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This EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK is intended to answer questions and give
definition to specific areas regarding the day-to-day operations of the Energy
Specialty Contracting, Inc. (Hereafter called ESCI).    It is designed to be a
positive tool and to aid you in your work with ESCI.

The policies and procedures presented in this manual shall be in effect until
changed by the President of ESCI.

Any policy, procedure or question not covered in this manual will be considered
and a decision rendered by the President.

                          OPEN DOOR POLICY
Employees are encouraged to share their concerns, seek information, provide
input, and resolve problems/issues through their immediate supervisor, and as
appropriate, consult with any member of management toward those ends.
Management and supervisors are expected to listen to employee concerns, to
encourage their input, and to seek resolution to their problems/issues.

   Bill Chambers

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Applicants will be hired on the basis of experience, training, personal background,
and the potential for growth to accomplish the best possible staff for the continued
success of ESCI. There shall be no discrimination based on religion, age, sex,
race, national origin or areas covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is
the intent of the management that equal opportunity will be provided in all
promotions, wages, benefits, and other privileges, terms, and conditions of

The employees of ENERGY SPECIALTY CONTRACTING, INC. constantly
strive to provide our customers with the best SERVICE at a competitive price,
while maintaining a consistently higher level of customer service than any of our
competitors. This is accomplished by providing higher quality and more timely
service that is second to none, thus ensuring overall benefits to our customers and
a long term relationship for ENERGY SPECIALTY CONTRACTING, INC.
with the customer.

ESCI strives to create and provide a positive work environment where
management and employees can work together, as a team, for our mutual long-
term benefit as we serve the needs of our customers.

ESCI operates on the basis that every ESCI individual deserves to be treated with
respect, courtesy, tact and consideration. Therefore, we expect you to treat
customers and fellow employees accordingly. You should be aware of and
sensitive to any behaviors that are offensive to others. If you observe, or are the
object of such conduct, you are responsible to report it to your supervisor.

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                    DEFINITION OF EMPLOYMENT
ESCI will classify hourly employees according to the following definitions:

A.    Full Time: Employment involving at least 35.58 hours per week, 52
      weeks per year, after a designated probationary period.

B.    Part Time: Employment less than 35.58 hours per week, or as designated
      by management.

C.    Temporary: Includes all employees during introductory period, or in a
      position or job established for a specific period of time, such as student
      employment, summer help, etc.

Part time and temporary employees are not eligible for any ESCI benefits not
dictated by law.

                     PRE-EMPLOYMENT POLICIES
All persons seeking employment must first fill out an application. This will be
reviewed with previous references and employment dates checked. ESCI reserves
the right to test new prospective employees to verify statements concerning
proficiency in a stated area, or to test for basic skills that are critical for the
successful performance of their job. ESCI reserves the right to test employees for
substance abuse.

Prior to placement on payroll, the employee must complete a W-4 Federal IRS
Form. The employee must also complete a proof of citizen form (I-9) and provide
ESCI with proper documentation of citizenship.

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                         INTRODUCTORY PERIOD
     The introductory period is intended to give new employees the opportunity to
     demonstrate their ability to achieve a satisfactory level of performance and to
     determine whether the new position meets their expectations. During this
     period ESCI decides whether or not a permanent employment relationship
     should be established with the new employee. In addition:

1.     The new hire decides whether he or she is ready and able to make the
       necessary commitment to our organization.

2.     The supervisor decides whether the employee's skills, productivity, quality
       of work, attendance, and personal conduct meet the requirements of ESCI.

3.     The management of ESCI reserves the right to dismiss any employee during
       the introductory period, which lasts thirty (30) days from the starting date of

At the end of thirty (30) days, a final evaluation of performance will occur ending
the introductory period.

If ESCI determines that the designated introductory period does not allow
sufficient time to thoroughly evaluate the employee's performance, the
introductory period may be extended for a specified period.

During the introductory period, new employees are eligible for workers'
compensation insurance and Social Security.

                              WORK SCHEDULE
Company work schedules are established in order to ensure that ESCI will have
the proper number of employees in each necessary job classification to handle the
anticipated work load at any given time. Schedules are carefully worked out by
Management and must be adhered to by all employees. Tardiness causes serious

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problems in maintaining schedules. Frequent tardiness is grounds for dismissal,
and is covered under "Disciplinary Procedures".

                       REST AND MEAL BREAKS
Each workday, full-time non-exempt employees are provided with two rest
periods of fifteen (15) minutes in length. To the extent possible, rest periods will
be provided in the middle of work periods. Since this time is counted and paid as
time worked, employees must not be absent from their workstations beyond the
allotted rest period time. Employees who are late to work, or leave early, forfeit
the paid break period(s).

