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					Neda Hatcher, Resume
972 Roanoke Dr.                                                                                     
Shreveport, Louisiana 71107                                                                                              (318) 422-7743
                                                 Software / Database Developer

Committed Software / Database Developer with over 25 years of strong experience and depth of knowledge from areas of local government,
utilities, police intelligence, accounting systems and office automation. Focused on simplifying tasks and increasing productivity.
Designed, developed and implemented highly efficient legacy and new technology systems. Provided analytical and technical consultation
on several software and database development projects. Demonstrated ability to communicate with non-technical personnel in a light
hearted empathetic manner to assess their needs and system requirements. Regularly requested for doing things right and always making
sure other systems work properly after updates and installations. Ability to learn new skills rapidly, adapt to changing environments, work
independently or in a groups, work multiple projects simultaneously and in different languages and/or environments, work well under

                                                    Career Accomplishments
Software Development
     Limited potential loss of $3.0 Million to $1.5 Million by presenting evidence of failure and inability to fulfill contractual
       obligations to support the dismissal of a software contractor in favor of the purchase and customization of another product for
       $500,000 or 1/3 the existing loss
     Consulted on and QA tested development of two intelligence database systems facilitating the sharing of information between law
       enforcement agencies in accordance with federal intelligence guidelines (PC / Windows / BSD Unix / WAN / Visual Basic /
       ColdFusion / XML / SQL)
     Designed more than 20 Custom Gateway / Lead Capture Pages for myself and other individuals participating in various network
       marketing ventures
     Developed membership tracking database for network marketing ventures (PC / Windows / Access)
     Designed, developed, published and implemented an e-commerce system which included an extensive homeopathic treatment
       database, cross-referenced to products available from three network marketing companies (FrontPage, JavaScript)
     Updated EMS patient tracking application from DOS to Windows in order to maintain functionality on current architecture (PC /
       FoxPro Win)
     Updated billing system for Small Claims Court to incorporate additional parameters, and create more functional reports (PC /
     Developed more than 100 macros to automate departmental functions in local government and law office environments (PC /
       Windows / Access / Word / Excel / WordPerfect / Lotus123)
     Created reports and maintenance modules for Water Billing System to assist in departmental accounting and reporting. (MVS /
     Installed and Administered Intelligence database network with 37 locations and more than 300 users in Arkansas, Louisiana and
       Texas enabling the apprehension of cross-jurisdictional drug offenders. (PC / Windows Domain / BSD UNIX / WAN / SQL
       Sever / EXCHANGE Sever)
     Designed and Implemented Mobile Network for use in Police Mobile Command Center to capture data during covert operations
       for later upload and integration into Police Intelligence Network and Police Computer Aided Dispatch system
     Installed and maintained more than 15 software packages in stand alone and networked environments keeping productivity and
       office automation applications up to date (PC / WINDOWS / NOVELL / MS Networks)
     Administered Network on Novell 4x and Microsoft 3.11/95/98 1,000+ PC computers and peripherals with 3,000+ users.

                                                   Technical Proficiencies
Platforms: Windows 3.11/95/98/NT/2000/XP, Unix (Solaris, Networking:LAN / WAN Administration, VPN, TCP/IP, Novell,
           BSD), MS Exchange 2000, MS SQL 2000/2005                   100BaseT Ethernet, Token Ring
Languages: Visual C#.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, T-SQL,Tools:              Visual Studio 2005, MS Office Suite (Word, Access, Excel,
           COBOL, NATURAL, ADABAS, CICS, C++,                         PowerPoint, FrontPage, Outlook), McAfee / Gauntlet /
           dBase, FoxPro (dos/win/visual), Clipper, Visual            Norton / Firewall– Internet Security, ColdFusion, Novell
           Basic for Applications (Access), DOS, HTML,                Groupwise, TouchPoint, 5th/3rd, Compass, Verid,
           XML                                                        Relationship Manager
Neda Hatcher, Resume (continued)

