Summer Camp

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					CULTURAL CAMP                                summer 2010
AU GU S T 9- 1 3
for kids in grades 1-8

             u ltu ra
         Learn about Filipino culture and heritage: H I L I P P I
         -Traditional Dances                                      N

         -Folk Songs
         -Speak Tagalog                               201
         -Arts & Crafts
         -Games & more!         Cost: $50 for the first child
                                        and $40 for each
                                       additional sibling.
        e week concludes with a pr
                                  ogram for family and frien
      that showcases the dances                              ds
                                and songs learned during
                                                         the week.
      JOIN THE FUN!!!
                                          Fo r more informa t ion,
            c all Me lan i e De l Carmen a t 714- 670- 7699.
     To reg i s te r an d re c e i ve re g i st ra t ion pa cket , ema il
          Me lan i e De l Carme n at mdelca rm@a