An LTC technology summit looks ahead by ProQuest


For two days in Baltimore this spring a committed and diverse group of long-term care (LTC) information technology policy makers, gurus, users, and suppliers explored the status and future of Health Information Technology (HIT) in long-term care. Sponsored by all of the major national associations involved in long-term care, and under the auspices of the American Health Information Management Association, the stakeholders had the opportunity to hear and network with the thought leaders of the field. The conference brought nursing home administrators and staff, academics, vendors, and key executive and legislative personnel together to see the road map for the future and the current state of the art. The Summit's keynote address, "Aligning LTC with the National Vision for HIT" by Dr. Robert Kolodner, set the stage by demonstrating commitment and support for HIT at the highest level of the federal government.

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