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Ethical Healthcare Collections


Attend the Embracing Ethics in Every Way session on July 23, 2008, at ACA International's 69th Annual Convention & Expo in Hollywood, Fla., to learn how to make a difference, increase the bottom line, become a leader in your community and stay compliant. This one-of-a-kind session will provide detailed analysis of recent changes and interpretations of state and federal law, discuss the ACA Code of Ethics and Code of Operations, and help you develop internal compliance procedures.Adopted by the ACA Board of Directors in February 2007, the Healthcare Guidelines apply to members who assist in the payment, collection and sale of healthcare receivables. Unlike the ACA Code of Ethics, which requires all ACA members to abide by the code, the guidelines are not mandatory. They are intended as a voluntary road map to help association members align practices with healthcare clients' expectations. In a strong competitive healthcare collection market, clients look for business partners who understand how to provide ethical and exceptional service. Abiding by the guidelines demonstrates to clients a business's commitment to practicing at the highest level possible.

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