; Jazz Class Assignment: Required Listening!
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Jazz Class Assignment: Required Listening!


Saxophonist, composer/arranger, band leader Bob Mintzer Most jazz educators and professional jazz musicians would agree that any aspiring young high school and/or middle school jazz student should spend a good deal of time actually listening to jazz in order to learn, recognize, and better appreciate the many characteristics of this unique music. Louis Armstrong - Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson (Verve) Count Basie - Long Live the Chief (Denon Records) George Benson -White Rabbit (Sony) George Benson -Body Talk (Sony) Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers -Free for All (Blue Note) Paul Chambers - Paul Chambers Quintet (Blue Note) John Coltrane - Ballads (GRP) John Coltrane - Blue Trane (Blue Note) John Coltrane - Giani Steps (Atlantic Rhino) Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (Sony) Miles Davis - Woriun' with the Miles Davis Quintet (Prestige) Duke Ellington - Live at the Newportjazz Festival (1959) (Polygram) Duke Ellington, Johnny Hodges - Bach to Bach (Polygram) Bill Evans - You Must Believe in Spring (Warner Bros.) Slide Hampton - World of Trombones (Black Lion/Da Music/ Ka) Johnny Hodges - At Sportpalast, Berlin (Pablo) JJ Johnson - Proof Positive (GRP) JJ Johnson - The Eminent JJ Johnson (Blue Note) Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass - Play the Jazz Classics (Concord) Wes Montgomery, Wynton Kelly - Smokin at the Half-Note (Verve) Joe Pass - Virtuoso (Pablo) Oscar Peterson - A Royal Wedding Suite (OJC) Frank Rosolino - Fond Memories of. .

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