Using the Six Sigma System Approach to Reduce Core Process Times at a Manufacturing Plant by ProQuest


When facing severe global competition, firms need to improve the quality of their products or services and to reduce their overall costs and expenses if they are to compete effectively. Motorola and General Electric are two firms that used the Six Sigma approach to achieve this goal and to become world-class firms in consequence. The main purpose of the Six Sigma approach or set of activities is to reduce defects or errors in business, to improve reach product quality, raise efficiency, lower costs or expenses, reduce process times and, as a result, to maximize profits and customer satisfaction. The present research applied the Six Sigma approach to improve business processes at a ceramics manufacturing plant in Taiwan. Process Mapping, Pareto Charts, Simul8 simulation software were employed to investigate the processes at the plant, to identify the main problems responsible for slow work times and errors and to suggest improvement measures. By following the recommended measures, the ceramic plant was able to reduced core process times as well as costs and expenses and to increase their production capacity. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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