All full-time employees are provided with one (1) meal period of thirty minutes in
length each workday. Supervisors will schedule meal periods to accommodate
operating requirements. Employees will not be compensated for the meal break.

                         EMERGENCY CLOSING
When operations are officially closed due to an emergency, the time off from
scheduled work will not be paid.

                                PAY PERIODS
ESCI’s employees are paid weekly. Employees are paid normally on Friday for
work performed through the previous Sunday. All timesheets documenting the
pay period MUST be submitted in a completed state NO LATER THAN the
morning of Monday (for the previous week). (Incomplete submittal may result in
a MISSED PAYDAY which will be paid on the following Friday, only after all
completed timesheets are submitted).

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Each paycheck will include your wages for the indicated pay period less the
following deductions:

1.    Federal/State/City Income Tax: Deducted at specified rates determined by
      your salary level and the exemptions to which you stated on your W-4 card.

2.    FICA (Social Security Tax): Deductions are made each pay period in order
      to provide an allowance for you when you reach retirement.

3.    Other deductions that are authorized by you and accepted by ESCI, child
      support payments, donations, etc.

                                TIME SHEETS
All employees are expected to be present and ready to begin work at their
scheduled working time.

Your supervisor is responsible for ensuring that your time sheets are promptly
forwarded and turned in to the office for completion of the payroll. As your time
sheet is routinely checked for completeness, any found to have errors may be held
until the correction is made. This includes the Sign-in Sheet Policy. Any
alteration of your time sheets or another employee's time sheet or falsification of
time sheets is grounds for immediate dismissal.

                            OVERTIME POLICY
Overtime payment policies are determined by the Federal Wage and Hour Law
for ESCI employees. Time and one-half is paid for over 40 hours worked in the
normal 7-day payroll period.

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                   LOANS AND ADVANCES ON PAY

ESCI loans to employees are not allowed.

Advance Policy:

Effective Friday, November 17, 2006, ESCI will only provide travel advances for
the following situations:

     1. Job mobilization. When a new job is starting up which requires a crew to
        travel for an extended period of time, an advance will be given to cover
        the first two week’s travel expenses.

     2. New Employee Status. When a new employee’s first job involves travel,
        a per diem advance will be granted the first two weeks because of the
        delay in receiving a first paycheck.

Per Diem will be paid after the travel has occurred and has been reported on a
time sheet by the job foreman. The payment will be included along with payment
for hours worked for that week on each paycheck. (Advances given due to one of
the above situations will be withdrawn from that same check.)

ESCI relies very much on you to report to work as scheduled on a dependable and
consistent basis. Among other conditions of employment, ESCI requires you to
continuously fulfill the specified number of hours for your position.

On occasion, unforeseen circumstances may arise during which you are unable to
report for work at your regularly scheduled starting time. Should this occur:

1.     You are to personally notify your supervisor by telephone of your inability
       to report for work within the first half (1/2) hour before normal reporting

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2.    If you are absent for a period of more than two days without calling in to
      discuss your circumstances, it may be assumed that you do not intend to
      return to work. A voluntary termination form will be filled out and a new
      employee may be hired to fill your position.

                          BEREAVEMENT LEAVE
Employees who wish to take time off due to the death of an immediate family
member should notify their supervisor immediately.

Up to three (3) days of unpaid bereavement leave will be provided to eligible
employees for deaths in the immediate family. ESCI identifies immediate family
as: spouse (husband or wife), child, brother, sister, parent, parent-in-law, or

                               FAMILY LEAVE
ESCI provides family leaves of absence without pay to regular full-time
employees who wish to take time off from work duties to fulfill family
obligations relating directly to childbirth, adoption, or placement of a foster child;
or to care for a child, spouse, or parent with a serious condition. A serious health
condition means an illness, injury or impairment, or physical or mental condition
that involves inpatient care in a hospital, hospice, or residential medical care
facility; or continuing treatment by a health care provider.

Eligible employees may request family leave only after having completed 365
calendar days of service. Eligible employees should make requests for family
leave to their supervisors at least thirty (30) days in advance of foreseeable events
and as soon as possible for unforeseeable events.

Eligible employees may request up to a maximum of 12 weeks of family leave
within any 12-month period. Any combination of family leave and medical leave
may not exceed this maximum limit. If this initial period of absence proves
insufficient, consideration will be given to a written request for a single extension
of not more than ten calendar days.
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Married or related employees may be restricted to a combined total of 12 weeks
leave within any 12 month period for childbirth, adoption, or placement of a
foster child; or to care for a parent with a serious health condition.

