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Researching the Americas' First Peoples


Just as the use of Native American names and images for sports teams has become very controversial in recent years, acceptable names for specific nations or tribes - or for Native Americans as a group - have strong political overtones. In the U.S., the terms "Native American" and "American Indian" are most common today.

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            Researching the Americas’

                                                                Sources and Searching Problems
            Recently, archaeologists uncovered fossils in Oregon which
            appear to indicate that the first peoples in North Amer-
            ica were here more than 14,000 years ago [1]. Scientists
            theorize that tens of thousands of years ago, these peoples
            crossed a land and ice bridge that connected the Bering
            Strait from Siberia to Alaska. Whether current theories
            hold or are supplanted by future discoveries, it is clear that
            many important, successful, thriving cultures existed on the
            North American continent long before
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