9th Biodiesel Short Course by ProQuest


Planning and Critical Parameters for Success * Laboratory Testing of Biodiesel * Trouble Shooting and Improvement of Biodiesel Plants * Biodiesel Plant Safety Overview * How Economics of Oilseed Crushing Affects Biodiesel Processing Costs * Biodiesel Pretreatment Processes * Two -Step Homogeneous Transesterification Process * Adsorbent Purification of Biodiesel * Use of Polymeric Resin Technologies for Biodiesel and Glycerol Purification * Oxidation and Stability of Fatty Acids in Biodiesel and Vegetable Oils * Basics of Diesel Engines * Case Study of Vienna Biodiesel Plant - Construction, Implementation * Westfalia Separator Technology Review * Filtration Process and System for Filters Used in Pre-treatment * Solid Catalyst Transes terification * Haze and Total Contamination in Biodiesel The presentations were given by industry experts from Harburg -Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH; Dallas Group; ID&A; Westfalia Separator Food Tech GmbH; Crown Iron Works Inc.; University of Ghent; BDI Anlagenbau Ges. mbH; University of Arkansas; USDA, ARS, NCAUR; Vertex Technologies; Biodiesel Analytical Solutions; Iowa State Uniersity Extension; Desmet Ballestra; Rohm & Haas Co.; LANXESS Deutschland GmbH; University of Idaho; amafilter group; Axens; and Filtration and Membrane World LLC.

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