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									Californias Morro Bay is Charming Seaside Getaway
By: Cary Ordway

It's not hard to figure out that Morro Bay is home to a bird sanctuary -- especially since
the seagulls at times seem to outnumber the people.

Apparently the word's out amongst the seagull population: Visit Morro Bay and you'll not
only be well fed by curious and somewhat startled tourists, but you can also retire to the
local bird sanctuary. In fact, it's a crime to harm a bird once they make it to the sanctuary,
so a seagull's golden years are not likely to be cut short by any pesky kids with bb guns.

Morro Bay is the quintessential seaside village, steeped in charm with unsurpassed views
of the sometimes angry Pacific Ocean. People travel to Morro Bay, on California's
Central Coast, to breathe that fresh salt air, drink in the gorgeous ocean views and listen
to the above-mentioned birds. This is one of those places where you find a great local
hotel and just spend a lot of time on walks and visiting the local seafood restaurants.

Driving into town you can't help but notice the big rock monolith that defines the town --
named not so coincidentally Morro Rock. That rock actually was named in 1542 by a
Portuguese sailor, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. He called it El Moro because it resembled a
Moor - people from North Africa who wore turbans. It certainly was a rock that needed
naming - it rises high above the coastline and juts out into the ocean where everyone on
sea or land can see it.

Tourists nowadays visit the rock to enjoy its nearby trails and beaches and experience the
power of the waves that crash to shore nearby. It's common to see seals and other sea life
in the inlet on the southeast side of the rock while a series of waves are mesmerizing as
they crash upon the broad beach on the northern side of the rock. It is near the rock that
you'll encounter a squadron of seagulls trained to swoop in and grab whatever you have
that resembles food. Many visitors try to take refuge in their cars but the birds are so
intense sometimes that you feel like you barely got the car door shut before the seagulls
followed you inside.

It's all part of Morro Bay State Park, which features a lagoon and natural bay habitat. You
can sail, fish, hike or bird-watch at the park and the park museum offers exhibits on the
area's natural features and culture. Exhibits focus on Native American life, geology, and

Just a short stroll from the rock are shops and restaurants coming in all stripes and a
scenic bayside walk that will give you exercise and plenty of gorgeous bay vistas. If you
love the charm of fishing boats in a picturesque bay, this walk will be a highlight for you.

Fishing, in fact, is a big part of Morro Bay's past and present. While the area once had
quite a vibrant abalone industry, today the boats are more likely to be carrying halibut,
sole, rockfish and albacore. Oysters also are farmed in the area.
We stayed at the Embarcardero Inn, a comfortable hotel just across the street from the
water and a perfect headquarters for our brief stay. The hotel is built up a few floors with
parking underneath the building giving the front rooms great views of the bay and Morro
Rock. Our spacious room came with a fireplace and flat-screen television as well as table
and chairs and a balcony where we could sit and enjoy the view and watch our fellow
travelers exploring the nearby shops. There were all sorts of nautical paintings and
decorations in the room so there was no chance we would forget where we were.


WHERE: Morro Bay is in San Luis Obispo County and is about half way between San
Francisco and Los Angeles. There are several beach towns in the vicinity and the area is
one of California's most popular beach areas.

WHAT: Morro Bay is a picturesque beach community that is heavy on charm. Its
connection with the fishing industry makes it feel almost like a New England fishing
village and it's especially good for visitors who like long coastal walks and bird-

WHEN: Anytime of the year, although it can be chilly in the winter months. The climate
is temperate so that even in summer it doesn't get too hot.

WHY: Morro Bay's small-town charm is easily reached from San Francisco or Los
Angeles, so it's a convenient destination for a weekend or vacation. The ocean vistas are
spectacular and the ambience makes you feel like you are far from the Big City.

HOW: For information on the Embarcadero Inn, phone 888-223-5777.

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