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					Adult Education
The degree you need for the life you want
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         The Carthage Advantage           2

         Program of Study                 4

         7-week Adult Education Format    5

         Adult Education Majors           6

         General Education Requirements   8

         Admission Process                9

         Professional Development         10

         Carthage Campus                  12
                   Welcome to Adult Education

                Carthage offers a part-time evening studies program tailored to the unique needs
                of adult learners. Carthage courses and degree programs for adults include the
                same courses and curriculum as the traditional programs, delivered in a format
                that makes the most of adult motivation. Carthage professors with special
                interest and talent in teaching adults are your teachers.

                Busy adults can advance their careers, gain skills necessary to change jobs, or
                vastly enrich their personal lives through part-time evening studies at Carthage.
                Classes are offered in a seven-week format, providing flexibility for working
                adults, professionals, and returning students.

                Whether your studies at Carthage lead to a certificate, a nationally respected
                bachelor’s degree, or a career-enhancing master’s degree, you’ll experience the
                quality, convenience, and personal attention that are hallmarks of adult learning at
                Carthage. Each program is designed and administered by successful adult learners
                with one objective in mind—helping you succeed in college.                                                                                 Adult Education
The Carthage Advantage
Experience                                                          Convenience
Carthage boasts more than four decades of experience in             Individuals with professional or personal commitments
preparing adult learners for professional careers. Each year,       may interrupt their studies for a term and resume at their
more than 1,000 busy working adults enroll in rigorous              convenience.
degree and certificate programs that enhance career
opportunities.                                                      Transfer Credits
                                                                    Transfer students receive credits for appropriate courses
                                                                    taken at other institutions. With appropriate transfer
                                                                    credit, students can complete a bachelor of arts degree in
Broad Course Selection
                                                                    as little as two years.
Depending on their chosen field of study, Adult Education
students may select the number of courses they wish to
take per year thereby progressing at their own speed. For           Service
example, a student entering with junior standing may                Accessible, Caring Faculty
graduate in as few as two years by taking 7-week classes.           Students are taught by first-rate professors who are also
                                                                    accessible outside of class. Of the full-time faculty,
Start Any Time                                                      90 percent hold a Ph.D. or other appropriate terminal
Carthage offers a year-round academic calendar (fall,               degree in their field.
winter, spring, summer terms). 7-week students can begin
classes at seven different points each year.                        Individual Academic Advisors
                                                                    Each student has a personal academic advisor who helps
7-Week Format                                                       select appropriate courses, answers questions, and assists
Adult Education students may complete general                       with any college-related need. At Carthage, questions and
education, elective and upper-level course work in the              concerns are quickly turned into answers and solutions.
7-week format. Some majors can be completed entirely
through the 7-week format. Others may require some
                                                                    The College provides free individual assistance to all
courses that meet one night per week for 14 weeks.
                                                                    students. Trained tutors may be contacted in person,
See page 6 for details.
                                                                    by phone, or by e-mail (available during fall and
                                                                    spring terms).

                    “Carthage College has become                    Evening Hours
                                                                    Students who need to review their degree plan, purchase
                     a part of my life. I truly
                                                                    textbooks or select classes will find Adult Education staff
                     believe that my life changed
                                                                    available in the evening to assist them.
                     for the better, it has opened
                     more doors for me in my
                     career and has given me the
                     opportunity to better myself
                     as a professional and an
                     overall person. ”

                    — Jack M. Eschbach
                      Major: Business Administration/

Adult Education                                                 2                               
Students enrolled in the Adult Education program have
access to all Carthage facilities including state-of-the art
computer labs, the Hedberg Library, the Writing Center,
Career Services, and the recreational opportunities offered
by the N. E. Tarble Athletic and Recreation Center.

