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Grey Healthcare Group felt the sting of FDA denial last year, which dried up work on a number of products, including Solvay/ Wyeth's Bifeprunox, Telik's Telcyta, and Johnson & Johnson's Zarnestra. Pfizer pulled its inhaled insulin Exubera in October, capping off a string of losses that were beyond the agency's control. Fortunately, about 30 new assignments bolstered the roster. Nameable wins include Forest/Almirall (COPD therapy); Genentech (oncology, consumer); Par Pharmaceutical (Megace ES); and Wyeth (hemophilia franchise, interactive). Senior management has been "significantly enhanced," and Lynn O'Connor Vos, CEO worldwide, says the team is driving alignment and integration. GHG is looking more broadly at the idea of health and seeking clients beyond its traditional pharma base.

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