CURRICULUM VITA
                            ELIZABETH MARGARET MCLAREN

Home Address:                  39 Richmond Ave.
                               Lexington, KY 40502

Professional Address:          229 Taylor Education Building
                               University of Kentucky
                               Lexington, KY 40506-0001

Ed.D. 2004- present            University of Kentucky – Lexington, KY
IN PROGRESS                    Major: Early Childhood Special Education
                               Areas of emphasis: Consultation/professional development, social-
                               emotional development and behavior intervention
                               Kappa Delta Pi
                               Dissertation advisor: Dr. Jennifer Grisham-Brown
                               Degree anticipated in May 2007

M.S. 2000-2003                 University of Kentucky – Lexington, KY
                               Major: Early Childhood Special Education
                               Thesis: Using a Functional Behavior Assessment to Develop
                               Interventions for Young Children Exhibiting Externalizing
                               Behaviors (completed May, 2003)

B.A. 1994-1998                 Earlham College – Richmond, IN
                               Major: Human Development and Social Relations
                               Minor: English
                               Study abroad in Northern Ireland
                               Departmental Honors
                               Phi Beta Kappa

2007-present  Assistant Professor
              Morehead State University, Morehead, KY
               Teach courses for the Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education and
                 Special Education programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels

2004-2006               Research Assistant
                        National Assistive Technology Research Institute (NATRI)
                        University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
                       Graduate assistant for research projects investigating the use of assistive
                        technology in public schools across the US

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                 Assisted with data collection, data collector training, data entry, and data
                 Created and maintain databases in FileMaker Pro and Nvivo to organize
                  and analyze quantitative and qualitative data
                 Wrote articles and created presentations on the use of assistive technology

Fall 2004         Facilitator for Cradle School
                  Fayette County Public Schools – Family Resource Centers, Lexington, KY
                 Created curriculum for 8-week parent and child playgroup, activities based
                  on the McCormick Tribune Foundation’s “Ten Things Every Child
                 Facilitated activities between parents and their children (three year-olds
                  and siblings) in a preschool setting to enhance child development and
                  parenting skills

Summer/Fall       CATS Clinic Practicum
2004              Comprehensive Assessment and Training Services Project (CATS)
                  University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
                 Served as a member of a multidisciplinary team to assess families and
                  children identified by the Department for Community Based Services
                 Conducted child and family assessments using procedures such as
                  child/parent interactions, parent interviews, foster parent interviews, and
                  medical/school/mental health record reviews.
                 Synthesized data into findings and implications to be included in the
                  comprehensive family report to assist DCBS and the court in case

2003 – 2004       Training Coordinator for Child Care Resource and Referral
                  Child Care Council of Kentucky, Inc., Lexington, KY
                 Coordinated professional development trainings for early childhood
                  professionals for the 17 county Bluegrass ADD district
                 Developed and presented 2-6 hour trainings on early childhood
                  professional development topics
                 Coordinated the yearly Spring Conference for the Child Care Council as
                  well as smaller conferences held throughout the year
                 Recruited and coordinated trainers to present throughout the year on a
                  variety of early childhood topics
                 Collaborated with other state agencies or educational councils to better
                  serve early childhood professionals with continuing education

2002-2003         Project Coordinator: Project LINK
                  (Partnership to Promote LINKages among Assessment, Curriculum, and
                  Outcomes in order to Enhance School Success for Children in Head Start
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                  Department of Family Studies - University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
                 Assisted two early childhood professors with a federal grant to develop
                  and implement an authentic assessment model for preschool children in
                  local Head Start programs
                 Collected materials for and helped organize trainings on implementing
                  authentic assessment to train research participants
                 Evaluated current Head Start assessment and planning processes through
                  teacher focus groups, classroom observation, and document review
                 Coordinated center visitations and trainings with center coordinators,
                  teachers, research staff, and consultant

2002              Project Coordinator: Fundamentals of Effective Training
                  Interdisciplinary Human Development Institute - University of Kentucky
                  Lexington, KY
                 Collaborated with early childhood professionals at the University of
                  Kentucky and the state government to organize and design a 15 hour
                  seminar entitled “Fundamentals of Effective Training”
                 Helped research, design, write, and prepare for distribution of the training
                 Coordinated state-wide early childhood trainings