Hedberg Library
The Hedberg Library unites a 127,000-volume collection
with on-line electronic resources, academic computing
services, electronic classrooms, a media and technology
suite for video and audio production and presentations,
and a 24-hour cyber-café, featuring a stone fireplace,
club chairs, Einstein Bros.® bagels, and Freshëns® yogurt          Career Services
and smoothies.                                                     Adult Education students and their families have full
                                                                   access to Career Services, located in the heart of the
Dining Options                                                     campus. The Career Services staff assists students
Starbucks®                  Sub Connection®                        with updating résumés, providing counsel for job
Einstein Bros.® bagels      Freshëns®                              advancement, helping with a job search, and guidance
Pizza Hut Express®          Cafeteria                              with graduate school selection and application.

Family Activities                                                  Computer Centers
• Sports camps                                                     Students have access to IBM-compatible and Macintosh
• Gifted programs for kids                                         computer labs located throughout campus. Students also
• Enrichment and continuing education                              have personal e-mail addresses issued by the College,
• Friday Family Fun Nights                                         and can access the Internet anywhere on campus.
                                                                   Laptop computers are available for check-out from
                                                                   Hedberg Library.

                                                                   Carthage has been accredited continuously by the North
                                                                   Central Association of Colleges and Schools since 1916,
                                                                   when the association became the primary accrediting
                                                                   agency for schools in the Midwest.

                                                                   Additional accreditation or approval has been granted
                                                                   by such agencies as the Wisconsin Department of
                                                                   Public Instruction (DPI).                                         3                                              Adult Education
 Program of Study
By attending class just one night a week, you can make significant progress toward a nationally-respected college
degree. Throughout your studies you will have easy access to all of the Carthage resources enjoyed by traditional
students, at times that are convenient for you.

After home ownership, a college education is the most significant investment you will make in your lifetime.
A Carthage degree increases in value as your career progresses. Let us show you how the Adult Education program
at Carthage can improve your life today, and for years to come.

Adult Education courses are designed specifically for
busy adults who want to attend Carthage on a part-
                                                                  Adult Education Majors / Minors
time basis. Students receiving financial aid must select             • Accounting*
either the 7-week or semester format. Upon approval,
                                                                     • Business Administration
students may switch formats twice during their
academic careers.                                                    • Criminal Justice
                                                                     • Geographic Information Sciences (GIS)
7-Week Format                                                             (Minor only)
The 7-week format is perfect for adults with seasonal                • Marketing
work schedules or varying family commitments. The
                                                                     • Religion
curriculum is identical to that followed by traditional
students, and is taught by top Carthage professors. In just       *Select accounting, science, social work, and upper-level
seven weeks, you can earn the same number of credits as            education courses meet one night per week for 14 weeks.
in a semester-length course.

   • Classes meet one evening per week—6 to 9 p.m.                Other Majors
   • Seven sessions throughout the year—you                          • Elementary Education*
     can start anytime.                                              • Social Work*
   • Earn a bachelor of arts degree in as little                  *Select accounting, science, social work, and upper-level
     as two years (with appropriate transfer credit).              education courses meet one night per week for 14 weeks.
                                                                   The social work major must be completed in the
                                                                   semester format.
Semester Format
14-Week Term                                                      Professional Development
Through evening semester study at Carthage, adults                Advance your career or chart a new course with these
can earn a career-enhancing bachelor’s degree. The                skill-enhancing programs.
curriculum is identical to that followed by traditional
students, and is taught by top Carthage professors.                   • Paralegal Program
Classes meet one evening per week for three hours.                   • Accelerated Certification for Teachers
                                                                     • Summer Language Seminars
                                                                     • Continuing Education for Teachers
                                                                     • Alcohol and Other Drug Addiction (AODA)

Adult Education                                               4                               
                                                                                          7-Week Format
7-Week Format                                                  Books and Course Materials
7-week courses fulfill general education, elective, and        At least two weeks prior to the beginning of each term,
upper-level requirements. In addition to three hours of        students should purchase textbooks and other required
class time each week, independent work may involve             materials from the campus bookstore. Books can be
individual reading, writing and research as assigned by        ordered online directly from the campus bookstore.

