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									Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                             December 2008
                                                                 Amber Adelman Erin McNamara
                                                                 Joe Kowalkowski Steven Sodetz
                                                                 Amber Nemchausky Kelly Sodetz
                                                                 Ashley Fischer Stella McMillan

                                                                 Editor – Michelle McMillan

                      D R .
                              Cougar Chronicles
                                  S E A N       E G A N — P R I N C I P A L
M A U      R E E      N       B R O   N G   I E L  – A S S I S T A N T P R I N C I P A L

    December Calendar
                                 November Notes
                                         Winter Vacation and Christmas are on the way. This will be a
         No School
                                 good opportunity for all of us to reflect on the many wonderful things
12/22—Winter Break               that we have, the things that we have done for others, and those gifts
       Other Events
                                 that we can share with our friends and neighbors.
                                         Report-Card Pick-Up, November 12, was a great chance for us to
12/1- After School               share time with our parents. We had nearly 97% parent participation.
                                 This is excellent. We had an additional impressive showing of parents
12/8 -12/12 Santa Shopper        and community members at the Family Reading Night on Thursday,
12/10-Kinzie Band Concert        November 20.
in Gym                                   The Technology Immersion Pilot Project (TIPP) continues this
12/12-2nd Quarter Progress       third and final year. While we have experienced a few glitches, not the
Reports                          least of which being the unpredictable condition of the Gateway
12/12-Dollar Jean Day            computer company and their (in?)ability to handle warranty issues, we
                                 continue to make daily use of these learning tools throughout the
12/15-No After School this
                                 building. Stop by our classrooms to see technology on the move, grades
                                 6 to 8!!
12/18-Holiday Assembly

     January Calendar            Clean and Green
         No School
                                 The PTC and Kinzie School newsletters are on-line exclusively. Let us
                                 know if you require a paper copy. Additionally, we have a new recycling
1/19 & 1/23                      effort in the school. Tall cardboard containers are in the lunchroom and
       Other Events              elsewhere for plastic and aluminum drink bottles. Please use them to
                                 help reduce our non-recyclable trash amounts.
1/5-Classes Resumes

1/9-Young Authors Book           TechKnow
                                 Marge Vari is leading the TechKnow after-school program again this year.
1/9-Illinos School for Deaf      Each semester, 15 students from varying grade levels spend 40 hours
Field Trip
                                 learning the terminology and inner workings of computers. At the end of
1/12-After School Resumes        the program, they receive the computer that they have worked on for
1/28-Report Cards go Home        home use. This is just one example of the many interesting and unusual
1/28-8th Grade Graduation
                                 programs operating after hours here at Kinzie.

1/29-Kinzie School Group
V olum e    1,   Issue    2                                                                              Pa ge    2

                                H a p p e n i n g s              A t   K i n z i e

Thank you so much to the families who have already donated             Speak Up is an annual national research
                                                                       project, facilitated by Project Tomorrow,
their gently used books to our book drive! If you’d like to
                                                                       which collects stakeholder views about key
donate your children’s used books, please bring them into Kinzie       educational topics. Since inception, the
ANYTIME. Books can be dropped off in room 110 to Mrs.                  project has collected the viewpoints of over
Snedden and will be distributed to the appropriate level               1.2 million K-12 students, teachers and
                                                                       parents from all 50 states, and around the
classrooms. Preschool through 8 grade books will be accepted,
please none with missing pages. Thank you for your support!!           Survey results are shared with participating
                                                                       school communities including parents,
                                                                       students, and school/district staff for use in
                                                                       planning and community discussions. In
                                                                       addition, the findings are used by local,
                                                                       state, and national organizations,
                                                                       government agencies, and the business
Attention Kinzie Cougar Students:                                      community to inform new programs and
YOU CAN WIN:                                                           policies. Our school has committed to having
Perfect Attendance $$$$ Awards                                         at least 10% of our students and teachers
McDonald’s Dessert Certificates                                        take the online survey. Because we will have
A Pizza Party...A Bike!!!!                                             access to our aggregated school data, this is
            How???                                                     a great opportunity for students, teachers,
                                                                       and parents to join in a local and national
Come to school everyday on time!!!                                     dialog about significant and timely issues
All monthly perfect attendance students get a      McDonald’s          impacting education today.
    dessert certificate.
All monthly perfect attendance students have a chance to win
                                                                       * Our school's secret word is:
    a gift card award per grade level.                                 * The Speak Up dates are October 27
All perfect attendance for the year students will get a pizza          – December 19, 2008.
    party at the end of the year.
                                                                       * Students and teachers will use our secret
All perfect attendance for the year students have a chance to
                                                                       word to take the surveys at
    win a bike—one boy and one girl.
                                                                       (Parents can take the survey without the
Thank you to all of the Kinzie students and families who came to
school for Family Reading Night! It was a great success and we         secret word.).
hope everyone enjoyed all of the activities. Thank you to all of the   * The Speak Up website
generous volunteers who volunteered their time, materials and          (http://www.tomorrow.org/speakup/) offers
creativity.                                                            How-to Guides for participants including
                                                                       lesson plans, helpful suggestions, and other
                                                                       resources for making the survey experience
                                                                       a success.
                                                                       Thank you and we look forward to your

