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Seven-Year Itch


By the time Ronald Schneck's term as ACA president started in 1986, he had already laid the groundwork for the year ahead. According to ACA's First Fifty Years, Schneck was well-known for his interest in passing a federal law to permit wage and salary garnishment of federal employees, the large group of U.S. citizens protected garnishment procedures.The next day Schneck and [James K. Erickson] returned to Capitol Hill for additional meetings with key legislators. 'At the end of their two days in Washington, they realized that to succeed, ACA must not only mobilize the efforts of ACA members, it must use professional lobbying to help neutralize [William Ford]'s negative position," according to ACA's First Fifty Years.In the fall of 1989, ACA hired a parttime public affairs consultant and lobbyist, Missy Houston, to work in Washington, D. C, on the garnishment issue. The Equal Judicial Remedies Coalition, an ACA-initiated alliance of businesses and associations supporting legislation to end the exemption of federal employees from garnishment, was rapidly expanding. The coalition began the year with 100 members and ended it representing 12,000 businesses and their associations. In addition, ACA secured 119 members of the U.S. House of Representatives as bill co-sponsors.

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