Students work with academic advisors to select classes         Blackboard Technology
each term. Personal advisors offer professional guidance       Course modules can be accessed on the Web using
from the time of application to graduation and beyond.         Blackboard two weeks prior to the beginning of each
                                                               term. Weekly assignments are outlined including work
                                                               to be completed prior to the first week of class. Students
7-Week Term Calendar                                           arrive at the first class meeting prepared to engage in
 Term                           Start Date                     interactive and collaborative learning.
 Summer I                       June
 Summer II                      July                           Hybrid Courses
 Fall I                         September                      Select courses will be offered in a “hybrid” format—
 Fall II                        October                        combining face-to-face class sessions with on-line
 Winter                         January                        learning opportunities.
 Spring I                       February
 Spring II                      April

7-week courses begin in the month indicated above, run
consecutively throughout the year, and are scheduled to
start the week after the previous term ends.
Scheduled breaks: Weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas and
New Year's.

                                   “I’ve been given the opportunity to maintain a flexible schedule to
                                   obtain a goal in a reasonable time. Other schools’ curricula are not
                                   tailored specifically to an adult learner, which makes the journey
                                   to complete a four-year degree much longer than it needs to be.”

                                    — Annamarie Rinaldi
                                      Project Manager, Strategic
                                      Program Development
                                      Walgreens Health Services
                                      Major: Business Administration/
                                      Marketing                                     5                                                Adult Education
Adult Education Majors and Minors
All majors provide a broad education for adult learners           to provide a unifying perspective on the criminal justice
preparing for career advancement. Professors engage               system and legal theory. Possible career paths include
students in an interactive learning environment through           law enforcement in the police or sheriff 's departments,
first-hand experience, individual instruction, and                private security and investigation, probation/parole
group discussion. Classes are taught by faculty members           enforcement, corrections, court services, victim
who have specific experience in their fields, bringing a          services, customs enforcement and investigation, U.S.
real-world perspective to learning. The 7-week format             Marshal Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and
features:                                                         Immigration and Naturalization Service.
     • Class meetings one evening per week—6 to 9 p.m.            This major/minor may be completed in the 7-week format.
     • Seven sessions throughout the year—you can
       start anytime                                              Geographic Information Science (GIS)
     • Classes at times convenient to work and personal           (Minor only)
                                                                  The minor in Geographic Information Science (GIS)
                                                                  allows students to create a focus on the techniques
     • Financial aid, scholarships and grants                     and practice of spatial data analysis and its practice
     • On-line registration                                       within the larger field of information science. This
                                                                  particular emphasis will be of value to students who
Accounting                                                        intend to pursue a career in data analysis or pursue
Accountants and auditors prepare, analyze and verify              graduate degrees in the Natural or Social Sciences.
financial reports and taxes and monitor information               The core material highlights the theory and application
systems that furnish these reports to managers in business,       of Geographic Information Science. The remaining
industry and government. Additionally, accountants often          courses offer background in programming, statistics
advise executives on best business practices.                     and other areas of information and computer science.
The Carthage program includes accounting courses and              Students completing the minor will be awarded a
practices as well as relevant business administration and         certificate in Geographic Information Science.
economic courses. Students may take specialized elective          This minor may be completed in the 7-week format.
courses to prepare for the CPA exam. Possible career
paths include public accountant, tax accountant, CPA,             Marketing
auditor, financial analyst, and personal                          The Marketing major includes essential courses on
financial planner.                                                how to plan and execute the conception, pricing,
Select upper-level accounting courses meet one night per          promotion and distribution of ideas, and goods and
week for 14 weeks. Offered as a major or minor.                   services. Students also complete business and economic
                                                                  courses that foster not only a good knowledge of the
Business Administration                                           business world, but also an understanding of human
The Business Administration major offers a superb                 behavior. Some career paths in marketing include
opportunity to learn general business principles and              marketing management, marketing research, sales,
public and private sector economic systems. Course                advertising, public relations and consumer affairs.
study includes management of information systems,                 This major/minor may be completed in the 7-week format.
business law, organizational management, accounting
and marketing. Possible career paths include banking,             Religion
benefits administrator, human resource personnel,                 The religion curriculum at Carthage is progressive
marketing research, credit manager, customer service,             in design. Classes address the most pressing religious
sales, project manager, and recruiter.                            issues of the day, while still providing the depth
This major/minor may be completed in the 7-week format.           and breadth in classical religion scholarship needed
                                                                  for effective ministry and graduate studies. The
Criminal Justice                                                  department has a fine record of landing graduates in
The Criminal Justice major at Carthage gives students             some of the most prestigious seminaries and graduate
a basic understanding of the criminal justice system as           schools in the country.
it operates within the American political system. The             This major/minor may be completed in the 7-week format.
curriculum includes criminal justice course work as well
as specialized courses in political science and sociology

