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 Ace the New SAT College Board Exam!

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                  Anthony Leone Review finds Gateway Advantage SAT "...chock full of useful
                  info on HOW to get better scores in the SAT..."

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    Gateway Student is an official source for             The Gateway Advantage is based on the
    Gateway Advantage Programs. It is a                   accelerated learning principles of Howard
    place for Gateway Students to discuss                 Berg* and the learning processes
    their Gateway experience, share ideas,                developed by Dr. Kuni Michael Beasley,
    and request help. Our Calendar lists the              an eighteen year veteran college
    schedule for local community Gateway                  professor.
    Program offerings and the College
    Board SAT test dates.                                 Gateway Advantage now offers its
                                                          successful college preparatory, adult
    What is the Gateway Advantage?                        diploma, and distance education
                                                          curriculum through the Internet at the
    Gateway Advantage is a student-centered,              Gateway Preparatory School. The
    independent learning system that                      primary purpose of the Gateway
    provides accelerated learning                         Prepartory School is to prepare students
    opportunities for high school and adult               for college.
    students. The curriculum is available in
    self study programs such as the new                   Gateway Advantage is also proud to offer
    Gateway Advantage SAT study                           Gateway Advantage College 101, a school
    program or the Gateway Learning                       selection and scholarship award
    Advantage (Read, Study, Test, and                     maximization service.
    Write) program.

  * Howard Berg, also know as Mr. Reader, is the World's Fastest Reader as recorded in the Guinness
    Book of World Records, 1990 edition.

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Gateway Advantage SAT Details

                                           Gateway Advantage SAT Details

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    Good to Great -                                               Averages, AEIOU, ROAD, KISS, and
    Ace the New SAT!                                              Magic 26 to name a few.
    The Gateway
    Advantage SAT                                                 Also included are study quidelines that go
    Program is for                                                right up to the the exam date. Practical
    students seeking                                              suggestions such as driving to the test site
    information and                                               the day before the test, or what to eat the
    strategies to                                                 evening before, or what to do if you can't

                                                                  Gateway Student offers public orientation
    prepare for the new College Board SAT                         sessions to the Gateway Advantage SAT.
    Test that begins March, 2005. This                            Check our Calendar or Register Now
    program gives you:                                            for this informative offering.

          q   an introduction to the SAT                          If you prefer get started today. With
          q   covers changes in the new SAT                       receipt of your Gateway Advantage SAT
          q   includes techniques for completing                  payment we will mail you the official
              the writing, math, and critical                     institutional two DVD Gateway Advantage
              reading components of the test                      SAT program set and e-mail you the
                                                                  Solutions Study Guide. Order using our
    Student's completing the Gateway                              convienent PayPal secure on-line
    Advantage SAT Program have raised their                       shopping cart or mail us your check or
    SAT scores by 300 points or more. The                         money order.
    study and test taking techniques included
    in this program will truly amaze you.
    These include Plug and Chug, Function                         Learn from the Masters and achieve to
    and Factor, Bikini, Range, CRACK, PAW                         your highest potential!
    of 3:52 PM
Gateway Advantage Programs

                                                    Gateway Advantage Programs

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   SAT (details)

   Are You Ready For The New SAT?

   Good to Great - Ace the
   New SAT! Your score on                                                       Gateway Advantage SAT
   the new College Board                                                        $179.00
   SAT 2005 test will                                                           Two DVD set and Solutions
   greatly influence your                                                       Guide to the New SAT 2005
   acceptance by colleges                                                       College Board Test.
   and your access to                                                           Institutional Package. Retail
                                                                                price $279.00.

   important scholarship money—are you
   prepared for the radical changes to this
   important exam?

   Learning Advantage (details)

                                                                                Gateway Learning
   The Gateway Learning
   Advantage (Read, Study,
   Test, and Write) is four
                                                                                Four DVD set and Workbook
   programs in one. These
                                                                                for the Read, Study, Test, &
   foundation skills are the
                                                                                Write programs. Institutional
   key to learning for
                                                                                Package. Retail price $599.00.
   students of all ages.

   College 101 (details)

   The Gateway Advantage College 101 service
   helps you select the best college based on your               Please Contact us for
   qualifications and goals. For the colleges of your            pricing.
   choice it advises you on how to qualify for
   scholarships and offers your parents financial
   strategies to maximize those scholarships. 4:25 PM

                                                         April 6, 2005

                                                         Prepare For The New SAT

                                                         The Gateway SAT Advantage (*** out of four) presents a structured
                                                         approach to increasing your scores in the SAT exams. It is not
                                                         necessary to have a computer to use this course, since it will play on a
                                                         DVD attached to a TV as well as a DVD in a computer. Gateway SAT
                                                         Advantage includes two DVDs containing three hours of video
                                                         presentations by Dr. Kuni Beasley, a college professor who has been
                                                         researching test-taking techniques for the past 12 years; the program
                                                         also includes a 98-page companion booklet that reviews and builds on
                                                         the points in the videos.

                                                         Beasley starts by discussing general test-taking principles, such as
                                                         familiarizing yourself with the test, the test structure and the best time
                                                         to take the tests. He then goes on to review specifics of the new SAT
                                                         test structure and offers a preview of the kinds of questions to be
                                                         expected. The next set of lectures deals with details in preparing for
                                                         math, writing, reading and "last minute" items, such as what to eat the
                                                         night before the exam.

                                                         Rules and acronyms abound in the videos and the booklet. For
                                                         example, in the math prep Beasley uses rules such as the Bikini rule
                                                         for fractions, the Plug & Chug rule or the Paw of Averages rule; in the
                                                         reading prep he uses the TOM CAT acronym (Tone, Object, Meaning,
                                                         Check, Accept, Try) to help analyze questions. He also addresses
                                                         some types of wrong answers, sorting them into Bonehead, Landmine,
                                                         Dufus and Sucker categories and how to identify them. (1 of 3)4/5/05 12:19 PM

                                                         The videos and companion booklet are chock full of useful info on
                                                         HOW to get better scores in the SAT, and it seems reasonable to
                                                         expect that, if followed, students will better their scores. The course
                                                         does not include any curriculum review matter.

                                                         The videos mimic a classroom lecture, with slides used to outline or
                                                         demonstrate Beasley’s points. The lack of any kind of interactive
                                                         involvement makes it hard to stay interested, but the videos
                                                         fortunately are broken up into bite-size chapters that make study and
                                                         review easier. Overall, the didactic presentation in the booklet and the
                                                         lecture style of the videos will require considerable motivation on the
                                                         part of the student and/or much encouragement by parents and/or

                                                         From Gateway Preparatory School, TV with DVD player or computer
                                                         with DVD player, $179, available at their web site www.
                                                (2 of 3)4/5/05 12:19 PM

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