; Damned If Feminine, Damned If Feminist
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Damned If Feminine, Damned If Feminist


In February, both commanded the national spotlight. On Feb. 21, as reported in the New York Daily News, a "slender" [Cindy McCain], "the striking blond" and "perky stay-at-home mom" "stood by her man" to defend her husband against charges printed in the New York Times that he had had an improper relationship with "an attractive female lobbyist." Or, as the Washington Post stated, she stood by "her husband's side, all jewel-toned clothing and icy blue eyes."Yet in an April USA Today feature, we learned that this "elegant blonde in jewel-toned suits and a quadruple strand of pearls ... travels to poor countries on medical missions" and "chairs a huge beer distribution company." Say what?That same week, [Michelle Obama] appeared on the cover of Newsweek in a simple, sleeveless, pale blue satin sheath, a string of pearls, and a simple bouffant hair-do, immediately prompting analogies to Jacqueline Kennedy. The headline read "He Calls Her His 'Rock.' " Inside we learned she's "steely." In her account of her interview with Michelle, CNNs Soledad O'Brien emphasized her "perfect make-up" and "fabulous patent-leather boots."

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