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Maximum Security by ProQuest


They say there's safety in numbers -- but, increasingly, it's the numbers (and other customer data) that need safekeeping. Infusionsoft, for example, a provider of marketing automation solutions, announced in June that its Web-based service has met the data security standard from the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. Data security can't be taken lightly. Nevertheless, while the technology team can put up firewalls or set up passwords, the battle is only half-won if there aren't any corporate policies or regulations in place. Thomas Redman, president of Navesink Consulting Group, notes that security breaches making national news often aren't caused by "some grand tech screw-up." Rather, it was because of people taking on false identities or being negligent with company property. Better security, however, doesn't have to mean weaker marketing. In fact, Redman says that as marketing gets more targeted, consumer information will be handled more strategically.

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