Benefit accruals, such as vacation benefits will continue during approved family
leave period.

So that an employee's return to work can be properly scheduled, an employee on
family leave is requested to provide ESCI with at least two weeks advance notice
of the date the employee intends to return to work. When a family leave ends, the
employee will be reinstated to the same position, if it is available, or to an
equivalent position for which the employee is qualified. If an employee fails to
report to work promptly at the end of the approved leave period, ESCI will
assume that the employee has resigned.

                                  JURY DUTY
ESCI believes it is the duty of all eligible citizens to serve jury duty when called.
Employees called for jury duty will not be paid. Notify your supervisor
immediately upon being called for jury duty and provide him with a copy of the
summons. During recesses in the trial, and when there is time to work half of your
normal workday, employees are expected to return to work. If you have vacation,
sick or personal time you may use this upon approval from the Office Manager.

The ESCI office will be closed on the holidays listed below.
          1.     New Year’s Day
          2.     Good Friday
          3.     Memorial Day
          4.     Independence Day/4th of July
          5.     Labor Day
          6.     Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday
          7.     Christmas Day

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If the holiday falls on a Saturday, the office will be closed the previous Friday,
unless written notice is given. If the holiday falls on Sunday, the office will be
closed on Monday, unless written notice is given.

                            ESCI VACATION POLICY
To show our appreciation for the hours and hard work put in by our employees,
ESCI has implemented an updated paid vacation incentive program to reward our
dedicated and dependable employees. To ensure that there is no confusion on
eligibility, the following policy will be effective starting January 1, 2008.

All full time hourly field employees will be awarded 1 week (40 hours) paid
vacation after meeting the necessary requirements. All full time Regional
Superintendents will receive 2 weeks (80 hours) paid vacation after meeting the
necessary requirements.

Criteria for eligibility:

    1. To be eligible, an employee must work for ESCI 52 consecutive weeks.
    2. An employee must work a minimum of 1,850 hours straight time within
       the calendar year. However, vacation is not awarded until requirement
       number 1 is met.
    3. Vacation notice must be requested on this form and approved by a
       supervisor 30 days prior to scheduled vacation time. This will give ESCI
       time to ensure eligibility and find replacement personnel for that position.
    4. Vacation time must be taken between January 1st and December 31st
       following the year it was earned. Vacation will not carry over to the
       next year. Vacation earned during an employee’s first year of work will
       be pro-rated based on the employee’s hire date.
    5. Vacation checks will be paid with normal payroll, the Friday following the
       week taken.
    6. A check can be issued instead of vacation time if an employee is unable to
       take time off due to the work load required by ESCI. The employee must
       be employed with ESCI to receive this check, which can be issued the first
       week of January, the following year.
    7. Vacation days are not to be used to fill in missed work days. They are
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       meant to give needed time off, and to ensure the happiness and well-being
       of our employees.

                         ABSENCE FROM WORK
There may be emergency situations when you must leave the job, or there may be
a personal matter that can only be handled during normal working hours. You
may request permission from your supervisor to leave the job. Your supervisor
will consider the urgency of the request and/or the time when you can best be

Hourly employees must sign out on their “sign-in sheets.” The absence from
work will be considered as unpaid time.

In an attempt to assist our employees in acquiring their own health insurance, any
employee who has worked for 12 consecutive months and has worked 1,560
hours straight time within those 12 months, is eligible for a health insurance
reimbursement equal to 50 cents per hour.

Continuing proof of health insurance is required to receive this reimbursement.
Please ask your Office Manager for the appropriate form when you have fulfilled
these requirements.

All employees are required to attend all orientation and/or in-service meetings
conducted by their supervisor. Supervisors are responsible for instruction and
training of all employees reporting to them. Training needs of ESCI individual
employees will depend on their background, education, experience and level of

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                          HIRING OF RELATIVES
The employment of relatives under the same supervision and in the same area of
an organization may cause serious conflicts and problems with favoritism and
employee morale. In addition to claims of partiality in treatment at work, personal
conflicts from outside the work environment can be carried into day-to-day
working relationships.

Although ESCI has no prohibition against hiring relatives of existing employees,
we are committed to monitoring situations in which relatives work in the same
area. In case of actual or potential problems, ESCI will take prompt action. This
can include reassignment or, if necessary, termination of employment for one or
both of the ESCI individuals involved.

