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Series of miracles leads to new life in Canada


[John Kenyi] and his family arrived in Saskatoon in March 2005 under the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) refugee assistance program. Shortly afterwards, he went into Ten Thousand Villages at the MCC Centre in Saskatoon and saw baskets made in Uganda-baskets identical to the one his mother made in Sudan.Although he was a newcomer to Canada and often exhausted after working the night shift at Superior Mill Cabinets sanding tables, Kenyi started volunteering at Ten Thousand Villages. "I started volunteering because I wanted to help families who need this income so that their children can go to school," says Kenyi. A year later, he was appointed store manager.Kenyi managed to escape and spent the next four years hiding from the military. He didn't know this at the time, but following his escape from the military training camp the people who were looking for him went to his home and tortured his wife, Elizabeth Saliman. "She didn't know that I had left the army. I had no way of contacting her," he says.

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