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Maximise success by engineering the right kind of changes


For a living creature, physical responsiveness to change is vital for long-term survival. For an organization, its change capability is equally vital for its survival. Environments in which organizations exist change too, and much more quickly. Since the late 19th century, the social, business and technological world has been changing at an enormous, indeed, some might say alarming, rate. In practice, the need for business change is one of the few reliable constants that organizations are likely to experience. This being so, the ability to change is inevitably the key requirement for ongoing success. Organizations need to be able to foster and implement change quickly at a wide range of levels. Many organizations, though, including some that are currently highly successful, actually have a surprisingly low change capability. Such organizations are especially vulnerable to environmental change; after all, the dinosaurs once ruled the Earth. A useful self-assessment ten-point questionnaire is presented.

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