For the purposes of this policy, a relative is any person who is related by blood or
marriage, or whose relationship with the employee is similar to that of persons
who are related by blood or marriage.

ESCI welcomes suggestions from the employees on ways to improve the
operations of ESCI. These should be given, in writing, to your supervisor who
will forward them to the President. Each employee will be given a written
response to his/her recommendation.

ESCI is proud of the facilities that it has provided for the employees and our
valued customers. Each employee is responsible for the cleanliness and
appearance of his work area. All employees are expected to maintain the
cleanliness of those areas visited by our customers.

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                       DRESS AND APPEARANCE
Dress, grooming and personal cleanliness standards contribute to the morale of all
employees and affect the business image that ESCI presents to customers and

During business hours, employees are expected to present a clean and neat
appearance and to dress according to the requirements of their positions.
Employees who appear for work inappropriately dressed will be sent home and
directed to return to work in proper attire. Under such circumstances, employees
will not be compensated for the time away from work.

Consult your supervisor or department head if you have any questions as to what
constitutes appropriate attire. The following are provided as guidelines for
appropriate dress:

1.   Hard sole shoes are to be worn at all times on ESCI property and in
     the field. The shoes should be a closed type shoe: no sandals,
     slippers or other open type shoe. Employees whose job requires
     standing or walking are encouraged to wear a comfortable, support
     type shoe with a non-slip sole.

2.   Shirts and long pants are required.     NOTE: Because of safety
     issues, shorts are not permitted in the field. Jeans should not have
     rips, tears or holes that would be considered offensive or revealing.

In keeping with ESCI’S intent to provide a safe and healthful work environment,
smoking in the office and work areas of the buildings is strictly prohibited. This
policy applies equally to all employees, customers and visitors.

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                         CONFLICT RESOLUTION
To provide you with a prompt and fair means of resolving personal complaints
regarding work or working relationships, a formal complaint procedure will be
followed. This procedure guarantees courteous and fair treatment, and there shall
be no reprisals against you for voicing your concerns.

Conflict Resolution starts with your supervisor. Normally, complaints are
resolved by discussions with your immediate supervisor. If satisfaction is not
received, you follow the Organizational Chain of Authority. The final authority is
the President. The Organizational Chain of Authority MUST BE FOLLOWED.

NO reprisals against you for voicing your concerns will be permitted by
Management. The President reserves the right for final decisions in these matters.

Negative and derogatory comments and discussions of ESCI policies and
procedures produces disruption, loss of productivity and unnecessary job stress.
Failure to follow the prescribed complaint procedure is a violation of ESCI

                     DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES
In order to maintain effective working relationships with others, you are expected
to follow rules of acceptable social behavior, as well as the established policies of
this manual. Good working relationships are normally maintained by mutual
cooperation and self-disciplinary action to correct problem behavior or

The on-the-job conduct of employees is a major factor affecting the health and
growth of any organization. SAFETY, PRODUCTIVITY, QUALITY, AND
HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS ARE AT STAKE. Poor disciplinary procedures can
undermine the morale of the entire work force of ESCI. As a strict general

1.    Fighting, threatening or intimidating other employees will not be tolerated.

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2.    Harassment in any form is against the law, and will not be tolerated.

3.    All employees will be held responsible for the misuse or willful destruction
      of any ESCI property.

4.    All employees (regardless of job title) are expected to begin work promptly
      at the designated starting time.

5.    Leaving the premises during working hours without reason or permission is
      not permitted.


7.    Reporting for work in a state affected by Alcohol or Drugs is not permitted.

8.    Smoking in areas where it is not permitted.

9.    Falsifying time sheets (yours or others) is not tolerated.

10.   Falsification of records and employment application.

11.   Theft of ESCI property.

12.   Violation of ESCI safety rules & procedures.

13.   Interfering with other employees in performing their job.

14.   Disorderly conduct on ESCI premises.

15.   Horseplay and throwing things around.

16.   Sleeping on the job.

17.   Gambling while on ESCI premises.

18.   Being absent without proper notification or being excessively tardy or
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19.   Spreading malicious gossip and rumors.

20.   Refusing to obey legitimate orders of supervisor pertaining to work.

21.   Indecent conduct on ESCI property or while on ESCI business.

22.   Failure to report damage done to ESCI equipment or ESCI property.

23.   Divulging confidential information regarding ESCI or its customers.

24.   Allowing unauthorized entry to premises.

The above list is provided as a guide and is not necessarily the only actions that
can lead to disciplinary action.

