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					Course: 01.466          Floral Design and Management
Unit 10: Triangular Arrangements

Lesson 4:                         Asymmetric Triangle Design
QCC:.................................................................................. 450, 455, 458, 459, 461

                               Design and construct an asymmetric triangle arrangement.

Teaching Time:
                               3 hours

Griner, Charles. Floriculture Designing and Merchandising. Delmar Publishers, Inc.
             Albany, NY. Current Edition
Anderson, Gary. Floral Design & Marketing. Ohio Agricultural Education Curriculum
             Materials Service, Columbus, OH. Current Edition

Materials and Equipment:
Photo file
Containers and oasis
Knife and stem cutters
Variety of fresh flowers and foliage
Handout 10.4.1
Powerpoint: Under Horticulture on Disc 4
       Constructing an Asymmetrical Triangle Arrangement

                                   Course: 01.466 Floral Design and Management            Unit 10, Lesson 4
                                            Revised August 1999                                               1
                        Georgia Agriculture Education Curriculum


    Introduction and Mental Set
    Involve the students in a brief discussion of the use of asymmetric triangle
    arrangements, including appropriate occasions and locations.


    1.    Discuss the proper shape and dimensions of asymmetric triangle
          arrangements. Identify the proper placement of the focal point.
          Study and evaluate examples from the photo file.

    2.    Step-by-step procedure for performing skill

                   Step                  Key Points                 Standards
            Select container                                  appropriate size and
            Cut and soak
            Prepare container       tape in oasis
                                    fill with water
            Establish               place flowers to          - tallest flower to
            boundaries              form three corners        rear, leaning back
                                     2 times the size of      slightly - side flowers
                                    the container             are horizontal

            Develop focal                                     low, centered
            Fill in with flowers                              - evenly spaced
                                                              - faced
            Fill in with foliage                              - no oasis showing
                                                              - back is finished

    3.    Setting the standard

                          Course: 01.466 Floral Design and Management      Unit 10, Lesson 4
                                   Revised August 1999                                         2
                     Georgia Agriculture Education Curriculum

          Teacher demonstrates making an asymmetric triangle, reviewing
          steps while making it.

   4.     Students perform skill
          Students make an asymmetrical triangle arrangement, critiquing own
          work with teacher guidance.

   5.     Practice to standard
          Students correct problems with arrangement and complete it.


          Review use of asymmetrical triangle arrangement and technique for
          making it; use arrangements to fill orders where possible.


          Use check sheet to evaluate arrangements.

                       Course: 01.466 Floral Design and Management   Unit 10, Lesson 4
                               Revised August 1999                                       3
                               Georgia Agriculture Education Curriculum


                            Evaluation Check Sheet
                                  Triangle Arrangements

         Name_______________________ Arrangement__________________

                            Criteria                           Possible       Points
                                                               Points         Earned
          arrangement is proper shape                               15
          arrangement is proper size                                15
          shape is well-defined                                     10
          focal point is in correct place                           10
          focal point is well-developed                              5
          stems are stripped where necessary                         5
          stems are placed firmly in oasis                           5
          flowers faced well                                         5
          arrangement is well-balanced                               5
          oasis is not showing                                       5
          back of arrangement is finished                            5
          flowers spaced evenly; not crowded                         5
          color is used well                                         5
          arrangement is aesthetically appealing                     5
          Total                                                    100

                                Course: 01.466 Floral Design and Management      Unit 10, Lesson 4
                                         Revised August 1999                                         4