Adult Education                                               6                              
                                                                 Other Majors
Elementary Education
(Major only)
The program is designed for those seeking their first
bachelor's degree in education and for those who already
hold a bachelor's degree and are looking to complete the
Wisconsin license requirements. The entire program is
accredited and meets the requirements of the Wisconsin
Department of Public Instruction (DPI).
The Education Department at Carthage offers adult
students majors in Middle Childhood/Early Adolescent
(grades 1-9) and Cross Categorical Special Education.
The evening program also offers courses to complete a
minor in early adolescence/adolescent (grades 6-12) and
add-on certification for additional education licenses.
The middle childhood/early adolescent (grades 1-9)
major will require a minor in a teaching subject area.
Note: General education and elective courses can be
completed in the 7-week format. Select upper-level courses
will be offered in a 14-week format. Clinical experiences
are required of all elementary education and secondary
education majors.

Social Work
Accredited by the Council on Social Work Education
(CSWE), the Carthage social work curriculum equips
students with knowledge, values, and skills necessary
for general social work practice. Through required
field experiences, the social work program provides
Carthage students with supervised opportunities to
master competencies in actual practice situations.
Possible career paths include clinical social work, case
management, family services, community social work,
group social work, hospital social work and
public health social work.
Note: General education and elective courses can be
completed in the 7-week format. The social work major
must be completed in the semester format. Clinical
experiences are required of all social work majors.
Some course work may be required during the day.                                       7        Adult Education
General Education Requirements
Through part-time evening studies at Carthage, adults             Carthage Symposium
can earn a career-enhancing bachelor’s degree. The                1 team-taught or 1 paired symposium             4-8 credits
curriculum is identical to that followed by traditional
students, and is taught by top Carthage professors.
                                                                  Senior Project
The general education requirements provide a broad                As part of their majors, all students complete a senior
base of knowledge in the liberal arts and sciences that           project. Acceptable forms include a senior thesis,
will enable students to construct a coherent framework            laboratory research project, music recital, art exhibit,
for ongoing intellectual, ethical, and aesthetic growth.          or other significant and integrative experience
These requirements are designed to develop lifelong               appropriate to their major(s).
competencies, such as critical and creative thinking,
written and oral communication, quantitative                      Major
reasoning, problem solving, and the capability to work            A maximum of 56 credits may be required in the
independently and collaboratively.                                major, with no more than 40 of these credits within any
                                                                  one department. A student may count a maximum of
To earn a bachelor of arts degree from Carthage,                  56 credits in any one department toward graduation;
students must successfully complete a minimum                     however all students must have 82 credits outside their
of 138 credits (including transfer credits), including:           major department for graduation. A transfer student
                                                                  must complete a minimum of 12 credits in the major at
Heritage Studies                                                  Carthage.
Core 110 Western Heritage                         4 credits
Core 111 Western Heritage                         4 credits       Distribution Requirements
                                                                  Fine Arts (FAR)                                    4 credits
Writing Requirements                                              Humanities (HUM)                                   4 credits
Writing Course in Major                           4 credits       Natural Science (SCI)                              8 credits
Writing Course                                    4 credits         (one course must be lab)
                                                                  Social Science (SOC)                               4 credits

Religion                                                          Students who major in a discipline in any of these
Understandings of Religion 100                    4 credits       divisions will be exempt from the distribution
One additional approved course                    4 credits       requirement in that division.