If discipline becomes necessary, the following sequence of corrective actions will
normally be followed: (However, acceleration or variations may occur depending
on the nature and/or frequency of the problem.)

1.    Verbal warning.

2.    Written warning.

3.    Suspension. (3) days off without pay and reinstatement of probationary

4.    Discharge.

If an employee's performance is unsatisfactory, they will be notified and their
supervisor will work with them, if this is possible, to correct the problem or
weakness. If this corrective action does not succeed, it may be necessary to
terminate the employee relationship. A termination report will be filled out,
stating the reason for the termination.
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                      SEVERANCE ALLOWANCE

ESCI does not pay severance allowance.

ESCI keeps its finances in good order and expects all of its employees to do
likewise. Through a misunderstanding, an employee may receive a garnishment
against his/her wages. Continuous or numerous garnishments are not acceptable
due to additional paperwork. The law also provides for an administrative fee to
be charged when a garnishment occurs.

                        CONFLICT OF INTEREST
As a full time employee of ESCI your primary responsibility is to ESCI. Since
we serve the public and other professional organizations, it is essential that
employees treat information about clients, customers, suppliers, or internal
operations, and internal records, with absolute confidentiality. Additionally,
employee's personal relationships should in no way compete with, or
compromise, ESCI's interests. The following guidelines, when strictly adhered to,
will help you avoid situations where a conflict of interest could occur:

1.   Do not accept gifts or other favors of value, which are offered as a result of
     carrying out your duties for ESCI.

2.   Do not divulge internal information, statistics, records, or operating
     methods to anyone outside of your supervisor.

3.   Cooperate with management in resolving any possible conflict or situation
     involving yourself or your family.

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                          PERSONAL BUSINESS
Personal business will not be conducted on ESCI time. If, due to unusual
circumstances, personal business must be conducted during your regular hours,
you may request time off, without pay, from your supervisor. Normally one-week
notice is required for such items as doctors’ appointments, dentist appointment, or
any other similar absence that requires an appointment.

                       PERSONAL PHONE CALLS
ESCI telephones are for business purposes only. ESCI requests that personal
incoming or outgoing calls be limited to break or lunch times only. The only
exception to this rule are calls that are of an emergency nature.

Harassment is defined as the act of troubling, worrying or tormenting others.
Illegal harassment is present when an employee, supervisor or co-worker troubles,
worries, or torments a person because of that individual's race, sex, creed, marital
status, color, age, handicap, ancestry, sexual orientation, and arrest or conviction
record. All are protected classes under federal law.

Harassment includes verbal or physical contact that has the purpose of creating an
intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment, or in any way interferes
with the ESCI individual's work performance.

Harassment is defined generally as unwelcome, unsolicited, repeated physical
advances or gestures (even in a humorous context). Sexual harassment is present

1.    Submission to, or rejection of such conduct by an ESCI employee is used as
      the basis for decisions affecting the employee’s employment; or

2.    Such conduct has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with an
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      ESCI employee’s work performance, or creating intimidating, coercive,
      hostile, or an offensive working environment.

ESCI will not tolerate any acts of harassment by its employees. Any employee
engaging in such prohibited behavior will be subject to immediate disciplinary

Any employee who feels that he/she is being subjected to a form of harassment
prohibited by this policy should notify any supervisor immediately.

At the time of your employment you provide ESCI with key personnel data such

                Home Phone Number
                Marital Status
                Number of Dependents-Tax purposes
                Person to notify in case of accident
                Additional education certification and special training courses.

It is vital that ESCI maintain accurate records on each of these items. If there are
any changes in the above you are to notify ESCI in writing of the change.

                              ESCI PROPERTY
Every employee will be working with ESCI equipment, using supplies, and
handling ESCI property. The best rule to follow is to use and care for ESCI
property with the same respect you show for your own personal property. Here
are a few guidelines to follow:
     EQUIPMENT is costly and is designed for a certain purpose. It
     should not be used for a job it is not designed to handle or perform.
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    All equipment should be restored to good clean operating condition
    when you have finished using it. Return movable equipment to the
    proper storage areas. It is ESCI policy not to loan out tools or other
    equipment to employees for personal use. (Any deviation from this
    policy must be by prior approval by management.)

    SUPPLIES used on the job and in the office, such as cleaning
    supplies, paper, pens, rags, safety glasses, gloves, etc. are certainly
    necessary. However, they add to the cost of doing business.
    Therefore, they should be used wisely and not wasted. Supplies, when
    needed, may be reordered by your supervisor with approval of ESCI
    management. Employees using supplies and equipment for personal
    use, without management approval and reimbursing ESCI, are subject
    to disciplinary procedures.

