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									  Olympic ESD
Head Start / ECEAP
 Early Head Start

 A Guide to Program Services

                                         CHILD CARE CONNECTIONS STAFF
        TAMMY CALHOUN                                KIM CRUMMEY                    CHRISTINE WILLIAMS
 Family Services Coordinator Assistant      Early Childhood Coordinator Assistant         Health Advocate
           (360) 478-6863                              (360) 478-6862                    (360) 405-5809
     tcalhoun@oesd.wednet.edu                   kcrummey@oesd.wednet.edu            cwilliams@oesd.wednet.edu

                                               Welcome from the Director

                                                       Dear Families,


                                                       We – families and staff - are beginning an
                                                       exciting year-long journey together.

                                                       At Head Start, ECEAP and Early Head Start,
                                                       we believe that you are the most important
                                                       influence in your child’s education,
                                                       development and well-being. We’re here to
                                                       support you and make available to you
                                                       information, resources and experiences that
                                                       can make your important role as parent a
                                                       little easier.

                                                       Thank you for sharing your child with us this
                                                       year. We’re glad you’re here!
     OESD Head Start/ECEAP/Early Head Start
                 Mission Statement                     Cordially,
Through caring partnerships with families and strong   Lorraine Olsen
community linkages, Head Start/ECEAp/EHS creates
   opportunities to support individual growth, self
    sufficiency and family health and wholeness.
                  What is Head Start/ECEAP/Early Head Start?
                                 And how are we different
PARENTS: make decisions and learn new skills, take an active part in their child’s education, plan and join
together for themselves and their children.
   Parents meet with staff several times during the year to plan for their child and family.
   Parents are asked to contribute to planning for the classroom, their parent group and the program.

CHILD DEVELOPMENT: includes games, stories, art, music, field trips, learning about self, family, community,
his/her own and other’s cultures – in the center and at home – all to assist in school readiness.
   Our program doesn’t celebrate holidays or birthdays in the classroom.

HEALTH: partnering with families to ensure kids are as physically and emotionally healthy as possible
through regular immunizations, routine well-child and dental exams, good nutrition and physical activity,
and promotion of healthy practices that prevent future illness and injury.
   In order to start class, your child’s immunizations must be current.
   We require documentation of your child’s current medical and dental exams.

FAMILY SERVICES: Advocates and teachers share information and resources, work with parents to support
personal and family growth and independence, respect family decisions and priorities.
   We actively promote family literacy and family goal setting.
   We encourage the men in children’s lives to participate in the HS/EHS/ECEAP experience.


The most important goal of           Parents and staff work together to identify           A Sample Morning Classroom
our classroom is to help             goals for children in all areas of development:                Schedule:
children become enthusiastic              Social - to help children feel comfortable
learners.                                                                                            Arrival & Sign-In
                                          in school, trust their environment and                   Class Meeting Time
   Become independent                     teachers, make friends and feel an                           Choice Time
   Self confident                         accepted part of a group.                                 Small Group Time
   Inquisitive                                                                                         Outdoor Play
   Not afraid to try out their own        Emotional - to help children experience              Circle Time & Handwashing
   ideas                                  pride, self-confidence, independence and                        Lunch
   Ask questions                          have a positive attitude towards school.                    Toothbrushing
This means allowing and                   Cognitive - to help children acquire
encouraging them to be creative           learning skills such as the ability to solve
and to actively explore their             problems, ask questions, make
environments.                             observations and express feelings.
                                          Physical - to help children discover what
                                          their bodies can do and be in control of
                                          their large and small muscles.

