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Description: "They were a little surprised when they saw me," she says. "They had all my IDs made up and had to go change them from male to female." Jamie is a hydraulic engineer and still works for the Corps. She graduated from the University of Louisville's Speed School where she was one of several women in her class. Jamie discovered a liking for math and science in high school and had a natural fascination for how things worked. "It just made sense to try the engineering field." She chose hydrology because, "I like the concept of water and the power of water."Her biggest educational accomplishment came in May of this year when she graduated from the University of Tennessee with a doctorate degree in educational psychology. "It was unbelievable. It's still sinking in," she says. She is especially proud to have made the giant leap from a G.E.D. to a [Patricia Duffley-Renow, Ph.D.] "When you tell people you have a G.E.D., they look at you one way. When you tell people you are a doctor, they look at you a totally different way." She says people tend to look down upon those who have a G.E.D. She assures those who did not earn a traditional high school diploma that it's nothing to be ashamed of. "I am proud that I can say I am a G.E.D. graduate and now I've obtained my Ph.D. You can obtain any type of educational degree once you've obtained that G.E.D."Kate Larken fell in love with words as a little girl playing in her grandfather's newspaper printing shop. She figured out a way to turn every chore into an opportunity to explore and play with words. A simple task like watering the garden became a challenge to see how fast she could write a word in the air using the hose as a pencil and water as ink. "I have printer's ink in my veins," is how she describes her fascination with the written word. It's no wonder then, that the girl who could fall asleep on stacks of newspapers in her family's printing shop now makes books her life's work. Kate is the owner of MotesBooks, a literary pu
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