                                                                       Top 5 schools with the
                                                                       highest participation rate
                                                                       will receive an LCD
                                                                       Projector for your school!
                                                                                                         Pa ge      3
V olum e         1,    Issue          2

                                                 K i d ’ s   C o r n e r

Emily Phillips                                                    TIME TO SPEND WITH FAMILY
                                                                  Happy thanksgiving we say
           Thanksgiving                                           And now time to eat
                                                                  Never forget to say grace
The turkey is baking                                              Kidding and joking around
How long      till it s done?
                                                                  So we have a happy thanksgiving


                                                                  Giving thanks to everyone
A minute, an hour no one will know
                                                                  I will say grace this year
Now we are crowding around the stove                              Very good food
Knowing it s done now I can t wait to eat                         I eat it all


So we all sit done and say are prayers                            Now everyone lives
  Grace    we finally say and dig in
                                                                  Good bye we say


It looked like a food wonderland
                                                                  Robert Zebrauskas
Very big and juicy the turkey looks
I am filling my plate with everything
Never take too much like me or you ll have a stomachache

Good bye Thanksgiving           till next year

          Christmas Jokes by: Joe Kowalkowski

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a
vampire? Frostbite.

What did the ghost say to Santa Claus? I’ll have a
boo Christmas without you.

What does a cat on the beach have in common with
Christmas? Sandy Claus.                                                  By: Amber Nemchausky

                                                                  Q: Why does Santa Claus like to go down the
              The Thanksgiving Dinner                             chimney?
     I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!                    A: "Because it ""soots"" him!"
   We wish you have a very good Thanksgiving!                     Q: What do snowmen like to eat for breakfast?
   We all say “Happy Thanksgiving!” and “Have a                   A: Frosted Flakes!
                Good Thanksgiving!”                               Q: What is the fear of Santa Claus called?
  You can wake up very late or early to make your                 A: Claustrophobia
                  lunch or dinner.                                Q: What is a parent's favorite Christmas carol?
  Playing, dancing, and filling up on Thanksgiving                A: Silent Night.
       Day with family and friends all day long.                                  By: Michelle McMillan
               By: Steven Sodetz
Staff Spotlight-Mrs. Lynn Welsandt-Security
                      1.How long have you been at Kinzie? 7 years.

                      2. What was your favorite subject in school? Geography.

                      3. Why did you want to work in education? It is important
                      to work with kids and education is also important.

                      4. What is your favorite color? Blue

                      5. Do you have a pet at home? I had a Bischon until she
                      passed away.

                      6. What is your favorite television show? Home and

                      7. What is your favorite food? Pasta

                      8. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where
                      would you go and why? I would go to Italy because my
                      family is still there.

          S t u d e n t S p o t l i g h t
C a r o l l i n e R a c z y n s k i - R o o m                2 0 3

                      What is your name? Carolline Raczynski

                      How old are you? 11

                      What grade are you in and who is your teacher? I am in
                        6th grade and my teacher is Mrs. McDonough.

                      What is your favorite subject? All subjects are my

                      Do you have a brother or sister? No.

                      What is your favorite color? Blue and Black.

                      Do you have a pet home? Yes! What kind? A dog (Jack
                         Russell Terrier)

                      What is your favorite television show? Anything.

                      What is your favorite food? Pizza.