                                                                                         Enjoy your child’s PORTFOLIO.
                                                                                         We observe children and write down
                                                                                         what we see them doing, we take
                                                                                         pictures and collect their artwork. All
                                                                                         this information is stored in your child’s
                                                                                         portfolio. From the children’s work
                                                                                         samples, our observations and your
                                                                                         input, we are able to assess your child
                                                                                         as accurately as possible and, with you,
                                                                                         develop an individual plan for your
                                          Help Get Your Child Get Ready For Preschool

   Start the day well rested. Have a regular bedtime for your               Read a story – before bedtime is a good time.
   child.                                                                   Identify things that look alike or look different.
   Start the day with a good breakfast.                                     Count cars, spoons, socks and other everyday items.
   Encourage your child to take care of himself, hang up clothes            Name the color of things.
   and put things away.                                                     Play active games or use playground equipment.
   Give your child chances to play with others.                             Play quiet games that require thinking.
   Practice having your child separate from you for short periods           Limit TV and videos to under two hours/day.
   of time.                                                                 Spend special time with your child.
   Allow your child to cut, paste, and draw with your                       Plan to be active in your child’s education.

              Attendance                                  What to Wear                                        Illness
Regular attendance allows your child to       Children learn through play. Messy            Sick kids need the comfort and care of
receive the greatest benefit from             activities are frequently planned. Please     home and may need to see their doctor.
preschool and it ensures continued            dress your child appropriately to allow       Fever, diarrhea, vomiting (please wait
enrollment in the program. Please call        for     exploration    without     worry.     24 hours after the last episode to
if your child will not be in class. If your   Consider the weather as well. We play         return), sore throats, eye discharge,
child misses 4 consecutive days of class      outside as often as possible. Talk with       unexplained rashes, scabies, head lice
and we do not know why, we will               your Family Advocate if you need coats        and other contagious conditions will
contact you. If we are unable to reach        or other clothing.                            keep kids out of class until treated or
you, your child may be withdrawn from                                                       resolved. We expect all medication to
the program.                                                                                be given outside class hours.        For
                                                                                            exceptions, see our medication policy on
                                                                                            page 9.

                 Head Start/ECEAP/EHS Comply with State and National Non-Discrimination Laws
We provide service to eligible children and families regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual
orientation or disability.

                                                    HEALTH SERVICES
We all want our kids to be as                                                                  Emergency Procedures
healthy as possible so they can learn                                                   Staff are trained in first aid and CPR.
and grow and enjoy these important                                                      We call 911 if the condition is serious.
first years.                                                                            An incident report is completed and
                                                                                        signed by staff and parents.
We work with parents to make sure each
                                                                                                 Health Information
                                                                                        We offer information on a health issue
    Has health care coverage;
                                                                                        important to parents every month.
    Can get medical, dental, nutrition and                                              You’ll find it posted in the classroom
    mental health care;                                   Screening
                                              We screen for vision and hearing          and discussed at your Family
    Is up-to-date in immunizations;                                                     Gathering.
    Has a complete physical exam every        annually and do growth screening 3x
    12 months;                                year.
                                              We check for head lice at least 3 times              Toothbrushing
    Has a dental exam every 6 months;                                                    Children brush teeth with fluoridated
                                              during the year. Some class-rooms
    Gets fluoride supplements if needed;                                                 toothpaste at least once each day in
                                              check weekly.
    Is screened for vision, hearing and                                                  class.
    growth;                                         Communicable Diseases
    Is treated for any problem discovered     Please inform your teacher ASAP of
    in exams and screening.                   any communicable condition your
                                              child has.

                                                       FAMILY SERVICES

Our program offers you a sense of belonging, support services, and a chance to be involved in activities to help your whole family.
      • HOME VISITS AND CONFERENCES are a very important part of our partnerships with parents/guardians. During home
          visits there is time for you to talk to staff about your child and about things that are important to you and your family.
          Visits can take place in the classroom, too.
      • You can take part in CLASSES and SUPPORT SESSIONS on many subjects, including parenting, grandparenting, job
          training, wellness, family literacy and leadership. These classes are offered for free and child care and a meal are often
          provided. We work with parents/guardians interested in obtaining a high school General Equivalency Diploma (GED)
          and can provide information about other adult education opportunities.
      • COMMUNITY SERVICES are available to you. Staff members will work in partnership with you to help refer you to
          health, social service, or employment specialists in the community and will continue to work with you to make sure you
          have accessed the services you need.
      • You can be a VOICE in the program by serving on the Program Policy Council, the Health Advisory Committee, the
          Education Advisory Committee, the ERSEA Committee (Enrollment and Recruitment) or a variety of workgroups and