    EQUIPMENT ASSIGNED TO EMPLOYEES, such as tools, etc.,
    are ESCI property, and must be taken care of. In the event of
    discharge, all ESCI equipment assigned to you must be returned in
    good condition, or you will be charged for it before your last check is

                              NOTICE POLICY
It is the intention of ESCI to keep its employees informed as to general ESCI
policies, procedures, and other pertinent information by posting notices in
specified areas. Non-business notices may be posted or distributed only with prior
approval of the management.

Moonlighting is a term used when an employee has another job in addition to
their job with ESCI. ESCI realizes that certain employees may have to, or may
want to moonlight. ESCI will allow this, as long as it is not with a competitor or
there is not a conflict of interest. However, if your other job is interfering with
your performance, ESCI may request that you make a choice between jobs.

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                         LAYOFF AND RECALL
If economic or business conditions create the situation which makes it necessary
to cut back our work force, then each job will be carefully checked along with the
employee’s record. Qualifications, past performance, and length of service of
each employee will be the guidelines upon which such decisions are made.

Economic and/or changes in the business may provide an opening in ESCI. ESCI
will review the suitability of current employees to be promoted to any open
positions. Qualifications, past performance, and length of service of each
employee will be guidelines upon which such decisions are made.

Employees are expected to give two (2) weeks notice of resignation. This
courtesy of advance notice will allow your supervisor time to adjust working
schedules and attempt to secure a replacement. Failure to provide at least a two-
week notice, may prevent the opportunity to use any accrued vacation, which may
or may not be allowed due to workload, as per 30 day notice required on vacation
request policy.

Employees who have voluntarily resigned for personal reasons and were in good
standing when they resigned will be eligible for re-hire. An employee seeking to
be re-hired is subject to the same review and procedures as a new employee.

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                          EMPLOYEE RECORDS
ESCI respects the employees’ rights to privacy. The following guidelines will

1.   All information in your personnel file is confidential.

2.   Review of your personnel file is on a need to know basis.

3.   No personnel information will be released outside ESCI without your
     written authorization.

4.   Employees have the right to review their personnel file.

5.   ESCI employees who do not comply with these privacy guidelines are
     subject to disciplinary action.

Every employee can expect fair treatment and compensation consistent with their
job performance and job responsibilities. The basis for your pay is determined by
the skill and experience requirements of your position and the evaluation of how
you are performing in that position. Wage increases will be determined by your
job performance and the financial ability of ESCI.

                     INCENTIVE COMPENSATION
In addition to the employee’s regular compensation management may, at its sole
discretion and as business conditions permit, implement performance bonus
compensation plans that will provide employees with the opportunity to earn
additional compensation. You will be provided specific details of the plan(s) that
you are eligible to participate in when they are announced.

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                       PERFORMANCE REVIEWS
All of us like to know how we are doing on the job. Day-to-day comments from
supervisors and managers help. But now and then, there is a need to review all
phases of your work performance. This is accomplished through a "performance
review". This procedure requires each supervisor to evaluate the performance of
every person under their supervision. During the introductory period this will be
done after 30 days. For full time permanent employees this will be done every
twelve (12) months.

The purpose of these reviews is to provide the employee with an overall
evaluation of how they are performing and to also provide the employee with
guidance on how they can improve their performance. The evaluation also
provides the employee with the opportunity to discuss their personal goals, their
performance and any concerns they may have regarding their job with ESCI.

Your performance review will cover the following:

       1. The amount of work you accomplish.
       2. The accuracy and thoroughness of your work.
       3. Your dependability and attendance on the job.
       4. Your knowledge of your job duties.
       5. Your ability to organize and plan your work.
       6. The enthusiasm and initiative you demonstrate.
       7. Your courtesy and cooperation with employees/customers.
       8. Your personal appearance.
       9. Your ideas and suggestions.

As your employer, ESCI is required by law to make contributions on your behalf
to Federal and State insurance programs.

        - Retirement Allowance Benefits
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       - Disability Benefits
       - Survivor Benefits
       - Medical (Medicare) Benefits
       - Weekly income protection provided by the State.


General Policy

It is the policy of ESCI to provide a workers’ compensation program at no cost to
employees. This program covers any injury or illness sustained in the course of

Report injuries promptly

Any employee who sustains a work-related injury or illness should inform his or
her supervisor immediately. No matter how minor an on-the-job injury may
appear, it is important that it be reported immediately. The supervisor will send
the employee immediately in for drug and alcohol testing. The supervisor should
immediately inform the company’s workers’ compensation claims coordinator of
the injury or illness by completing an incident report and faxing it to the office.