                                                       Training and Certifications
                     Microsoft - Current                                                               Other
 MCTS – SQL 2005 - Certification                                         Dale Carnegie – Award – Dale Carnegie
 MCSA – 2000 / XP + SQL 2005 - Certification                             Gauntlet Firewall – In Service Certificate – Network
 MCP – Win 2000/XP, Win 2000 Server - Certification                                           Microsoft (pending)
 Windows NT 4.0 – In Service Certificate                                 MCTS - .NET Web-Based Client Development
 Windows 95 – In Service Certificate                                     MCTS - .NET Application Development
                                                                          MCPD – Web Developer

   B.S. Computer Science / Criminal Justice, Louisiana State University - Shreveport, LA
   Associates Accounting / Computer Science, Draughon Business College - Shreveport, LA


Web Manager / Designer / Distributor          Eresonation, Shreveport, LA                                       2010 – Present
Web Design, Custom Gateway / Lead Capture Pages, Ad Copy, Autoresponder Campaigns, and Domain Redirection for Amega Global
network marketing team. Network / Internet / Direct Marketing of Amega Global AMized Zero-Point Energy Products.

Advanced Technical Support (Sprint) US Support Company, Shreveport, LA                                                   2009 – Present
Interview customers to determine level of assistance required, reduce anxiety caused by hi-stress situation. Verify customers according
to security policies and procedures. Thinking “outside the box” to resolve issues with current trend in Smartphones and other wireless

Web Manager / Designer (unpaid)          Stars of Rhiannon Online Guild, Online                                   2008 – Present
Develop and maintain website for online gaming guild. Site includes php, events database, participation level in events, captures
accomplishments of participants. Calculates milestones for team advancement.

Online Banking Customer Service                   Capital One NA, Shreveport, LA                                                2006 – 2009
Online Banking Front line customer service rep. Verify customers according to security policies and procedures. Anticipate customer needs,
diffuse hi-stress situations, and resolve issues in one interaction and in a clear concise manner. Troubleshooting and research skills used to
navigate many reports and systems to resolve customer issues and requests. Maintain calm demeanor and patience in hi-stress environment.

Sabbatical                                                                                                                       2005 - 2006

Web Design / FOREX Trader                      NH Ventures, Shreveport, LA                                             1996 – 2005
Web Design, Custom Gateway / Lead Capture Pages, Ad Copy, Autoresponder Campaigns, and Domain Redirection for 10+ Companies
and Individuals. Also involved in Internet marketing, Telemarketing, Technical Writing, Training and Cold Calls and FOREX Trading.

System Administrator                 Tri-State Regional Police System, Shreveport, LA                                     1998 – 2004
Managed Intelligence Network consisting of Microsoft NT 4.0 Servers with Netscape Mail / Web Servers and MS SQL Server. Migrated to
Windows 2000 Servers with MS Exchange and SQL Servers. Deployed, installed and maintained 37 Windows NT 4.0 workstations and
BSD Unix systems with intelligence software in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas linked via Internet VPN. Other tasks include hardware and
software troubleshooting and repair. Provided technical advise to local organization, programming staff and government officials during
development of intelligence software. Designed and maintained Organization web site. Compiled user documentation. Scheduled and
provided training on custom intelligence software and Microsoft Office products for 300 users.

Programmer Analyst                                 City of Shreveport, LA                                                  1991 – 1997
Official Backup LAN Manager. Responsible for all network administration in the absence of the LAN Manager. Network Management of
1,000+ computers and additional peripherals, three Netware 3.1 Servers, and three Netware 4.x Servers. Technical support for 3,000 users
on stand alone PC and Network workstation platforms. Token Ring and Ethernet networks spanning three major buildings and ten remote
sites via ISDN lines. Tasks include user setup and security, software installation, setup and support. Troubleshooting and technical
assistance on network operating system and on hardware. Additional responsibilities include, programming and software support of in house
FoxPro, NATURAL, COBOL, Clipper, Gener/OL, WordPerfect Macro, Lotus 123, and Lotus Approach applications on Mainframe and PC
platforms, analysis of software and hardware upgrade requirements.

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