                                                          Family Participation is FUN-
                                                          damental to the Success
                                                          of Head Start/ECEAP/Early Head Start
Classroom and program participation is one of the most important things a parent can provide for children. Please share your
special interests, talents and knowledge with staff. We welcome your input into the daily classroom operations, your time
volunteering and your participation in the operations of the program. We want to work with you to provide the best learning
experience possible for your child and for you. We believe:
       • You are your child’s first and most important teacher. No one else knows as much about your child.
       • You know what you want for your child. When staff and parents are working together, a child can grow and learn as
           much as he/she is able.
       • You know your community. Participation in parent groups provides a chance for parents to discuss community issues
           that affect their lives.
       • You know what makes you feel welcomed in our centers. Share your ideas!

                                              PARENT OPPORTUNITIES
Family Gatherings                                                    Substituting
Families and classroom staff get together                            Looking for a fun and
monthly to have fun, share ideas, discuss                            rewarding on-call position?
classroom activities, and consider Policy
Council matters.
                                                                     Enjoy children?
These Family Gatherings are relaxed
opportunities to meet others and usually
involve good food, parent/child activities,                          Our program encourages parents
and often a speaker on a topic of the                                who enjoy children to explore
parent group’s choosing.                                             becoming substitute teachers.
Leadership of Family Gatherings rotates
among families. Minutes are taken and                                Substitutes are provided on-going
kept in a Parent                                                     training, are contacted on an as-
Notebook in the classroom.                                           needed basis to help when regular
                                                                     staff are unable to be in the
Volunteering                                      In addition to     classroom because of illness,
                                                     valuable        training, vacation, etc.
Parents are always welcome in the              experience in the
classroom. Come as a volunteer, share           Early Childhood
your talents, and learn more about               field, the work     Orientations are offered to acquaint
working with preschoolers. The kids love           schedule is       potential subs with our program,
it and, with extra help, teachers can plan    flexible AND has a     requirements and training
activities they wouldn’t be able to           generous pay rate      opportunities. Please refer to the
otherwise.                                                           quarterly program newsletter, Bear
                                                  of $10.37 per
Or just come when you can to spend extra                             Hugs, or call 478-6889 for the next
time with your child.                                 hour.          orientation date and time.
The classroom is a fun place for children
AND adults!

                                               Parent Rights & Responsibilities

                                                                    To be informed about all community resources concerned with
                                                                        health, education, and the improvement of family life.

                                                                    To insure my child attends class daily and to call the classroom
                                                                               teacher if my child is going to be absent.

                                                                    To learn as much as possible about the program and to take part
To take part in major policy decisions affecting the planning and                     in major policy decisions.
                   operation of the program.
                                                                     To utilize Head Start/ECEAP/EHS as an opportunity through
To help develop adult programs which will improve daily living               which I can enrich my life and my child’s life.
                    for my family and me.
                                                                    To take part in the classroom as an observer, a volunteer worker
                To be welcome in the classroom.                      or a paid employee, and to contribute my services in whatever
                                                                         way I can toward the enrichment of the total program.
 To choose whether or not I participate without fear of risking
            my child’s right to be in the program.                  To provide leadership by taking part in elections, explaining the
                                                                     program to other parents and encouraging full participation.
  To be informed regularly about my child’s progress in Head
                     Start/ECEAP/EHS.                               To welcome teachers and staff into my home to discuss ways in
                                                                       which I can help with my child’s development at home.
         To always be treated with respect and dignity.
                                                                    To work with teachers, staff and other parents in a cooperative
To expect guidance for my child from teachers and staff which                                    way.
      will help his or her total individual development.
                                                                       To offer constructive feedback to the program, to defend it
    To be able to learn about the operation of the program,           against unfair criticism and to share in program evaluation.
  including the budget and level of education and experience
             required to fill various staff positions.                 To take advantage of programs designed to increase my
                                                                     knowledge about child development and my skills in areas of
To take part in planning and carrying out programs designed to                         possible employment.
      increase my skills in areas of possible employment.
                                                                      To become involved in community programs which help to
To be informed about all community resources concerned with                improve health, education, and recreation for all.
    health, education, and the improvement of family life.