The workers’ compensation claims coordinator will help the employee and the
employee’s supervisor arrange for appropriate medical treatment if needed.

Neither the employer nor the insurance carrier will be liable for the payment of
workers’ compensation benefits for injuries that occur during an employee’s
voluntary participation in any off-duty recreational, social or athletic activity
arranged by the employer.

Return-to-work program

It is the policy of ESCI to support the practice of bringing injured employees back
to work, as soon as they are medically able, to a position within the company
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compatible with any physical restrictions they may have. Reports must be made
by the employee each week on injury progress.

Current positions can be modified to fit an injured employee’s medical
restrictions by altering specific tasks or reducing hours. If this is not possible, due
to the current work load, the employee must check in with the Labor Manager by
Noon each Friday to check the following week’s work load. If this procedure is
not followed, this employee will no longer be considered active and will no longer
be eligible under our workers compensation insurance benefit plan.

Zero tolerance for fraud

Workers’ compensation fraud is a punishable crime. ESCI and our insurer have
“zero tolerance” policy for fraud. Offenders will be prosecuted. If you think you
see fraud happening, tell a supervisor or the workers’ compensation coordinator at
(918) 455-8928. Your tip will be investigated and kept strictly confidential.

                          SAFETY REGULATIONS
Employee’s safety on and off the job is vitally important to your family and ESCI.
ESCI expects its employees to conduct themselves in a safe manner. Please use
good judgment and common sense in matters of safety, and observe the ESCI

ESCI takes the health and safety of their employees very serious. Your failure to
follow ESCI safety guidelines will lead to disciplinary action up to and including

ESCI SAFETY PROGRAM general rules are written and enforced to help protect
everyone in or on ESCI property. They may not cover every situation, but outline
most of the precautions you should follow:


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                           TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS
It is the responsibility of all employees to report any accidents involving ESCI
vehicles to their supervisor. The employee will be expected to provide written
documentation concerning the accident to ESCI. The employee is responsible for
obtaining a copy of the police report, insurance documents, and the other vehicle
driver’s license.
                          USE OF ESCI VEHICLES
All travel in company vehicles not related to company business must be
authorized in advance by management.

Violation of speed laws, smoking, eating or drinking in vehicles, failure to use
seat belts or failure to comply with any traffic laws is not permitted and is subject
to disciplinary action.

The following are specific policies related to company-owned/leased vehicles:
   Records must be kept for all mileage driven.
   Company-owned vehicles will be driven only as needed for jobs during
      working hours.
   Company-owned vehicles will not be driven for private use unless specific
      arrangements have been made in advance.
   All charge receipts must include the name and address of the vendor, the
      date of purchase the number of gallons purchased, the amount paid, the
      vehicle ID number, or the license plate number.
   Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs or chemicals will not be allowed in a
      company vehicle at any time.
   No driver who has been drinking alcoholic beverages or is under the
      influence of drugs or chemicals will be allowed to drive a company-owned
   No one, other than an authorized company employee, is permitted to
      operate or ride in a company-owned vehicle.
   Vehicles must be kept clean (interior and exterior) at all times and
      thoroughly washed when needed.
   Vehicles must be properly maintained.
   Any employee who misuses a company-owned vehicle will be subject to
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    Any damage to a company-owned vehicle caused by employee carelessness
     or misjudgment is the responsibility of the employee. This includes
     insurance deductibles.
    Any ESCI keys taken must be signed in and out by the supervisor.

                     USE OF PERSONAL VEHICLES
Employees may use their personal vehicles on official company business provided
prior approval has been obtained from management. Minimum insurance
requirements as specified by the company’s insurance carrier must be in effect at
the time the employee’s personal vehicle is used and the employee may be
required to provide the appropriate proof of insurance.

                           SUBSTANCE ABUSE

Drug-Free Workplace Statement:
Energy Specialty Contracting, Inc. (ESCI) is committed to providing a safe work
environment and to fostering the well-being and health of its employees. That
commitment is jeopardized when any ESCI employee illegally uses drugs or
alcohol on the job, comes to work with these substances present in his/her body,
or possesses, distributes, or sells drugs in the workplace. Therefore, ESCI has
established the following policy:
   1. It is a violation of company policy for any employee to possess, sell, trade,
      or offer for sale illegal drugs or otherwise engage in the illegal use of
      drugs or alcohol on the job.

