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Exceeding expectations


Detroit Diesel Corp's new product, the first of several that will ultimately offer a broad range of power for a variety of applications, is the DD15, a 14.8 L engine targeted at the North American on-highway market. Although a small number of its parts are borrowed from the Series 60, such as the DDEC VI electronic system, there are several new features that add to performance, economy and driver enjoyment. Among them: 1. an amplified common-rail fuel system known as the ACRS, 2. turbo-compounding capable of generating 50 extra horsepower from exhaust flow, 3. integrated electronically controlled hydraulic engine brake, 4. a more robust iron-alloy block, and 5. a lighter, stronger, one-piece cylinder head made from compacted graphite-iron. Fully deployed, the compression brake is both effective and quiet. Fuel efficiency is one of the engine's key selling points. It is reportedly more economical to operate than its predecessor, the Series 60, which was known for its miserly fuel consumption.

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