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Retain Better Drivers


Fleet turnover is increasing -- no industry is immune. It affects trucking, where the American Trucking Association reported annualized turnover rates for truckload line-haul drivers reached 116% for the second quarter of 2007. High driver turnover is a chronic problem for all transit operators; employing fewer drivers means that each driver works more hours and fatigue causes higher accident rates. With the advent of technology, a driver risk management (DRM) program is a safe way to consistently monitor driver habits without the expense of sending managers out on the road. A DRM program is an Internet-based observation system that uses exception-based video event recorders, and focuses on which drivers need what kind of training. Research has proven that drivers appreciate the regular feedback that a DRM program provides. They are inspired by their own continually improving driving record. And, ultimately, they remain with a company longer and are happier because of the increased communication.

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