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Yet, in our resource-constrained environment, it is unlikely that we will see any significant increase in resources, if any at all, in the foreseeable future...Thus, it is encumbent upon us to innovate and adapt across all the DOTMLPF domains-developing new ways to team with each other, as well as our joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational (JIIM) partners-leveraging each others' strengths and capabilities in order to mitigate and overcome our gaps and shortfalls. [...] of your MOS, component, status, or duties-our Army and Regiment need you to adapt, innovate, and overcome, in order to get to the objective and accomplish the mission, whatever it is...And to me, that's what being a Sapper is all about: a state of mind that figures out how to get the job done-no matter what-and has the willpower, perseverance, and strength (mind, body, and spirit) to see the mission through to completion ...all the while taking great care of our People.

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