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					                                                                     Approved by Health Advisory on 1/30/08
                                                                    Approved by the Policy Council __3/8/08
                                                                              Approved by Board __4/17/08

SPCAA Head Start Program
Policy & procedure
Child Health and Developmental Services

Subject:       Height, Weight and Blood Work

Source:        Performance Standards/Minimum Standard

Reference: 1304.23 (a) (1)             746.629


In collaboration with WIC, staff and families will work together to identify each child’s nutritional
needs. Children’s weight and height will be assessed to track their individual growth and
development. The goal of the SPCAA Head Start and Early Head Start nutrition services policy
and procedures are to ensure that:
     Assist families in meeting each child’s nutritional needs.
     Establishing good eating habits that nurture healthy development.
     Promote life-long well being.

   1. Children will be weighed and measured at least two times per year, 4-5 months apart if

   2. Children with abnormal findings will be weighed and measured as needed.

   3. The results are entered into Child Plus within the “Growth” section. The child’s height %,
      weight %, and BMI will automatically be calculated by the Child Plus system.

             Data Entry enters the height and weight completed on the physical exam form
             into Child Plus.
            The Family Support worker enters the height and weight completed by center
             staff into Child Plus.
            BMI that falls below 5% or equal to or lower that 95% will be considered a failed
             result in Child Plus and be referred to WIC. For children that are not on WIC, we
             will have a nutritionist conference with the parent.

   4. The speedometer dial scale should be on a hard surface, not a rug. Each classroom is
      equipped with a Professional waist high speedometer dial scale.

   5. To measure height, attach a tape measure to the wall. Tape measure should start at the
      same level as the floor in which the child will be standing.

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6. Have child take off shoes and look at object directly at eye level. Using a flat ruler hold
   on top of child’s head, record height in feet and inches.

7. A second height and weight screening will be performed in January or 4-5 months after
   the initial screening.

8. The Head Start and Early Head Start performance Standards require that staff and
   families work together to identify each child’s nutritional needs, which include any
   relevant nutrition related assessment data (height, weight, hemoglobin/hematocrit)

     Information about family eating patterns to include cultural preferences, special
     dietary requirements for each child with nutrition-related health problems.
    Feeding requirements of infants, toddlers and each child with disabilities.

9. All children in Head Start and Early Head Start will follow the THSteps Medical
   Checkups Periodicity Schedule for Infants and Children (EPSDT State Schedule).
   SPCAA Head Start and Early Head Start will involve a health professional or a
   nutritionist in the review of nutritional data, as well as in the development of treatment
   and follow-up plans.

10. Head Start and Early Head Start Family Support Workers (FSW) are responsible for
   completing the top portion of the WIC referral form and obtaining parent/guardian
   signature for permission to share medical/dietary information. Growth chart and /or
   hemoglobin/hematocrit will be attached, if available.

11. The FSW’s will inform parent of what documentation is needed for WIC (see attached
     WIC Income Questionnaire
     What to bring to Your WIC Appointment
     List of WIC Offices

12. Parent/guardian presents the referral form to WIC staff upon arrival for their WIC

13. If the parent/guardian is at WIC for a class appointment, WIC staff records name of
    class attended. They give the referral form to the WCS, CA, or nutritionist for their
    review of the reason for referral, documentation and presentation of appropriate
    educational materials to the client, and WIC signature/title/date. WIC staff will record
    client’s next WIC appointment date/time/clinic site and return the original Checklist to
    the client before they leave WIC.

14. If the parent/guardian is at WIC for a certification appointment, the WCS, CA, or
    nutritionist will complete the referral following evaluation and nutrition counseling.
    Determination of any need for RD consultation will be made. WIC staff will record next
    WIC appointment date/time/clinic site and return the original referral form to the client
    before they leave WIC.

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15. If the parent/guardian is scheduled for an RD appointment, please note “HS” on the
    special care schedule. The RD will send a copy of their written assessment to the
    SPCAA Head Start office of the Health Assistant following the counseling appointment
    with the client.

16. Always give the original, completed referral form to the client before they leave the WIC
    clinic. A copy of the completed referral form should also go in the client’s WIC

17. Follow-up WIC visits may be initiated by Head Start or RD, as deemed advisable.

18. For Head Start/Early Head Start children who are not on WIC, FSW’s
   will work with a WIC nutritionist to schedule on –site individual
   counseling with those children identified with nutritional needs and or
   hemoglobin/hematocrit referrals.

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                                      List of WIC Offices
SPCAA/Cochran County Spartan Building                Rt. 1, Box 17
308 West Taylor, Morton, TX 79346                    Appt. 806-271-3306 or 1-800-782-5028
806-266-5542 or 1-800-782-5028 for appt.
                                                     WIC New Directions
SPCAA/WIC Lynn County                                420 N. Akron, Lubbock, TX 79415
1517 South 2nd St., Tahoka, TX 79373                 806-766-1299
806-998-4521 or 1-800-782-5028 for appt.
                                                     WIC Savoy Square
SPCAA/WIC Garza County                               2812 D 4th St., Lubbock, TX 79415
South U.S. Hwy 84, Post, TX 79356                    806-747-0178
806-495-2329 or 1-800-782-5028 for appt.
                                                     WIC Central Lubbock
SPCAA/WIC Yoakum County                              1946 Ave. Q, Suite 101, Lubbock, TX 79411
112 West 2nd, Denver City, TX 79323                  806-747-0104
                                                     WIC Freedom Square
SPCAA/WIC Terry County                               1301-50th Street, Space #10, Lubbock, TX
111 Ave. D, Brownfield, TX 79316                     79412
806-637-3712                                         806-747-0006

SPCAA/WIC Admin Site Hockley County                  WIC Slaton
411 Austin St., Levelland, TX 79336                  22nd & Division Street, Slaton, TX 79364
806-894-6104                                         1-800-782-5028

SPCAA/WIC Dawson County                              WIC Shallowater Community Center
1502 N. Ave K, Lamesa, TX 79331                      802 Ave. H, Shallowater, TX 79363
806-872-2352                                         1-800-782-5028

SPCAA/WIC Gaines County                              WIC Wolfforth
700 Hobbs Hwy. Seminole, TX 79360                    409 Cedar Ave., Wolfforth, TX 79382
432-758-6503                                         1-800-782-5028 for Appt or 806-866-4711

SPCAA/ WIC Spur Community Center                     WIC Parkway Clinic
502 N. Burlington, Spur, TX 79370                    1811 Parkway Drive, Lubbock, TX 79403
Spur Clinic 806-271-4594                             806-747-0182

For WIC Clinics in Bailey, Castro, Crosby, Deaf Smith, Floyd, Hale, Lamb, Motley, Parmer, and
Swisher Counties, please call Regence Health Network, Inc., Inc. 2807 West 7th Plainview, TX
call 806-293-0182 for an appointment.

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