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A CPA's Softer Side


More CPA firms are investing in the "soft skills" that allow their team members to be better communicators, negotiators, supervisors and overall contributors to the firm. A key way a firm can invest in its staff at many levels is to ensure its supervisors have the tools they need to do their jobs. Supervisors play an important role in controlling personnel costs through proper motivation of staff, delegation and on-the-job training - thus the increasing importance of people skills to the success of supervisors. When less-experienced staff are asked to identify the qualities of their best supervisors, they include such things as "effective teacher," "good explainer," "excellent communicator," and "was patient." How does one discover which of the above needs most motivates someone working with you? Try getting to know your assistants better. Ask them what they like to do. Use open-ended questions-questions that imply more than just a yes or no answer are desired. Then, listen to their responses! This does not have to take a tremendous amount of time, but can pay big dividends.

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