Six Steps to Your Successful Career Path by ProQuest


Over the past two decades, records and information management (RIM) practitioners have begun to enjoy the ability to create a structured career path. Although leadership may come calling without request, more often it comes to those who prepare for it by planning their careers. Here is a six-step framework for career planning that can be useful for those starting a career or for those evaluating or contemplating a change in their current career: 1. self assessment, 2. occupational research, 3. decision making, 4. employment contacts, 5. work, and 6. life plan. Career planning is a challenge for all RIM professionals. In the coming decade, those who pay attention to the above steps, track their progress, strive for the CRM and other relevant certifications, and integrate them all deeply into their lives will not only be successful but will contribute greatly to their companies and institutions and to the RIM profession.

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