; Philanthropy is Not Asking for a Favor, It is Giving a Favor
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Philanthropy is Not Asking for a Favor, It is Giving a Favor


In challenging people to give, the greatest effort should be the establishment of meaningful donor relationships. Establishing affinity that leads to an enduring philanthropic relationship is not to be confused with fundraising. Fundraising has a short-term orientation: get the money and get out. Philanthropy focuses on the person and his or her personal commitment to the institution. Real philanthropy is designed to build loyal relationships. Philanthropy is the only revenue source in healthcare that can create a return on investment of this magnitude. Today, the healthcare industry is in massive transformation and the role of hospitals in communities is becoming blurred. To survive and thrive in the current competitive environment, an independent not-for-profit hospital/healthcare system must emphasize stewardship and communal relations. Stewardship involves a sense of being accountable to someone or something higher than self. The shaping of the local community's quality of healthcare should be that interest, and that should be considered to be higher than the self-interest of the organization.

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