Spring 2002       Data Collector for KIDS NOW Evaluation
                  University of Kentucky - Lexington, KY
                 Assisted in collecting baseline data for an on-going study looking at the
                  effects of funds and assistance provided by the KIDS NOW initiative on
                  child care centers
                 Completed the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS) and
                  the Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale (ITERS) in a variety of
                  licensed child care settings
                 Attended trainings on the ECERS and ITERS, completed practice sessions
                  to achieve reliability on scoring, coordinated visits with child care centers
                  and completed all paperwork, surveys, and permission forms related to the

2000-2002         Graduate Assistant
                  Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling
                  University of Kentucky - Lexington, KY
                 Collected data for research on the use of choice with two-year-olds
                 Helped coordinate and collected data for research on the use of functional
                  behavior assessment with preschoolers in Head Start programs
                 Assessed toddlers and preschool children using the Batelle Developmental
                 Collected data on the portrayal of people with disabilities in young adult

Summer 2001       Developmental Interventionist Practicum
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                  Horn, Richardson and Associates (First Steps) - Lexington, KY
                 Observed and assisted a developmental interventionist providing in-home
                  therapy for First Steps
                 Observed Individualized Family Service Plan meetings for children
                  receiving therapy through First Steps and/or transitioning into preschool

2000-2001         Lead Preschool Teacher/Director
                  Beaumont Learning Center - Lexington, KY
                 Helped fundraise, purchased materials/furniture for classroom, created
                  school documents, created school policies, enrolled children, and created
                  lesson plans for a new, part-time, church affiliated preschool
                 Acted as the lead teacher for a three and four year-old classroom by
                  preparing and implementing developmentally appropriate activities that
                  fostered child development, working with an assistant teacher and
                  communicating with parents
                 Fostered strong relationships between families and school to identify and
                  target intervention for developmental delays and prepare children and
                  families for transitions to the public school setting

Spring 2001       Residential Treatment Practicum
                  Bellewood James H. Akin Home - Lexington, KY
                 Observed child care practices in the residential treatment facility
                  (sheltering children birth-10 years) and made recommendations regarding
                  the environment and activities to foster developmentally appropriate
                  practices (for children birth-5 years)
                 Attended management meetings regarding facility policies and trainings
                  related to child care and therapeutic milieu in a residential treatment

Fall 2000         Public Preschool Practicum
                  Jessamine Early Learning Village - Wilmore, KY
                 Acted as a support teacher in an integrated three and four year-old
                 Observed classroom management and curriculum and made
                  recommendations for improvement

Spring 2000       Preschool Practicum Student
                  Child Development Center of the Bluegrass - Lexington, KY
                 Acted as a support teacher in an integrated three and four year-old
                 Observed classroom management and curriculum and made
                  recommendations for improvement

1999              Assistant and Lead Head Start Teacher
                  Asheville City School Preschool and Family Literacy Center –
                  Asheville, NC

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                 Worked with low-income children and families in a blended program of
                  state-funded preschool and Head Start/Early Head Start
                 Lead teacher (June-August, 1999)
                 Created and implemented class activities to engage four year-old class
                 Guided the development of social and emotional skills for at-risk children
                  Worked to increase communication and cooperation between school and
                 Support Teacher (February – May, September-November, 1999)
                 Guided the development of motor, cognitive and emotional skills for 7-13
                  month olds
                 Provided a nurturing environment for the development of at-risk three and
                  four year-olds
                 Created and implemented strategies for behavior management

1998              Crisis Behavior Interventionist
                  Mentor of North Carolina - Asheville, NC
                 Worked with the lead teacher to develop and implement developmentally
                  appropriate and engaging lesson plans for an eight-year-old male in a self
                  contained Behaviorally and Emotionally Handicapped classroom
                 Provided one-on-one crisis behavior intervention therapy

