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Organizational Changes by ProQuest


* Campus ACA and Events: Campus ACA and Meetings have merged into this new department, ensuring efficient development and delivery of educational resources through ACA conferences, the Web and other methods.* ACA International Enterprises (ACAE): Led by Administrative Vice President of ACA International Enterprises Tim Dressen, ACAE includes the Communications Department, which publishes Collector and ACA News Link, and provides design and editing services to the ACA staff; along with ACAs affinity programs, which provide discounted services to ACA members through several Alliance ACA vendors.As part of the reorganization, I am pleased to announce Val, Janis and Tim have joined me, [Rozanne Andersen], [Ted Smith] and [Mike Henke] as members of the ACA Executive Management Team. With a combined 30 years of valuable experience at ACA, they bring great knowledge and expertise to the team.

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