; Reinterpreting al-Walid b. Yazid
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Reinterpreting al-Walid b. Yazid


[...] al-Walid' s impact and the implications of his complicated character for modern historians will be examined. [...] they appear in widely disparate sources, yet present compatible doctrinal positions.

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									                           Reinterpreting al-Walid b. Yazid
                                                Steven Judd
                               Southern Connecticut State University

Al-Walid    b. Yazid (r. 125–126/743–744) is arguably the most vilified member of the
Umayyad dynasty. He had the distinction of being the last universally recognized Umayyad
caliph, since none of his successors—Yazid b. al-Walid, who deposed him in 126/744,
Yazid’s brother and successor Ibrahim, and Marwan b. Muhammad, who sought to avenge
al-Walid—gained widespread obedience. Despite the obvious flaws of his detractors and
other contemporaries, it was al-Walid who became the caricature of Umayyad depravity,
impiety, and licentiousness. Later Arabic sources often used al-Walid to represent the evils of
his age, 
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