                      10. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where
                      would you go? California.
First Quarter 2008     Room 209              Room 114            Room 203             Room 212
                       Nicholas Bania        Jessica Alsot       Joanna Martycz       David Alonso
A Honor Roll           Alejandro Diaz        Michal Bylina       Andrew McGann        Yanira Andrade
                       Brianna Juarez        Mariah Carmona      Alexis Milon         Natalie Cairo
Room 112               Anna Maturski         Omar Guerrero       Caroline Raczynski   George Kasprzyk
Vincent Cortesi        Santo Munizzi         Jelssy Hernandez    Robert Zebrauskas    Mia Mendez
                       Morgan Paske          James Lucas                              Anna Truty
Room 113               Lesya Shenyuk         Jacob Oblazny       Room 204
Matt Galvan-Lovell     Eliza Talaga          Sean O’Kelly        Cesar Bejar          Room 215
Kaja Romanowski                              Kacper Turek        Evelyn Fuentes       Norma Alarcon
                       Room 211                                  Hannah Gaworski      Ruben Lara
                       Jorge Calderon        Room 115            Matthew Jozwik
Room 114               Michael Dlugopolski                       Ashley Mack
                                             Matthew Chladek                          Room 216
Jasmin Chavolla
                       Ryan Kairis           Monica Klimczak     Brett Martycz        Hugo Arreguin
Darek Kois
                       Nicole Majewski       Daniel Madrigal     Jessica Mayhew       Jazmin Ayala
Maximus Renteria
                                             Marissa Mokrzycki   Janelle Morales      Ricky Gonzalez
                       Room 212              Cindy Motyka        Lucero Ramirez       Dominic Hernandez
Room 116               Basilisa Hernandez    Gina Orsi           Michael Rispoli      Jackson Jender
Emily Papez            Peter Motyka          Misael Soto         Malgorzata Sojka     Michael Lipkin
                       Elizabeth Valdez
Room 118               Gracie Wajda          Room 116            Room 205             Room 220
Jakub Budz                                   Sebastian Corona    Jeffrey Alsot        Martin Doran
Annika Dill            Room 215              Lorenzo Ducato      Destiny Bialczak     Robert Dorencz
Eric Rincon            Erick Andrade         Vincent Gomez       Patricia Herrera     Sylvia Fit
                                             Madeline Nino       Aaron Juarez         Dante Hernandez
Room 202               Room 216              Grace Pukala        Tatiana Kapusciak    Michael Morales
Carolyn Angiollo       Anisa Codamon         Ann Marie Sajdak    Miriam Larios        Gisselle Murillo
Christopher            Julia Gaworski        Reyna Solis         Thomas Murray        Justyna Paczwa
Nemchausky             Miguel Hernandez      Luke Straube                             Justin Seehoffer
Jennifer Rodriguez                           Anthony Zakic       Room 206             Katarzyna Sojka
                       Room 220                                  Kristen Letten
Room 203               Angel Garcia          Room 118            Natalie Mateja       Room 221
Natalia Chramiec       Sonia Garcia          Magaly Chaidez      Emily Tavares        Ulysses Contreras
Daniella Jimenez       Joseph Szaflarski     Dylan Hernandez                          Juliza Sotelo
Emily Jozwik           Alexandra Valdez      Manuel Hernandez    Room 207             Jimmy Wong
Michelle McMillan                            Leonardo Matera     Martin Acevedo
Thomas Morales         B Honor Roll          Matthew Nava        Jonilynn Dietz       Room 227
Emily Phillips                               Kyle O’Kelly        Alyssa Mokrzycki     DeAndre Robinson
Mimi Schlee            Room 112              Alexis Rangel       Violetta Wnek
Nicole Toledo          Daisy Cahue           Catherine Sajdak    Jazmin Stovall
                       Alexander Fahy        Karen Toledo
Room 204               Ellen Murray          Vivianna Torres     Room 209
Alex Majewski          Vanessa Perez         Jessica Wnek        Jovanni Martinez
Bianca Rincon
                                                                 Angela Matera
Brian Walsh            Room 113              Room 124            Monica Raschke
                       Julian Lopez          Alondra Diaz        Andy Soto
Room 205               Marty McCoy           Brisa Hernandez     Ryan Szewcyk
Aaron Adelman          Sarah Mendez
                                                                 Isaiah Velazquez
