; Death Squads in Oaxaca
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Death Squads in Oaxaca


"We were going downhill, with a bald cliff on the right," says [Faustino V]. "Before we went down, I noticed an access road from the highway and said, 'Look at that new white pickup parked there.' ""The motor shut off," Faustino recalls. "I tried to start it again, but it wouldn't go. I took the key and ran. When I ran, [Teresa] and Flicitas were still alive. I shouted, 'Run! They're shooting at us!'""When we started, we felt really excited to have a radio station in Copala," says Yanira Vsquez, who worked with Teresa and Felcitas at the station. "Women do not participate much and we were just beginning to promote women's participation in assemblies and meetings and to include their perspectives and interviews about how they see what is happening in the region."

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