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Who's a Mover and Shaker?


Thomas Gaudio Kevin DeSanctis Chief Executive Officer Revel Entertainment With casino revenue down, the price of gas increasing and the economy hurting, Kevin DeSanctis, chief executive officer of recently established Revel Entertainment, is not wavering from his plan to build a $2 billion casinohotel on the Atlantic City boardwalk. Stem launched a provocative advertising campaign in November to woo New York City tenants with tunnel billboards that screamed, "Toll Ahead: $60,000,000" for traffic heading into Manhattan, and, "Did you leave $60 Million in New York?" for traffic into New Jersey The logic: a New York City office tenant leasing 100,000 square feet would save more than $60 million over 10 years by renting in New Jersey Since then, Hartz Mountain Industries has leased space to several New York City firms including AXA Financial (100,000 square feet), consulting firm Ernst &Young (165,000 square feet) and lighting services firm Scharff Weisberg Inc. (95,000 square feet).

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