   2. It is a violation of company policy for anyone to report to work under the
      influence of illegal drugs or alcohol-that is, with illegal drugs or alcohol in
      his/her body. Employee will be responsible to reimburse the company for
      any costs incurred due to a violation of this policy.

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   3. It is a violation of the company policy for anyone to use prescription drugs
      illegally. (However, nothing in this policy precludes the appropriate use of
      legally prescribed medication.)

   4. Violations of this policy are subject to disciplinary action up to and
      including terminations.
It is the responsibility of the company’s supervisors to counsel employees
whenever they see changes in performance or behavior that suggests an employee
is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Although it is not the supervisor’s
job to diagnose personal problems, the supervisor should encourage such
employees to seek help and advise them about available resources for getting
help. Everyone shares responsibility for maintaining a safe work environment and
co-workers should encourage anyone who uses alcohol or other drugs in the
workplace to seek help.
The goal of this policy is to balance our respect for individuals with the need to
maintain a safe, productive, and drug-free environment. The intent of this policy
is to offer a helping hand to those who need it, while sending a clear message that
the illegal drug use and alcohol abuse are incompatible with employment at ESCI.
As a condition of employment, employees must abide by the terms of this policy,
and must notify ESCI in writing of any conviction or a violation of a criminal
drug statute occurring in the workplace no later than five calendar days after such
The company will offer an employee assistance if needed. ESCI will help locate
providers of confidential assessment, referral and short-term counseling for
employees who need or request it. If a referral to a treatment provider is
necessary, costs may be covered by the employee’s medical insurance, but the
costs of such outside services are the employee’s responsibility.

   1. Pre-employment testing:
       All job applicants at this company will undergo testing for the presence of
       illegal drugs as a condition of employment. Any applicant with a
       confirmed positive test result will be denied employment. This company
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        will not discriminate against applicants for employment because of a past
        history of drug abuse. Therefore, individuals who have failed a pre-
        employment test may initiate another inquiry with the company after a
        period of no less than six months, but must present themselves drug-free.

     2. Employee testing:
        This company has adopted testing practices to identify employees who use
        illegal drugs either on or off the job. It shall be a condition of employment
        for all employees to submit to drug testing under the following
           o   When there is reasonable suspicion to believe that an employee is
               under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs,
           o   When employees are involved in on-the-job accidents where
               personal injury or damage to company property occurs,
           o   As part of a follow-up program to treatment for alcohol or drug

State Regulations
The Oklahoma State Clean Indoor Air Act of 2003 prohibits or limits smoking in
most public places, including worksites, stores, schools, taxis and some

ESCI does not permit the manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use
of a controlled substance in ESCI facilities, on ESCI grounds or in ESCI vehicles.
No employee is permitted to use any alcoholic beverage while on duty or to report
to work under the influence of alcohol. Any employee who violates this policy
will be subject to immediate termination. ESCI policy, THE ALCOHOL
MISUSE PREVENTION PROGRAM, specifically defines the conditions and
actions required by both the employees and the company.
ESCI will require employees to take a supervised drug/alcohol screening test

1.    Actions of employee provide reasonable suspicion that employee is using

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     illegal substances or alcohol.

2.   When employee has been involved in a traffic accident while operating an
     ESCI vehicle.

3.   When employee has been involved in a lost time accident while at work.

4.   Employee applies for re-employment after completing an approved drug
     rehabilitation or counseling program.

5.   An employee arrested for possession of an illegal substance may be

Failure of employee to take the drug test will result in the immediate termination
of the employee.

Any employee who has a substance abuse problem is encouraged to immediately
join an approved substance abuse program. Employees who voluntarily join a
substance abuse program will be granted a leave of absence to take part in the
program. The employee will be eligible for reinstatement following the successful
completion of the program and verification that they are free of substance abuse.

ESCI reserves the right to implement a random drug screening of all employees at
any time.

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Employee Handbook Acknowledgment

The ESCI Employee Handbook is located at EnergySpecialty.com. If you do not have access to a
computer to read the handbook, please ask to read an office copy.

Please take the time to read the manual and understand the policies of our organization. T he
contents of the ESCI Employee Handbook are for information and guidance, and do not
constitute a contract. Understand that all the contents are subject to change at any
time. This manual consists of 31 pages, including this acknowledgment page.

As an employee of ESCI, you are responsible for reading the policies in the ESCI
HANDBOOK Dated January, 1 2008. Any questions you have should be directed to
the Office Manager at 918-455-8928.

I understand it is my responsibility to read and understand the
policy manual. Any questions I had, have been answered.


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