3-20-2008 SUSPENSION of SAFE VISITs by Claudine_Dombrowski


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Memo To: Hal Richardson and Claudine Dombrowski
From: Connie Sanchez, Safe Visit Administrator
Regarding: Supervised Visitation Services
Date: 3-19-08
This letter is being drafted to give notification to all parties, that effective 3-19-08;
services will be suspended. Please know this decision was not made in haste, rather
implemented after several cases reviews by Administration.
It is the intention of Safe Visit to be a safe, neutral, transitional resource for families who
require 3rd party intervention to ensure parent/child contact. Staff has been providing
supervised visits between Ricki and her mother since September of 2004. Staff is not
aware of all the specifics requested by the Court to initiate a modification or change in
parenting time. However, services will not resume until the plans outlined by the court
for resolution are initiated (a psychological evaluation for Claudine).
Ricki is a bright, articulate, fun loving 13 year old girl. As observed by staff, during
visits with her mother, Ricki shows mixed emotions. At times, she seems content with
seeing her mother in the limited environment of Safe Visit; as they talk'non stop, play
games and eat snacks. Ricki uses the visit as a time to share stories regarding friends,
school, homework etc. Claudine is very responsive to Ricki; she offers an abundance of
positive support and glorifies all of Ricki's thoughts and dreams.
On other occasions, during visits Ricki is somewhat withdrawn, expresses being tired and
responds coldly, critically and rudely to her mother's comments and appears embarrassed
by her mother's statements, appearance and behaviors. At times, Ricki will not answer
her mother's questions at all and talks to staff instead or tells her mother to stop the
current line of conversation. It seems when Claudine tries to talk with Ricki about her
work, computer knowledge or childhood memories Ricki either changes the subject or
does not acknowledge her mother's comments.
Although staff believes ail teenagers have differences with their parents as they grow and
develop independence, Ricki is struggling with other issues related to trust. Recently,
staff asked Ricki how she would feel about allowing her mother to take a photo of her
(Claudine requested a photo opportunity). She expressed being uncomfortable with doing
a photo as she was unsure what her mother would do with the photo as in the past her
mother gave out her cell number/email to someone her mother deemed "like her" (a
This program funded in part by grants provided by the United Way, Shawnee County, City Youth Services Fund, the State Child Exchange and
Visitation Center Program, and the Federal State Access and Visitation Program as administered by Kansas Attorney General and The Governor of Kansas.
victim of abuse). She told staff she wants to have a "normal" relationship with her mother
"like her friends" do with their mother's but is concerned that her mother will embarrass
her (treating her like a young child), make up stories regarding her Dad (marching in the
DV parade/website), and also expressed concern regarding where her mother lives, with
whom etc.
There is no easy resolution to re-establishing parenting time for Ricki and her mother.
Ricki acts grown up but she is still a child. Ricki has been in therapy with Dr.
Rodenheffer on and off for several years. A GAL is also assigned to look at the best
interests of Ricki.
Staff respectfully requests the court review the lack of movement on this case and
whether or not ongoing visitation at Safe Visit is the best plan for Ricki.

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