; Making vertical integration work
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Making vertical integration work


WoodCrafters depends on vertical integration to deliver products to the some of the biggest remodeling centers. They believe in vertical integration, and have expanded that capability, says Abraham Tanus, WoodCrafters' president and CEO. About 90% of retail business is in the US and 10% in Mexico. The company started serving home centers in the early 1990s and has recorded steady growth and expansion since. WoodCrafters is a strategic partner with its big box customers, and greatly understands what these customers need. Shop Floor Control software was developed in-house to manage manufacturing flow. Carlos Garcia, operations manager, says that an integrated system shows what has been shipped from plants in Mexico and what is in transit. Each plant does what it does well; its work is well-defined. If you're a customer, the reason you get the best cabinets with the best designs with the best value is because they have people who are committed to doing that for a living.

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