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The NEPTUNE Canada Regional Cabled Ocean Observatory by ProQuest


The many research themes addressed by NEPTUNE Canada will include structure and seismic behavior of the ocean crust; dynamics of hot and cold fluids and gas hydrates in the upper ocean crust and overlying sediments; ocean and climate change and effects on ocean biota and fisheries at all depths; deep-sea sedimentation, ecosystem dynamics and biodiversity; and engineering and computational systems research. Experiments and Instrumentation The approved community science experiments, using several hundred sensors, will focus on the study of hydrothermal systems on the Juan de Fuca Ridge, gas hydrates outcropping in Barkley Canyon and in the subsurface at ODP 889, the coupling between physical and biological systems off Vancouver Island, the dynamics of deep-sea benthic ecosystems, the inshore physical and biological oceanography near Barkley Sound and the hydrologie regime in the oceanic crust and tsunami monitoring at site ODP 1027.

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