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									Curriculum Vitae
                   Name :                                Willem Naudts

                                                         May 10th 1977

                   Education :                           1995-1997: Faculty of Engineering,
                                                         1997-2001: Department of Industrial
                                                         Science and Technology, electronics
                                                         engineer, option Information and
                                                         Communication Techniques

                   Languages :                           Dutch: mother tongue
                                                         English (speaking, writing, reading)
                                                         French (speaking, writing, reading)

                   Professional Experience :             Alcatel Bell, Antwerp
                                                         August 2001 – April 2003
                                                         Network Integration Team, NIT
                                                         Solutions Support Team, IP-TAC

                                                         Thomson Telecom
                                                         May 2003
                                                         Technical Pre-Sales World Wide Support
                                                         Technical Pre-Sales Manager
                                                         May 2007
                                                         Concept Pre-Sales Manager

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Detailed Career :

Thomson Telecom
05/2003 –                     Change focus to new concepts to explore new customers and new opportunities.
                              Specifying and negotiating advanced services with ISPs and third parties.
Concept Pre-Sales Manager
                              The Technical Pre-Sales team is responsible of supporting the world wide local
Technical Pre-Sales Manager   technical sales people. The main focus is to increase the sales and solve
                              blocking technical issues on a short term. The team is part of the business
                              development and is one of the driving and steering elements to R&D.

Specialty                     Technical Specialist for the full CPE-range of Thomson “SpeedTouch”
                                  - Access technologies; ATM, Eth, IP, Fiber, DLS, PPP, …
                                  - VoIP; SIP, MGCP, H323
                                  - Routing protocols; BGP, RIP, VRRP, …
                                  - Remote Management; TR69, TACACS, RADIUS, SNMP, …
                                  - Business features; 3G, EFM, OAM, VPN, IPSEC, …
                                  - Network design; Full 3Play scenario’s and network implementations

Systems Integration           VoIP interoperability work-out from first introduction platforms to world wide
                              customer interop and optimization, since Dec 2003.

Tasks toward customers        Support local sales and technical team on increasing sales.
                              New product introductions and product demonstrations.
                              Train and guide local technical people, customers and resellers.
                              Fairs and tradeshows set-up and demonstrate.
                              Building up customer and maintaining 3party vendor’s relationship.

Tasks towards Thomson         Follow up on SW implementations based on customer feedback.
                              Customer scenario validation and acceptance.
                              Roadmap discussions and priority mapping.
                              Relation ship with other Thomson activities as STB, Cirpack, SmartVision,
                              Telephony group, …, and try to implement solutions.
                              Working-out and experimenting with concepts to provide customer focused

Trainings                     Document writing techniques (March 2004)
                              Presentation techniques (June 2005)
                              Management – Pontis (October 2006 - April 2007 & on the job)
                              Advanced Linux application training (July 2007)

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Alcatel Bell, Antwerp
08/2001 – 04/2003                 Courses, mostly at Alcatel University Antwerp
                                   World of Internet                      13-14/08/01
Network Integration Team, NIT      TCP/IP                                 16-17/08/01
   6 months & overlapping IPTAC    QoS                                    20/08/01
Solutions Support Team, IP-TAC     VoIP                                   21/08/01
                                   IPsec                                  22/08/01
                                   ADSL-ATM                               10/09/01
                                   A7300 ASAM                             11/09/01
                                   A7411 BAS                              13-14/09/01
                                   Speed Touch-VoDSL                      19/09/01
                                   A7310 LVG                              20-21/09/01
                                   A5523 AWS                              3-5/10/01
                                   Internet Security Specialist, Telindus 7-8/11/01
                                   Xantium                                28/01 - 01/02/02
                                   Riverstone financial course            11-12/03/02
                                   Riverstone field course                16-17/03/02
                                   IMagicTV; VoD, Mcast, firmware         26-28/09/02

                                  NIT experience
                                      Newbridge; config and mainstreetXpress
                                      Cisco series; NAT, PPPoA, ...
                                      Omniswitch and OSRouter config
                                      Fore Switch config + data shaping
                                      OmniPCX; VoIP app. and IPsec
                                      PPPoA & NAT tests with RIP and OSPF
                                      RIP tests defined
                                      BEM - BAS Element Management
                                      CPEs test defined and tested: Netopia/RAD/CISCO/TMM
                                      Security testing + Linux tools: DoS, Smurf, …
                                      Setup Linux server; samba, web, mail, security, …
                                      QoS for VoIP in DSL/ATM/IP network
                                      MPLS rfc2547bis + demo
                                      Mcast tests in core network
                                      Upgrade and complete config + MPLS on 7670RSP-Juniper
                                      Multicast firmware, iMagicTV
                                      VPN L2-L3 + Martini & Kompella draft tests
                                      IEEE 802.1x setup: Linux – RSTN – Microsoft


                                  On Call duty and assignments for IP-TAC Level-2 support EMAI (Europe,
                                  Middle-East, Africa and India) since December 2001

                                  IP-TAC portfolio:
                                       Alcatel BAS (7404, 7410, 7411)
                                       Redback (SMS)
                                       Juniper (M-routers)
                                       Riverstone (routers)
                                       Xantium (Alcatel 7770OBX)
                                       July '02: Complete network IP-topology (access & core) +
                                            configuration + tests + fine tuning.
                                       Aug.-Sept. '02: Gigabit network project, implementation and pre-
                                            configuration 28 Juniper routers
                                       Sept ’02: Complete network setup (Riverstone – Redback) + following
                                            up + fine tuning
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                              Dec ’02 – Feb ’03: Tests on 7670RSP – Juniper
                              Feb. ’03: implementations RBAK SMS10000

                      Courses taught:
                          July ’02: Basic configuration and BGP course on Riverstone
                          Aug. ’02: Theoretical and practical course on Juniper; Basics and
                              MPLS for VoIP network. (Saudi Arabia)
                          Feb. ’03: Practical field course on Juniper (Belgium)

Personal Interests:

Computer Languages            School: Pascal, C/C++, VHDL, Visual C++, LabView, SQL
                              Thesis: Visual Basic and VBA, VB for Applications, SQL
                              Home: HTML, XML, (La)TeX, Java, Unix-OS, Microsoft, Perl, …

Student Jobs                  electrician: PVD-lighting, Kapellen; 1992-1995
                              production labourer: CMC, Chicago Metallic Continental, Wijnegem;
                               aug-sept 1996
                              salesman: AS Adventure, Schoten; 1997-2000
                              support: Brouwerij De Koninck, Debieten, Antwerp; aug-sept 1999

                              climbing, alpinism, traveling, mtb, sailing, windsurf, snowboard,
                               running, swimming, salsa dancing

                              technology, space, communication systems, geography, nature

Personal Motivation   I like to work in a young dynamic environment and developing, installing and
                      using the newest technologies. As a network engineer I like to learn each day. I
                      built a strong theoretical and practical networking knowledge. I like to use the
                      combination of technical sales, product management and marketing as my
                      strength in a world wide customer environment. International interaction and
                      traveling are a nice experience.

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