Modern Languages                                                  Minor
Two modern languages courses in the same                          The minor is a minimum of 20 credits and a maximum
language or demonstrated proficiency              8 credits       of 24 credits and is required for some majors. Those
                                                                  planning to obtain teacher licensure must consult with
Mathematics                                                       their education advisor.
Successful completion of a mathematics
course or demonstrated proficiency                4 credits       Electives
                                                                  Electives allow students to explore their intellectual
Exercise and Sport Science                                        interests in a wide variety of disciplines and areas
Concepts of Physical Fitness 001                  1 credit        of knowledge.
One lifetime fitness activity                     1 credit

Adult Education                                               8                                
                                                                               Admissions Process

Admission                                                   Registration
To apply for admission to Adult Education, interested       Initial Registration
students must complete the following steps.
                                                            1. Complete the application process outlined above.
1. Submit an Adult Education application
   form accompanied by a non-refundable                     2. Submit a completed Adult Education
   $10 application fee.                                        registration form and a non-refundable
                                                               deposit of $75 (or show proof of full
2. Request official transcripts from all previously            tuition pre-payment by your employer).
   attended colleges, universities and/or college
   equivalent programs (e.g., military service, CLEP/       3. Attend an orientation session prior to the first class.
   DANTES test results) be sent directly to:
          Carthage                                          On-line Registration
          Adult Education                                   Once students have been registered in their first class at
          2001 Alford Park Drive                            Carthage, they will register on-line for all future Adult
          Kenosha, Wis. 53140-1994                          Education classes.
3. Schedule a required interview with an Adult
   Education recruitment coordinator by calling
   262-551-6300 or 800-551-5343.                                  9                                                  Adult Education
Professional Development
Paralegal Generalist Program                                           Paralegal Term Calendar
Legal professionals provide high-demand services for                    Session                         Start Date
society. Paralegals provide attorneys professional support
that smooths the function of their legal practices.                     Spring                          January
                                                                        Summer                          May
Working under the direction of practicing attorneys,                    Fall                            September
   • Interview clients                                                 Full-Service Campus
   • Prepare documents and pleadings                                   Paralegal students have access to campus facilities including:
   • Accompany attorneys to court                                         • Career Services         • Hedberg Library
   • Summarize depositions                                                • Computer Labs           • Writing Center
   • Assist with legal and factual research
   • Write memoranda                                                   Admission Requirements
                                                                       For admission into the paralegal generalist program,
At Carthage, the paralegal generalist program prepares                 students must have one of the following:
adult learners for careers as paralegals. To meet the                     • High school diploma and three years of experience
needs of busy professionals, the College offers courses                     in a professional work environment. Most students
throughout the calendar year in the evening. Taught                         enrolled in the paralegal program have completed
by practicing attorneys and paralegals, each intensive,                     some college credits and have experience in
14-week session provides three- and four-credit courses                     business or in a field requiring legal knowledge.
toward a paralegal generalist certificate.
                                                                          • For students who have not completed college
                                                                            credits, or do not have work experience
Course Descriptions                                                         in a professional environment, a letter of
Survey of Law                                         4 credits             recommendation may be accepted as evidence
This course examines a tailored survey of major areas of                    of their ability to succeed in this program.
law, including, but not limited to, civil, criminal, family,                Your admissions counselor will advise you if a
probate, and bankruptcy. Students receive a foundation of                   recommendation letter is necessary.
substantive law necessary for effective paralegal practice.

