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Lights, Obscura, Action!


Obscura Digital's downtown San Francisco digs are like an alternative universe dreamed up by someone who's been mainlining PixyStix. Patrick Connolly, the company's CEO, directs a team of computer graphic artists and engineers who create visual spaces and displays so groundbreaking that other design studios not only can't emulate them, they never would have conjured them in the first place. There is a guiding philosophy behind the company's free-form creative pyrotechnics. Obscura wants to take a generation of consumers left hungry by the endless flow of pap advertising and force-feed them some high-protein imaginative fiber. From cutting-edge tech firms to old-world industrial giants, the world's most prominent companies are buying into this tantalizing pitch in droves. The buzz started when Oracle commissioned Obscura to build a video dome for its OracleWorid 2003 conference; the display introduced 20,000 visitors to grid computing by taking them on a virtual roller-coaster ride through the maze of chips and wires inside an Oracle machine.

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