1997-1998         Support Teacher
                  The Children’s School - Richmond, IN
                 Filled the roles of support teacher, co-teacher and substitute teacher
                 Developed and carried out individualized lesson plans for each student
                 Provided academic guidance for an all-ability, first through third grade
                  classroom in a Quaker, private elementary school

Spring 1997       Study Abroad Practicum
                  Whitewell Integrated Secondary and Elementary Schools - Belfast,
                  Northern Ireland
                 Assisted with classroom instruction in primary and secondary classes
                  (focus on kindergarten)
                 Observed and researched innovative approaches to reducing social
                  violence via a religiously integrated school system

1995-1997         Support Teacher
Summers           Family Care Center - Lexington, KY
                 Stimulated and guided emotional, cognitive and physical development for
                  at-risk children ages 3 months-5 years
                 Recognized and helped fill the special needs of children in foster care,
                  living in poverty, and exposed to domestic violence

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Articles in Refereed Journals
Collins, B. C., Hawkins, S., Keramidas, C. G., McLaren, E. M., Schuster, J. W., Slevin, B. N.,
        et al. (2005). The effect of No Child Left Behind on rural students with low incidence
        disabilities. Rural Special Education Quarterly, 24(1), 48-53.

Articles submitted and pending review
McLaren, E. M., Bausch, M. E., & Ault, M. J. Collaboration strategies reported by teachers
        providing assistive technology services. Journal of Special Education Technology
McLaren, E. M., & Nelson, C. M. Using Functional Behavior Assessment to Develop Behavior
        Interventions for Students in Head Start. Journal of Positive Behavior Intervention

Morehead State University
EDSP 370     Transdisciplinary Assessment of Student with Moderate and Severe Disabilities
             (Spring 2007)
EDSP 617     Designing, Delivering, and Managing Instruction of Students with Moderate and
             Severe Disabilities II (Graduate)
             (Spring 2007)
IECE 361     Positive Child Guidance (Undergraduate)
             (Spring 2007)
IECE 345     Preschool Programs for Special Needs Children (Undergraduate)
             (Spring 2007)
IECE 657     Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Professional Assessment (Graduate)
             (Spring 2007)

University of Kentucky
EDS 510        (co-taught) Early Childhood Special Education (undergraduate)
               (Fall 2004)
EDS 612/623 (co-taught) Practicum in Early Childhood Special Education (graduate practicum
               offered via distance education/Blackboard and on-site visitation)
               (Spring 2005)
FAM 710        (co-taught) Current Trends in Early Education and Care (graduate)
               (Spring 2005)
FAM 120        Introduction to Early Childhood Education (undergraduate)
               (Fall 2005)

Kentucky Teaching Certificate – Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education, Birth to Primary
(Statement of Eligibility)

2005 Awarded a Head Start Graduate Student Research Grant.
     Partnering to Encourage Transfer of Learning ($24,081)
     Description: One year grant to support dissertation research investigating the effects of

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       training follow-up strategies on teacher behaviors. Investigates change in
       teacher behaviors as well as child social skills.

2005 Selected as a participant in “Supporting Teachers, Strengthening Families National
     Leadership Program” funded by the National Association for the Education of Young
     Children (NAEYC) and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
     Description: National program disseminating information on the prevention of child
     abuse and neglect and the role of early care and education professionals.

2005 Awarded the Kentucky Opportunity Fellowship, University of Kentucky, Department of
Fall Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling

2004 Mini-grant for early childhood behavior trainings from the Kentucky chapter of the
     Council for Children with Behavior Disorders ($1,000)
     Description: Training and teaching materials provided to Head Start and child care
     educators on child challenging behaviors and teaching social skills.

2004 Proposal accepted for the Division for Early Childhood Regional Training for Kentucky
     and Ohio
     Description: Collaboration between nation DEC and the Kentucky and Ohio divisions to
     host two national speakers for a regional training. Dr. Maureen Conroy (University of
     Florida) provided training to educators on social and emotional competence and Sarah
     Mulligan (DEC) provided a train-the trainer session.

