A personal history of Canada-Germany

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					Paul Dubois

A personal history
of Canada-Germany

For almost three d
Description: If I could express a wish in the closing stages of my term in Germany, it might be for this country to heighten its presence on the international scene, truly showing itself for what it has become: a dynamic, creative country, whose population is faced with the same challenges as all the western countries, which innovates, lets itself be inspired, and shares with all its partners. In a nutshell, I would wish for a Germany that is less "reserved" or "humble," a Germany whose presence truly reflects the fact that it is the world's third largest economic power, the biggest exporter of goods ahead of China and the US for the fifth consecutive year, the main trading partner of 19 of its 26 fellow EU members as well as Switzerland, Ukraine, Turkey, and Russia, and Canada's most important European partner in terms of productive investment (with over 50 percent of shares in German hands, more than France and the UK put together). I would wish for a Germany that is not afraid to show its new face or fulfill its new role as a constructive, multila terally oriented partner, a partner that is a good listener but can also act on the international stage politically and if necessary militarily, within the mandates of the United Nations, and do so with full involvement. I believe that this country, which has undergone a complete transformation since the Second World War, which was divided and has rediscovered itself, can only profit from making itself better known abroad for what it has become, with all its strengths and weaknesses. In short, the old clichs have to be confrontedsomething that can only be to the benefit of us all.
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