                                                       Policy Council
                                                                                       Become a Policy Council Member!
Policy Council is a team of parents, staff
and community members who provide                                                      Each Head Start, ECEAP and Early
oversight and guidance to our Head                                                     Head Start classroom and the Child
Start, ECEAP and Early Head Start                                                      Care Connections program as a
programs.                                    Policy Council operates under a “Circle   whole, elects a representative to
                                              of Leadership”. There are no elected     attend the monthly Policy Council
Policy Council meets one time each                 officers. The Policy Council        meeting.
month for 3 hours to                           representatives take turns being the    Center and Connections staff can
    discuss overall program issues,           “facilitator” of each meeting. This is   help if you are interested in being a
    share information,                       usually a different person each month.    representative.
    provide new ideas,                          Another person volunteers to take      Elections usually occur at the
    approve and/or disapprove specific        minutes at the meeting. Staff provide    beginning of the year or during the
    program actions, and                        training and support to all Policy     year if someone leaves.
    share in program decisions.                 Council members throughout the         Elections can happen at the Family
                                               meeting and for their specific roles.   Gatherings

                                                     Nutrition Services

                                                                                           The Nutrition
                                                                                           Specialist will review
                                                                                           your child’s file for
            Our Nutrition Specialist                                                       any growth or
            is available to meet with                                                      nutrition issues. He
              parents in groups or                                                         or she will work with
               individually to talk                                                        parents whose
              common sense about                                                           children need special
                 feeding families.                                                         diets or who have
                                                                                           health conditions
                                                                                           which affect their

                Health Advisory Committee                                   ERSEA Advisory Committee
The Health Advisory Committee is a group of current (terrific)     This uniquely named group of creative and dynamic
program parents and staff and (wonderful) community                parents, staff & community members work together to
professionals who provide (inspired) guidance and oversight to     build awareness about Head Start/ECEAP/Early Head
the medical, dental, nutrition, and mental health components of    Start in Kitsap County and reach out to all eligible
our (important) program.                                           families. This group also reviews Eligibility, Recruitment,
                                                                   Selection, Enrollment and Attendance policies and
This (fabulous) group formulates health policy, develops and       procedures. ERSEA Advisory is a joint OESD and KCR
approves program work plans, participates in program               committee which meets three times a year from 5:30 –
evaluation, and occasionally sponsors health-related events (and   7:30. Dinner & child care are provided.
has a good time doing it!)
Much of the work of the HAC (as it’s affectionately known) is
accomplished in subcommittee with the full group coming
together four times a year.

Qualifications for Parent Members:
  Parent of a currently enrolled child
  Interest in health issues
  Desire to learn more
  Willing to contribute to developing
  the best health program possible
  Willing to report back to your parent group
  Telephone or Email and Transportation

Meetings are Potluck:
  Three times a year from 5:30 – 7:30 PM
  OESD Meeting Room A
  Child care in Room B

                  Mental Health Services                                         Disability Services
            Head Start/ECEAP/EHS believes strongly                      Head Start/ECEAP/EHS encourages and
             in the right to social-emotional health                   actively recruits children with disabilities
                 for children, staff and parents.                            for enrollment in our program

                                                                      Children with Individual Educational Plans (IEP) or
                                                                      Individual Family Service Plans (IFSP) are involved in
Talk with your teachers or Family Services or Health & Nutrition      all phases of the daily classroom curriculum.
Advocate about the kind of support you or your family needs.          School districts and Early Intervention work in
They know community resources and will work with you to find          partnership with our program to provide needed
the right fit.                                                        special services for children who have been identified
                                                                      through the Child Find screening process.

