; Evaluating Free Online Legal Information
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Evaluating Free Online Legal Information


For the public at large, access to legal information has been hit-and-miss. In the predigital days, a person generally had to go to a law library to obtain legal information. travel. With the availability of the Internet, access certainly improved. Many states made their statutes and regulations available on official state Web sites. Court systems started adding court decisions to their Web sites. Public.Resource.Org is now providing free online access to virtually all federal court appellate decisions spanning the past 60 years. The brainchild of lawyer-turned-technology-activist Carl Malamud, Public.Resource.Org's goal is to make all public case law available for free online -- through its own development activities as well as by supporting other developers. The value of the Internet is that it opens up a new world of information possibilities -- and legal information obtainable through Public.Resource.Org and other content providers adds to that value.

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