple Walnut. Made from
melted butter, black walnuts, apples and spices reminiscent of apple cider, this pancake
arrives smothered in whipped cream and powdered sugar. If this doesn?t seem tempting
enough, their menu lists tons of egg and waffle options as well as sandwiches if someone
in your party isn?t hungry for breakfast or if you would like to bring a nice sandwich
while you enjoy the many activities in Gatlinburg.

2. Nationally recognized Atrium Pancakes is not to be missed. In addition to their many
egg, meat and waffle choices, this restaurant offers 19 different kinds of pancakes all with
stunning and jaw dropping deliciousness. They also have their own version of the apple
pancake, topped with apples and brown sugar?and it is so good, it was featured in Taste
of Home magazine and on Food Network. Like blueberries, blackberries, strawberries,
raisins, coconut or peanut butter? How about all of the above? They have a pancake with
that. Their crepes, or ?Roll Ups?, have the same filling options. They even have pigs-in-
a-blanket, for the more adventurous diner. Regardless of what you pick, you definitely
won?t break the bank and certainly won?t leave hungry from Atrium Pancakes!

3. Though the Log Cabin Pancake House offers a hot lunch buffet that is extremely
tempting, their pancakes will definitely make you want to eat breakfast for every meal
and consider it to be a food group of its own. This real, old-timey restaurant offers
cornmeal and buckwheat pancakes in addition to the whole gamut of fruit and compote
adorned cakes. For those looking for a sweeter fix, try the butterscotch or chocolate
pancakes, or the Spicy Apple French toast. Whipped cream and powdered sugar make
eating these pancakes like beginning your day with dessert.

You were warned: these restaurants don?t offer health food. So, remind yourself you are
on vacation, and get some breakfast. You can hike it off later, and then go back for
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