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					                                               Hosted VoIP
    One service provider, your global offices,
 unlimited calls, employees across the world
and up to 60 % savings on your phone bills.

Whether your company is just starting up, or you
are an established business looking to upgrade
                                                         Novanet’s Hosted
your phone service, Novanet’s Hosted VoIP is an
advanced solution designed to empower your
                                                         VoIP provides
enterprise by providing cost-effective calling           Cost-effective
solutions and versatile international dialing
plans. Hosted VoIP works in conjunction with             calling solutions
your existing broadband connection to minimize
the cost of your current communication while             and versatile
optimizing the extent of its capacity. We can
create a single global office from multiple inter-       international
national locations thus completely eliminating
the expenditure on inter-office calls.
                                                         dialing plans.

Hosted VoIP is the veritable future of business communication providing the resources and
premium features normally reserved for expensive big business solutions to small and medium
size enterprises. It has the exceptional benefit of unprecedented flexibility, liberating users from
a dependency on hard to maintain and costly hardware while enabling companies to mobilize
virtual workers. In a hosted VoIP system, the accessibility remains consistent regardless of the
user location.

A hosted VoIP system provides consistent
accessibility regardless of the user location.

                                                       Hosted VoIP
              Unlimited Domestic and                    Customized Premium features
                                                        Novanet Hosted VoIP offers features that are
                    International Calls                 not available on traditional PBX or other
Novanet’s Hosted VoIP offers unlimited domes-           Hosted VoIP systems. We tailor each busi-
tic calls, as well as unlimited calls to a country      ness solution with the customer in mind,
   of your choice* with no cap on frequency or          creating features to match their exact
duration. You always receive our competitively          communication
               low rates to all other destinations.     requirements.
    * Country must be chosen from a list of over 40.    Some of our premium features include:
                                                             Video calls
                                                             Enhanced Voicemail
                                                             Audio conferencing
                             Global Identity                 IVR
Re-establish your business as a local presence               Time zone based intelligent global
 with a global reach by providing your partners              call routing
      and clients with a local number in over 40             Call monitoring/recording
                countries by which to reach you.
                                                        Unlike most other competitors, these
                                                        features are provided at NO extra cost.

              The Novanet system provides an
          unprecedented flexibility in liberating       Specific Call Forwarding
  businesses from a physical connectivity with          Novanet’s call forwarding system alleviates
   the communication system. Enable users to            the worry of ever missing an important call
   work from any location worldwide and retain          again. With rules that are hand tailored to
  the convenience and cost saving qualities of          each individual’s schedule, your calls with
                    interoffice communication.          always be forwarded to your preferred device
                                                        when you need to receive them.

           No capital investment, No
               maintenance charges                      Global Audio Conferencing
 We host all the complicated and cumbersome             Novanet’s Global Audio Conferencing is
      hardware and provide maintenance and              an included feature that makes it easy for
 customer support freeing your resources and            vendors, customers and partners all
       time to focus on easily communicating.           around the world to dial into a single
                                                        audio conference.

                24x7 Premium Support
   We have a dedicated support team who are
always available to trouble shoot any problems
or assist you with any questions you may have.


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