2001 Midwest Symposium for Leadership in Behavior Disorders – Master’s Level Scholarship

Council for Exceptional Children (2007)
    Title: The National Assistive Technology Research Institute’s “Top Ten List” Of Findings

National Association for the Education of Young Children
       Atlanta, GA November, 2006
       Title: Developing a Personal Action Plan to Support Positive Social and Emotional
       Title: Supporting Teachers, Strengthening Families: Strategies to Prevent Child Abuse
       and Neglect
       (Invited Panel Member) Title: Pathways to Leadership in Early Childhood Education

Division for Early Childhood
       Little Rock, AR October, 2006
       (Poster) Title: Supporting Teachers, Strengthening Families: Strategies to Prevent Child
       Abuse and Neglect
       Title: Partnering to Encourage Transfer of Learning

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Head Start National Research Conference
      Washington, DC, June 2006
      (Poster) Title: Partnering to Encourage Transfer of Learning

American Council on Rural Special Education
      Lexington, KY, March 2006
      Title: Assistive Technology Service Delivery in Rural School Districts

Division for Early Childhood
       Washington DC, October 2003
       Title: Using Functional Behavior Assessment to Develop Behavior Interventions for

Council for Children with Behavior Disorders
      St. Louis MO, October 2003
      Title: Using Functional Behavior Assessment to Develop Behavior Interventions for

Division for Early Childhood
       Chicago IL, October 2004
       Title: Early Childhood Mental Health: Supporting Young Children, Child Care
       Providers, and Families

Kentucky Behavior Institute
      Lexington KY, June 2005
      Title: Teaching Social Skills and Designing Interventions: A Look at Preschool

CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders) of the Bluegrass
       Lexington, KY, February 2005
       Title: Understanding How to Manage Behavior in Preschool Aged Children

Bluegrass Regional Training Center Fall Conference
       Somerset, KY, October 2004
       Title: Early Childhood Mental Health: Risk, Resiliency, and Resources (2 sessions)

Kentucky Behavior Institute
      Louisville KY, June 2004
      Title: Early Childhood Mental Health: Risk, Resiliency, and Resources
      Title: Social Skills, Emotional Literacy, and Young Children

KAECE-KHSA Fall Institute
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       Ft. Mitchell KY, September 2005
       Title: Supporting Teachers, Strengthening Families: Proactive Strategies to Prevent
       Child Abuse and Neglect

Kentucky Infant & Toddler Institute
      Lexington KY, August 2005
      Title: Supporting Teachers, Strengthening Families: Implementing a Proactive Model to
      Reduce Child Abuse and Neglect

Exceptional Children’s Conference
       Louisville, KY, November 2004
       Title: Early Childhood Mental Health: Risk, Resiliency, and Resources

Kentucky Association for the Education of Young Children/Kentucky Head Start Association
      Lexington, KY, October 2004
      Title: Risk, Resiliency, and Resources: An Introduction to Early Childhood Mental

Kentucky Infant & Toddler Institute
      Owensboro KY, August 2004
      Title: Infant Mental Health: The Importance of Attachment

   Building Babies’ Brains
   Understanding and Managing Preschool Behaviors
   Infant/Toddler Social and Emotional Development
   Preschool and Primary Behaviors: Some are Typical, Some are Not
   Infant Mental Health: The Importance of Attachment
   Eight week curriculum for parent/child playgroup
   Lesson Planning with Themes
   Preventive Practices
   Understanding Challenging Behavior
   Teaching Social Skills
   Creating an Inclusive Classroom: Making the Classroom Environment Work for ALL
   Literacy: What Does It Mean for Young Children
   Effective Curriculum Planning
   Reframing Discipline
   Registered Provider Orientation
   Early Childhood Orientation I & II
   Introduction to Resources in Kentucky for Early Childhood Trainers

 National Association for the Education of Young Children and affiliates (NAEYC)

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   Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)
       o Division for Early Childhood (DEC)
       o Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders (CCBD)

 Board member (President Elect) for Kentucky Division for Early Childhood (KYDEC)
  (member 2005-current)
 Board chair for Beaumont Learning Center Preschool – Lexington, KY (member 2002-

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