Daniel Catanese        Daniel Miranda        Room 202
Sarah Lipkin           Delayne Papez         Ilse Barragan       Room 211
Colleen Masterson      Michael Rios          Slawomir Budz       Yaritza Islas
Matt Maturski                                Jenna Cairo         Alejandra Medina
Stella McMillan                              Matthew Catanese    Angelica Nowak
                                             Anita Hu            Michal Staszel
Room 207                                     Alexandra Ivy       Sylwia Sutor
Christopher Campagna                         Elizabeth           Konrad Turek
Lyrik Castro                                 Masterson
Patrick O’Kelly                              Cassidy Oleksy
Lucas Thomas                                 Samuel Pina
Michael Zatloka
Good Citizenship      Room 113             Room 116              Room 126            Room 202
                      Kyle Battistoni      Edwin Altez           Patryk Benke        Susette Arrieta
Room 126              Savannah Caballero   Jakub Budz            Jair Canelo         Hector Bravo
Montserrat Canelo     Matt Cunningham      Christian Cerna       Montserrat Canelo   Alexander Canales
Valentina Castro      Anthony Delgado      Lorezo Ducato         Valentina Castro    Karina Chaidez
Yliana DeAvila        Matthew Galvan-      Samira Jaber          Noreen Dominguez    Melissa Chavez
Noreen Dominguez      Lovell               Madeline Nino         Renee Jachymiak     Maribel Corona
Emilio Garza          Jeffrey Giefer       Alexi Perez           Danna Jaramillo     Beatriz Diaz
Renee Jachymiak       Gerardo Hernandez    Ann Marie Sajdak      Isabella Juarez     Angelica Glodek
Danna Jaramillo       Emily Jachymiak      Reyna Solis           Alexia Juma         Andres Jasso
Isabella Juarez       Julian Lopez         Anthony Zakic         Daniel Lapczynski   Vincent Kerr
Alexia Juma           Marty McCoy                                Biance Lomeli       Elizabeth Masterson
Eric Krzysztofiak     Sarah Mendez         Room 118              Jalen Lopez         Tayler O’Connor
Daniel Lapczynski     Juan Montes          Xitlali Alfaro        Veronica Marinez    Cassidy Oleksy
Biance Lomeli         Alinah Padilla       Jakub Budz            Natalia Nino        Aneta Ramotowski
Jalen Lopez           Delayne Papez        Giovanni Calderon     Ricardo Ochoa       Jennifer Rodriguez
Veronica Marinez      Michelle Patino      Magaly Chaidez        Leonely Perez       John Trezek
Ricardo Ochoa         Kaja Romanowski      Annika Dill           Austin Polak        David Zatloka
Sofia Rios            Yanira Silva         Dylan Hernandez
Dawid Sikon                                Roberto Lopez         Room 127            Room 203
                      Room 114             Leo Matera            Nathan Aburto       Marilyn Chavez
Room 131              Jessica Alsot        Angela Munoz          Eduardo Audiffred   Natalia Chramiec
Michael Ayala         Michal Bylina        Matthew Nava          Isaac Calderon      Antonio Guzman
Zoe Bragado           Jasmin Chavolla      Alexis Rangel         Preston Cisneros    Daniella Jimenez
Ethan Campagna        Kasandra Corona      Eric Rincon           Joseph Ellman       Emily Jozwik
Mary Cortesi          Jesus Fierro         Catherine Sajdak      Samantha Glowacki   Joanna Martycz
Leslie Hernandez      Sara Gayton          Anthony Stepanek      Gabriel Inojosa     Andrew McGann
Daniel Kavanaugh      Omar Guerrero        Karen Toledo          Selena Jaber        Alexis Milon
Christian Lopez       Darek Kois           Vivianna Torres       Mateo Medina        Thomas Morales
Daniel Renteria       Justin Melendez      Jessica Wnek          Samantha Rangel     Tatyana Munoz
Emily Salinas         Jacob Oblazny                              Aneta Soltys        Amber Nemchausky
Carol Vazquez         Sean O’Kelly         Room 121              Michael Surma       Manuel Perez
George West           Maximus Renteria     Hugo Benitez          Natalia Sutor       Emily Phillips
Matthew Zuber         Damian Soltys        Brenda Salinas        Lakshmi Vega        Edgar Ramirez
                      Donald Stepanek                                                Mimi Schlee
PERFECT               Sabastian Sutor      Room 122              Room 131            Steven Sodetz
ATTENDANCE            Kacper Turek         Malak Ayesh           Michael Ayala       Nicole Toledo
                                           Julia Bafia           Joey Baez
Room 112              Room 115             Alfonso Caballero     Ethan Campagna      Room 204
Elizabeth Aburto      Adalia Baez          Isaiah Calderon       Richard Cruz        Jose Amador