General Practice                                  4 credits            Certificate of Completion
Designed to introduce students to the general legal                    Upon successful completion of the program, students
procedures required in and out of the courtroom, this                  receive a certificate of completion from the College.
course provides practical instruction in client contacts,              Some credits earned through this vocationally-oriented
document production, and legal ethics.                                 curriculum may not be transferable to other higher
                                                                       education programs or institutions.
Legal Research and Writing                       3 credits
Students study important legal research techniques, using              Job Placement Services
current library resources, including WESTLAW. As they                  Carthage provides career placement services for
employ various research techniques, students write and                 paralegal students. Résumé-writing workshops and
prepare a variety of legal documents and memoranda.                    mock interviews are available to each class. Employers
                                                                       frequently use the College’s placement services to fill
                                                                       positions in:
                                                                           • Private Law Firms         • Corporations
                                                                           • Government Agencies • Insurance Companies
                                                                           • Banking Institutions      • Real Estate Agencies

Adult Education                                                   10                                 
Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Courses                             Summer Modern Language Seminars
Carthage College offers six Alcohol and Other Drug               Summer modern language seminars (SLS) at Carthage
Abuse (AODA) courses, all of which may be completed              help refresh teaching skills, while earning credits
within one year. Courses typically are offered 6-9 p.m.,         that meet DPI license renewal requirements and
once per week, for seven weeks. Students may use                 can be applied toward a master of education degree.
these courses to fulfill elective credits needed for             Participants also may elect to take the seminar without
undergraduate degrees or, at the graduate level, apply           credit.
them to the Carthage Master of Education program.
                                                                 These intensive summer courses taken in French,
Fundamental Aspects of AODA                     2 credits        German or Spanish are taught by respected professionals.
Special Issues in AODA                          2 credits        The courses address current issues in instruction and
Intervention Counseling                         2 credits        are organized to meet the needs of busy teachers.
Family Intervention Counseling                  2 credits        Language seminar students will practice language skills
Adolescent Drug Abuse                           2 credits        by discussing topics pertaining to the culture of French-,
Treatment Philosophies for AODA                 2 credits        German- or Spanish-speaking countries, and using
                                                                 this experience to design communicative activities.
                                                                 Extensive use of varied media will re-create an authentic
                                                                 immersion experience.

                                                                 Classes meet for up to five days on Carthage’s beautiful
                                                                 campus along Lake Michigan. There will be ample
                                                                 opportunity to practice using your target language,
                                                                 network with other professionals, and enjoy campus
                                                                 activities. Both Milwaukee and Chicago are within easy
                                                                 driving distance. For a nominal fee, you can stay in a
                                                                 private room in one of our residences, with three daily
                                                                 meals included.                                      11                                                Adult Education
Carthage Campus

1  Leonard Entranceway                       11   Lentz Hall (Adult Education Offices)   22   South Residence Hall
2  Smeds Tennis Center                       12   Walter Fritsch Meditation Chapel       23   The Oaks
3  Women’s Varsity Softball Diamond          13   Men's Varsity Baseball Diamond         24   Joan C. Potente Chapel
4  Swenson Residence Hall                    14   Hedberg Library                        25   Art Keller Field
5  Campus Home                               15   Kissing Rock/Evergreen Walk            26   W. A. Seidemann Natatorium
6  Trinity House (Home of the President)     16   A. F. Siebert Chapel                   27   N. E. Tarble Athletic and Recreation Center
7  A. W. Clausen Center for World Business   17   H. F. Johnson Center for Fine Arts     28   Tarble Arena
8  Sesquicentennial Plaza                    18   Pat Tarble Residence Hall
9  David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the        19   Henry Denhart Residence Hall           Campus Parking: A, C, D, E, H, I, J, K, N, V
    Natural and Social Sciences              20   Todd Wehr Center
10 Visitor Parking                           21   Joseph Johnson Residence Hall

Adult Education                                                 12                                   
 Kenosha, Wisconsin