                                                                   We use the Early Screening Inventory (ESI) and/or Dial 3
                                                                   or the Denver or ASQ to determine each child’s current
                                                                   developmental levels in gross and fine motor, language,
                                                                   cognition, and social skills. After completing screening
                                                                   (which includes vision and hearing), the staff and family
                                                                   will determine whether the child will benefit from
                                                                   further evaluation through Child Find.

                                                                   At all times, the staff and parents work together to
                                                                   provide a learning environment that meets the individual
                                                                   needs of all children. Please feel free to talk to your
                                                                   teacher about any concerns you have with your child’s

                                                  Program Similarities & Differences

        What is ECEAP?                   What is Head Start?               What is Connections?               What is Early Head Start?

Early Childhood Education &        Head Start is a federal program    Head Start contracts with            A federally funded program
Assistance Program is              that began in 1965 to provide      community child care providers       started in 1994 to provide
Washington State’s part day        low-income children with           to offer Head Start services to      comprehensive services to
preschool program. It began in     experiences they might not         children needing full day care.      pregnant women, infants and
1985 and its goal is school        otherwise have to enhance their    Licensed home and center care        toddlers to 3 years. Center and
readiness.                         self and social confidence and     is available. There is a charge      home based services are
                                   achieve school success. There is   paid to the licensed provider for    available. There is a charge for
Eligibility is based on income     a charge for full-day services.    these full-day services.             full day care.
and age:
   Family income up to 110%        Eligibility is based on income     Eligibility is based on income       Eligibility is based on income
   poverty guideline.              and age:                           and age:                             and age with additional
   10% enrollment must be             Family income up to 129%           Family income up to 129%          requirements at some sites:
   children on IEPS.                  poverty guideline.                 poverty guideline or receipt of      Children eligible 4 weeks to 3
   10% enrollment may be over         10% enrollment must be             subsidies.                           years.
   income.                            children on IEPs.                  10% must be children with            Depending on program, may need
   Priority given children going      10% may be over income.            disabilities.                        to be student, referred by DSHS or
   to kindergarten the following      Children must be 3 by August       10% may be over-income.              Holly Ridge.
   year.                              31st.                              Children must be 3 by August         See Connections for income
   Must be 3 by August 31st.          Child care subsidies are           31st.                                requirements

                    Support Staff Names & Phone Numbers
                       Olympic Educational Service District
                          105 National Avenue North
                            Bremerton WA 98312

                  Toll-Free 1-800-201-1300 ♦ FAX 360-782-5093

Lorraine Olsen     Director                                     478-6897
Katherine Adams    Assistant Director                           478-6898
Sallie Maxey       Internal Accountant                          478-6853
Peggy Brown        Child Development Coordinator                478-6857
Bree Kravanh       Family Service Coordinator                   478-6877
Sue Van Winkle     Health Coordinator                           478-6867
Robin Williams     Early Head Start Coordinator                 478-6873
Lee Stadshaug      Child Development Coordinator Assistant      782-5063
JoAnne Hudiburg    Child Development Coordinator Assistant      782-5065
Tammy Calhoun      Family/Community Coordinator Assistant       478-6863
Kim Crummey        Early Childhood Coordinator Assistant        478-6862
Donna Wagner       Lead Secretary                               478-6860
Lori Carlson       Secretary                                    478-6887
Bonnie Blomberg    Secretary                                    478-6889


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