; Lessons from the Bush Years
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Lessons from the Bush Years


In 1861-62, Pres. Lincoln's early suspension of the writ of habeas corpus elicited little opposition in the North; in 1942, Pres. Roosevelt's decisions to intern Japanese-Americans and to try a group of Nazi saboteurs by military commission received broad public support and the sanction of the Supreme Court; in 1949-50, after the Communist takeover of China, the Soviet atomic tests, the North Korean invasion of South Korea, the Alger Hiss case, and the atomic spy cases, all of the measures to curb communist activity had enthusiastic support. After 9/11, Congress and the public, deeply aroused, supported the President's initiatives-passing the Patriot Act, invading Afghanistan, and placing prisoners for detention in Guantanamo Bay. * When a perceived threat recedes, the public and the courts are more sensitive to the loss of civil liberties and more critical of presidential power.

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