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					                                  Citrix Remote Access Gateway
Use the link below with your normal network logon account to access.

Begin by logging on using the same username and password which you use to for logging into any of the school
system computers.

Exact installation procedures will vary depending on the operating system, internet browser, and settings that
you are using.
A Citrix client install is required.
The installation may occur automatically or you may have to temporarily turn off pop-up blockers or look for
the notification below the address bar as seen below.
You should click on the notification for options and then either Install ActiveX Control or Download File.
Follow the prompts to complete the client installation.

                                                                                Notification bar
Examples below show screenshots for completing the client install after selecting “Download File”

Click on the “Run” button.

Click the “Run” button.
Click the “OK” button.

You will see a window like the one below which indicates the Citrix client install is in process. It may take a
while so wait patiently and do not click Cancel.

Click on the “Next” button when prompted to close other Windows programs and continue the setup.
Accept the license agreement and click the “Next” button.

Continue the install by clicking the ”Next” button.

You will see a window showing the install progress.
Click the “Finish” button after the client is successfully installed.

You may select and launch the applications which you see listed on the main page of your Citrix Access
Gateway as seen below.
You may see a dialog box similar to the one below each time you launch a new application from the main page.

You will be prompted to authorize access to your computer; select the options shown below and click the “OK”
Citrix has been configured so that data transfers can occur only in one direction so that a user can copy a file from their H
drive to the local computer’s hard drive, but not from their local computer to the H drive.
To access your H drive, click on “Home\Personal Folder” in the right window pane.

If you would like to download a file from your “H” drive to your home computer, hold the cursor over the file
to download and click on the arrow and wait for the menu to appear (be patient).
Once the menu appears click on the download option.

Choose save and navigate to the location to which you wish to save the file.

To work with a file on your “H” drive, open the application first, and then navigate to the file. You will be able
to save it back to your “H” drive. If you save it to your home computer first, it will not let you save back to
your “H” drive and you will have to bring it to school on a flash drive, CD, etc.