Biological Perspectives: Incarcerated Care and Quetiapine Abuse by ProQuest


Rap song by Lord Infamous This column will address two interrelated issues: the growing phenomenon of psychiatric care provision for incarcerated severely mentally ill (SMI) individuals and the subsequent increase in the abuse of quetiapine, until recently, a drug thought to be without "abusable" qualities. [...] individuals with mental illness may have difficulty conforming to jail/prison rules for many reasons, including cognitive clouding, misperceptions, paranoid thinking, inability to attend, and aberrant behaviors, all of which may have initially contributed in some way to the events that led to their incarceration. Surprisingly, however, in the absence of these readily misused agents, resourceful personalities have exploited the effects of quetiapine for its mind-altering effects as well.\n Since a threshold of 80% D^sub 2^ receptor occupancy is needed for the expression of extrapyramidal side effects, this lower rate of dopamine blockade seems a likely explanation for these movement problems (McConville, 2003).

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