Jose Bravo            Samantha Brown       Emma Gomez            Angel Garcia        Kevin Amador
Juan Cortes           Ricardo Cerna        Alejandro Gonzalez    Christian Lopez     Kamil Bochula
Cynthia Garcia        Paula Gonzalez       Jonathan Hernandez    Samantha McCoy      Lucero Cortes
Maria Gaytan          Monica Klimczak      Joann Lucas           Corina Mendoza      John Derby
David Glodek          Jessica Kolodynski   Michelle Ramirez      Daniel Renteria     Jesus Diaz
Emmanuel Gonzalez     Justin Konrath       Johnathan Seelentag   Emily Salinas       Evelyn Fuentes
Mario Guzman          Matthew Kosmider     Romeo Villa           Carol Vazquez       Hannah Gaworski
Ewa Lapczynska        Pawel Leja                                 Matthew Zuber       Matthew Jozwik
Christian Madrigal    Daniel Madrigal      Room 124                                  Brett Martycz
Miguel Martinez       Cindy Motyka         Isaiah George                             Eduardo Miranda
Ellen Murray          Judah Ramirez        Marco Jones                               Janelle Morales
Leah Pagan            Jesse Rincon         Michael Lapa                              Ashley Pasterkiewicz
Vanessa Perez         Misael Soto                                                    Bianca Rincon
Margie Ramotowski     Ryan Turner                                                    Jazqueline Vega
Rousemely Rodriguez   Rafal Walus                                                    Brian Walsh
Nick Schwandt         Lissette Zarco
Room 205            Room 209              Room 216
Amanda Alfaro       Nicholas Bania        Johnny Amador
Aaron Adelman       Daniel Clark          Hugo Arreguin
Nereida Corona      Alejandro Diaz        Jazmin Ayala
Edgar Gaytan        Brianna Juarez        Claudia Bak
Ulises Hernandez    Daniel Karcz          Anisa Codamon
Patricia Herrera    Angela Matera         Jazmin Cortes
Aaron Juarez        Jovanni Martinez      Jazmin Flores
Miriam Larios       Anna Maturski         Alejandra Garcia
Sarah Lipkin        Santo Munizzi         Guadalupe Garcia
Elena Martinez      Morgan Paske          Christopher Hernandez
Colleen Masterson   Jacob Ramirez         Dominic Hernandez
Mat Maturski        Monic Rashke          Miguel Hernandez
Briseira Perez-     Andy Soto             Jackson Jender
Rodriguez           Jourdain Stovall      Patrycja Kapusciak
Angelica Polak      Eliza Talaga          Annetta Kowalczyk
Gregory Staszel     Isaiah Velazquez      Tomasz Kulak
Crystal Vega                              Michael Lipkin
                    Room 211              Salvador Lopez
Room 206            Michael Dlugopolski   Samuel Muniz
Thomas Chojnowski   Emily Garcia          Jasmine Vega
Jesenia Duque       Yaritz Islas          Arturo Zepeda
Syliva Kupiec       Ryan Kairis           Karolina Zych
Kristen Letten      Patrick Kois
Natalie Mateja      Joseph Kowalkowski    Room 220
Brittany Mobley     Mateusz Madeja        Federico Andaverde
Andy Morales        Erin McNamara         Jasmine Cerna
Elaijah Nunez       Alejandra Medina      Jaylene Chavolla
Alyssa Sajdak       Angel Nevarez         Natalie Delgado
Mariusz Surma       Patrick Seelentag     Martin Doran
Rohn Tyler Synoga   Michal Staszel        Angel Garcia
Emily Tavares       Konrad Turek          Sonia Garcia
Tiandre Turner      Nokwel Vazquez        Amy Gesiakowski
Monica Tymick       Juanita Vega          Diana Guardiola
Lindsey Walls                             Dante Hernandez
                    Room 212              Luis Ibarra
Room 207            David Alonso          Diana Lopez
Deanna Abbott       Lizette Amador        Christian Matchain
Martin Acevedo      Yanira Andrade        Michael Morales
Silvana Altez       Rafael Baez           Gisselle Murillo
Daniel Chramiec     Hugo Calderon         Damaris Nunez
Pablo Cortes        Melissa Chaidez       Robert Rouille
Lisa Healy          Basilisa Hernandez    Joseph Szaflarski
Joshua Munoz        Peter Motyka
Patrick O’Kelly     Elizabeth Rodriquez   Room 221
Rachel Patino       Thomas Seelentag      Ulysses Contreras
Kelly Sodetz        Anna Truty            Juliza Sotelo
Jazmin Stovall      Gracie Wajda          Keith Turner
Jacek Taraszka                            Jimmy Wong
Roberto Vazquez     Room 215
Violetta Wnek       Jayla Jones           Room 225
Michael Zatloka     Ruben Lara            Diana Angulo
                                          Liliana Angulo
                                          Starshauna Valentine

                                          Room 227
                                          Luis Cardenas
                                          Casto Sanchez

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