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Micro Blogging Assignment


Students, please don't wait to start work on this assignment. You will need to be engaged almost daily to successfully accomplish the objectives of this assignment.

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									JB 4520 Social Media Bill Handy - - (918) 260-4883

Exercise #3 Micro Blogging 50 Points Microblogging is key to building a social media presence, engaging in conversations, etc. We will use Twitter throughout the semester but we need to be dedicated to our use and focused on how we use it. For the semester:  Tweet 100 times about anything of substance o Retweet 20 tweets of your choosing o 10 tweets should be about social media articles found on the net o 10 tweets should be about your focus o 10 tweets should promote OSU School of Journalism and Broadcast (projects, students, etc. make sure you provide links if appropriate) o Tweet all your blog posts with the hash tag #jb4520.  Follow 100 people  Have 75 people follow you (please note, asking someone to follow you is not appropriate. You get people to follow you by providing quality content)  Follow #JB4520 and engage in at least one conversation/Tweet Grading Sheet: Achieved all criteria Content & Development

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